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An epic tale lies ahead of footballing drama to unwind over the course of the next 10 months, one where the central cast both team and individual will get to write their own story should they survive long enough. This is episode one. Of course, the falsie of lazio have always been known for their extraordinary passion, something which is so very evident here today, so here it is what we’ve all been waiting for, make sure you are strapped in and ready to go, bring it on peter i’m. Looking forward to a competition that always delivers entertainment, whether through its football or indeed it’s, supporting cast off of emotions, neither of these teams will want a trip back to the drawing board after this. So i think we can expect something quite lively and that gets things running jim. Who do you pick out as the telling individual today yeah joshua gimmick in many ways the ultimate modern fullback in that he contributes just as much offensively as he does defensively. He seems to have a great instinctive understanding of when to move forward, and – and that means he rarely gets cut out of position on the counter attack. He should be a key player for this team i’m. Thinking the same. He will be a central feature. No doubt. Oh just lacked a decent finish. Well, the control on receipt was far better than the control on dispatch. Music, patrick patrick, goes looking well there’s a lot of movement out wide now yeah.

You can certainly see that. Well, i think it’s a move to open the game up more, whether out wide or just getting a runner through the middle now radhu radhu to play it forward. Correa well, i’m. Not quite sure he needed to hold up play quite as much as he did. Then a couple of his teammates were very annoyed. Grenabri muller played out to the right that’s a good block, but at the expense of a corner and he’s cut it out. Caico radu munich still without an attempt on target lucas coleman with a good steal. Well played. So good run down the left hand side unit with the cross field ball, the balls come loose and the chase is on oh real danger here of the outcome. It is good to see someone running at the defense like that forward. It goes davis plays it forward. That’S, a good it’s, oh that’s lewandowski, terrific save from the keeper. Well, you can’t ask for much more than that a difficult moment he simply had to deal with did lucas well to intervene and dispel the growing danger, correa, Music switches it towards the other side. Well, red he sorted that out, he could have been in and there’s the end of the first half, so another team has broken through, but certainly not for the want of trying an interesting game up to now, but still goals and it grows. And the second half gets underway, titled game so far.

Can that change now great strength too strong for his opponent, patrick the rolo right and that’s, a throne he’s got away, goes for the cross over to the left, davis davis and the finish keepers ball. It’S found its way to him. Caico finds himself offside, that’s, just very well played. He can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel. A servey drives it forward. Looking crossfield changing the point of attack, correa deflected behind for a corner kick so now we’re going to get those changes, we have been expecting radu, who’s short a chance to play it in puts in a cross and he’s there to clear it lucas, a few chances To talk of jim defenses, it seems on top here. Well, i think it’s a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary, a collective sigh of relief from the defense. Well, i think the opposition was pretty sloppy in creating a problem for themselves then, but he was on to it so quickly and very nearly made them pay. Lulich, patrick and here’s lunch. Has he found his man radu lucas lucas spreads it towards the left. Music merit full marks for their attitude and application in trying to win this. It means an awful lot. Obviously, as scoreless games go i’d be happy to see this one carry on a bit longer, because it’s had great honesty and hard work and total commitment. As for a possible winner, i’m still not predicting and it’s correa perolo correa gimmick battles to win it back.

You wonder if that’s it now, but there may be one more opportunity, peter for a late, late steal here and it’s played forward. He’S left his man eleven top it’s levantovsky, oh it’s in, and that might well be that yeah, looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning breakaway so Music time for a change in personnel. Well, you have to feel a little for the player been taken off here. I think he’s been made the scapegoat after that, but i guess something had to be done. I suppose he didn’t referee looks at his watch and blows his whistle by a munich starts as they wanted to start all three points. The first three points.

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UEFA Champions League, Chelsea F.C., Atlético Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, S.S. Lazio JJD TV's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions!

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