UEFA Champions League, Chelsea F.C., Atlético Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, S.S. Lazio vs Bayern Munich – UEFA Champions League 2021 Gameplay

Why wouldn’t they? It is an ideal circumstance for what could be an ideal game. Everybody has been attracted to it. It has been the talk of the town and uh. The buses have been packed. Double decker. Buses lining up outside coaches have carried thousands of away supporters here too, and all of it adds up to make it a terrific, a crackling atmosphere. The match, i think, will be quite respectable, stands here pedestrians. This is the perfect game for all parties, not least the neutrals who’ve just come to enjoy it. Oh get ready for some high grade football, peter two strong teams, as you say, full of wonderful, individual talent, and we have every right to anticipate some really entertaining football. As to whether we’ll see a high scoring contest, that’s a little appear to have a high caliber meeting with very little at stake. But then it’s gon na deny laid out to the right massive leap that has certainly tested the keeper. The keeper really dug out his defense, then a magnificent effort, good challenge. He just stood firm and here’s the chance to counter 11 ski he’s. Had that and he’s done it it’s. Hardly a surprise. Is it that’s what we’re here for a player with this wonderful knack of being able to show up and deliver at important times yet yet another example yeah looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning, breakaway sunny, quick time.

Music contact was crisp and clean. That was just a rocket yeah. I just thought he made great use of his upper body. There would have taken something really special, oh sweet feet, a chance to play it in shooting chance plays it forward savage. He delivers with perfect timing, he’s all very well drilled, it’s he’s good, for it really well taken goal two up and threatening to pull clear straight reactions in front of goal. He just saw what was on our players like this fella almost have a sixth sense to get themselves in such great voting positions. How quick minded was that his second of the game and an eye now for the hat trick, gimmick drives it forward and here’s casino. Nice touch and time is up well, this hurts the pain of defeat very evident and there are hard lessons to be learned from it all when they regroup and after all of that jim.

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