Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Meek Mill Calls Out Meek Mill After Disrespectful Kobe Lyric In Leaked Snippet

You already know we’ve got you covered with your daily dose of celebrity drama now let’s get into it. Hey, what’s, up guys! Welcome back to the 423 last week, a snippet from a meek mill, verse leaked, which features make referencing kobe bryant’s fatal helicopter crash. He already got eaten up by fans all over the internet, but now vanessa bryant has chimed in. I was going to do a video on this when the song snippet first leaked. But honestly i do not like meek mill. Yes, this video is biased. I already know i’m gon na get all those comments, but i already thought meek mill was a cornball, and here he is once again being corny with a capital c i’m, just working with the evidence that i’m presented in case this didn’t come across your radar. Last week, a song that features meek, mill and lil baby on it was leaked last week and on the track, both rappers reference, kobe bryant, lil baby keeps things respectful, rapping about how he wants to have a son, so he can name him kobe and a daughter. So he can name her gigi quick side. Note. I just got a puppy and named her gigi, of course, in honor of the gianna bryant. So if anyone wants to see a picture or even if you don’t, i am going to post one anyway, so little baby properly referenced, two people who very recently passed away and then, for some reason, meek decided to throw a reference into his verse as well.

But did so in probably the worst way possible in the snippet he says yeah and if i ever lack i’m going out with my chopper it’d, be another kobe meek. Mill, comparing himself to kobe bryant in any capacity, is hilarious. Quite honestly, because meek could never. I understand that, even if i don’t like him, he has a lot of fans, but his impact is just nowhere near kobe’s, like not even remotely close, but beyond that. This is very clearly disrespectful, as hell there’s, just no other way to spin it you’re referencing. The way this man was killed only a year ago with his teenage daughter right by his side, i was just listening to the joe budden podcast, where all three of them agreed meek, wasn’t, being purposely disrespectful here, and i honestly think that is very naive. You could reference a million other things about kobe bryant, but chose to talk about the way he died. He knew what he was doing, just like all the rappers like drake and dom kennedy who referenced kobe, cheating on vanessa before his passing. That was also disrespectful at the time if you’re gon na pat rappers on the back for their wordplay, then you got ta recognize that they all know exactly what they’re doing when they make these little rhymes. Anyway, people went in on meek for this stupid ass line and, unsurprisingly, he didn’t apologize, but instead acted like we were all mindless sheep following some narrative that’s coming from, i don’t know where we all heard the snippet.

The narrative we’re running with is from you. He tweeted somebody promo a narrative and y’all. Follow it. Y’All internet antics cannot stop me like zombieland or something lol whatever that means. Now. A few days later, vanessa bryant has issued a statement in response to meek’s lyrics, letting him know that he could do better. She wrote dear meek mill. I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful period i’m not familiar with any of your music, but i believe you can do better than this. If you’re a fan, fine there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact. You already know miss vanessa bryant does not play, and i love that she threw in the little i’m not familiar with your music job, because it’s the perfect touch on her very calm, cool and collected statement. You would think this is where this back and forth ends, but, unfortunately it’s not not even 20 minutes after vanessa posted her statement, tagging meek he tweeted i’m, going back savage in this f. Your feelings, which is clearly directed at this poor grieving widow – and i just can’t, imagine what’s going through this man’s head for him to be this dense. I really can’t and i hope all of these antics, which he’s clearly doing for promo don’t work, because this is an awful way to sell some music anyway. I want to know what you guys think about this.

Why did meek think that this bar was okay in the first place and will the song still end up being released with the kobe line included, leave your thoughts down below in the comments subscribe to the fortunately for more videos, and if you like this, one just Give it a quick thumbs up that is it for today.

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Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Meek Mill RIPS Meek Mill Over His Insensitive Lyrics About Kobe Bryant!

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Meek Mill Calls Out Meek Mill For Insensitive Kobe Lyrics