UEFA Champions League, Chelsea F.C., Atlético Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, S.S. Lazio JJD TV's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions!

I see a lot of videos going around with other people giving their predictions, so we figured we might as well give ours. We weren’t sure we had enough time to get this video out, but we’re excited to do it so without further ado, let’s just dive right into it. I’M gon na tell you guys, basically the matchups, why i think one team would potentially make it over the other and we’ll move on and we’ll, hopefully see what you guys have to say in the comments. So first matchup we’re gon na talk about is rb. Leipzig versus liverpool and on paper, you might just immediately think well liverpool. They won the champions league a couple seasons ago. They won the premier league they’re they’re, the superior club in terms of just having honestly a more experienced team when it comes to the champions league, and you may just assume all right. Well, it’s going to be them. If you really think about it and look at some of their form, i mean your cops. Boys have had a tough season, there’s been so many injuries on that poor club. When it came from even allison who’s been out for a while. I mean he’s back now. Van dyke gomez are still out, they have been just peppered with injuries and the team’s just not clicking. I mean thiago, hasn’t really lived up to expectations and haven’t really done what they wanted him to do. One of the top three usually aren’t, performing at a decent level and the most important thing is the back line, which they’ve obviously signed a couple central defenders to hopefully try to come and stable that, but for the most part they look vulnerable and it’s.

Why they’re sitting right now, i believe, out of a champions league position in the league, so leipzig, on the other hand, are pretty much flying in the bundesliga. They’Ll, probably finish a comfortable second place. They they have a manager. Who’S got a game plan, got fit, personnel it’ll, be close, man it’ll be closed, and it would not surprise me if leipzig took it, but if i’m going to give you my prediction, i just feel through through the experience of klopp and and this team they’ve been Here, they’ve done that, i just think they have a little bit more experience than leipzig. Really do so i’m gon na go with liverpool on this one. I think that one of the games will be a draw and that one will be a very, very close win for liverpool to see them go through to the quarters. Looking at the second match up we’re going to take a look at barcelona versus psg, and i don’t really need to get into this one all that much i’ve watched barcelona play a lot. This season, they’ve been one of my preferred teams to watch when i don’t watch dortmund, mainly because they look like an interesting squad. I know that they lost suarez, which i wanted to see the way that they were going to cope with. It would be griezmann breath weight messy. I like ron lacuman and i just kind of want to see how partisan was going to do.

Plus you guys know i’ve watched them live, so i have a little soft spot, obviously for brusha, because i was able to see them live and watch messy score, but they they are an all over the place kind of team. This season a little little unconventional way. When it comes to the way that they play really most times no striker because breath weight, hasn’t really been in the squad of blade. I think more than likely it’ll be a messy dembele griezmann front three but it’s again kind of like the liverpool situation, it’s their back line, also peppered with injuries a lot of young bodies in there not very convincing psg. I mean they sack two cool. They got pochettino in, they still have a pretty solid squad. They have their injuries. Don’T seem to be bugging them that much besides. Obviously, neymar is breaking news, of course, within the rumors that once again he was not going to be fit for the barcelona game and it seems that way. So so, even with neymar out, i would still say: psg are the favorites having a bop a having even keem on pretty tip top form right now they have a depth, they have a more experienced squad and i think that they’re going to have a comfortable victory. I think they’re probably going to beat both both legs when it comes to barcelona and go on to the quarterfinals. Looking at our third match up this one relatively straightforward as well.

It’S porto it’s juventus porto hasn’t even had that great of a season in ligonos. So there’s nothing really to show them that they may come up with a huge upset. Juventus again they haven’t been overly convincing as well. But when you look on the paper, you look at the personnel the way that they play there’s some real game changers in that uva team, especially ronaldo morata, as well as on pretty good form for ua this. This season, and i just think they’ve – been much deeper. Strong squad, i think they’ll have a relatively close game from one of them, but i think when that, when it comes down to it, just over two legs ebay is just gon na be a little bit too much, and i see you you’ve a going through the Quarters as well the fourth game, we’re going to look at we’re, going to keep dortmund for last is going to be the lazio burst. Buyer, munich, the exact same situation, pretty much as the uva vs porto bayern is just on there they’re on good form. I mean yes, they slipped up the beetlefell, but for the most part, they’re a powerhouse they’re, probably the favorites to retain the champions league and lazio is really competing in their first championship in a while, and i think that they were pretty excited to get here. They weren’t overly convincing in group stage. They haven’t been in really great form when it comes to serious sitting outside of the chamber’s league position right now, and i think bayern are relatively going to be having a comfortable time winning both legs in this one.

Looking at our fifth matchup we’re gon na take a look at atletico, madrid and chelsea, and taking a look at these two teams, it’s gon na, be pretty interesting tie, i think, on paper. These are the most even two teams and they happen to be my. My la liga team, as well as my primary team, and when i looked at it i mean the team i really want to win as well as the team that i think is going to win, is the same and it’s athletic madrid. The only way i see chelsea, really having any type of chance in this game is, if athletico’s got one eye on the league, because we know that they are leading the legal right now. I think they’re gon na be very excited to hopefully take home that title, but the champions league is very important and they seem to always have a great great run in the champions league from knocking out liverpool to potentially obviously go into finals that they do and They do well in the europa league. You know that there’s just a little european background to atletico madrid, which is why i think that they’re always seem to be never never being worried about, and when it comes to the managers, taking a look at diego simeone, he knows how to set up this team. He’S even got this team playing fun flowing attacking football, which is something that you never really hear. He’S kind of got over that traditional 442 into a three four one, two we’re seeing laurente and carrasco turn into these phenomenal players.

Florente can play pretty much anywhere in the park and, of course, they have luis suarez, who barcelona probably should have kept. So i really don’t see a way that chelsea can get through this. I think dougal is doing a better job. He even got team over here to score, but all in all, i think atletico is gon na just have enough enough stubborn defense and enough when it comes to the finishing to be able to go on to the quarterfinals. Taking a look at our sixth match up. We’Re going to take a look at the you know: new bruce dortmund manager, marco rose’s perusing, much in gladback, taking on manchester city and, unfortunately for our future manager. I don’t see there’s a way that glideback get through the city team. I think the city team desperately desperately wants the champions league it’s. What cordiola really came to city to do? He hasn’t obviously done that really whatsoever since being at city. So i think they’re gon na take the serious this unbelievably seriously, and obviously we know that they’re top of the league. I still think they would risk, potentially not wrestling players just to make sure everyone is, is ready to go for the champions league and i see them probably winning both of these games and moving on to the quarterfinals. Taking a look at our seventh game. We have atlanta versus real madrid and this one kind of interesting, because atlanta is a very wild card.

They’Re the number one team in here when i look at the round 16 that i’m like that, is a wild card team. You never know what performance you’re gon na do because they play that that beautiful three four one, two formation with really just some of the most appealing football you’ll see. But i mean they lost papa gomez and they’re, going up to a team in real madrid who do have a lot of experience in this competition, especially their managers in indian sedan, ramos varan. These players have all been there done that so again as fun as it is to see atlanta do well, i don’t see them having enough, and i probably see probably one relatively close game – maybe a draw followed by probably a pretty comfortable victory and seeing madrid move On to the quarterfinals, once again and looking at our eighth and final match up it’s the one that i didn’t really want to do, and it’s sevilla and borussia dortmund and i mean i’ve, been giving predictions left right and center. Whether i like do give them what i don’t give them, it doesn’t really seem to matter i’m a little superstitious so that’s why i don’t like doing them, but this is a predictions video. So i have to give you one and i’m, just gon na say i’m gon na be just that positive, canadian. I am i’m gon na go for dortmund. Why not? I mean on paper sevilla on performance sevilla on recent transfers and and team team momentum sevilla, but i’m gon na go with dortmund because they’re my club and you know what i’m just gon na hold out.

But in all honestly, it’s gon na be a very free, filling fun kind of game. We know the way that uh that dortmund has been playing and setting up it’s it’s not really focused on the back it’s. More attacking on attack minded football and sevilla is just they’re so structurally around, they are pretty sold on the defense as well, while also being able to stretch a opponent’s defense in that 433 formation. It it’ll look probably like, in my opinion, like a labor cues. In first dormant game, this season, but they’re going to be tough opponents, i mean a compost is one that i keep an eye on as well as, of course, el nesri who’s, their their main man up front and diego carlos is a big guy at the back. So on paper man, you want to say sevilla, but the way i see it is maybe we have a change of shape. Maybe we figured a way to shut them down frustrate the sevilla team and, of course, just take the couple game changes. We had sancho holland, maybe they take it to another level and see what they can do in the champions league, either way we’re going to do the watch along over on our channel on wednesday so be sure to check it out there, but that is our final Little prediction: i am going to go with doorman because i would just feel awful if i didn’t and there is a chance.

This is the chain music man. Any of these teams really have a chance to move on to the quarters. We’Ve seen many upsets over the seasons and we’ve even seen, situations like when chelsea won the chambers league in 2012, they didn’t even qualify for champions league football playing brutal in the season. Sacked their manager still moved on to win the champions league so take that out of the granny stall. Take it high as you will. Those are my predictions. I definitely want to hear you guys protections in the comments.

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