Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Meek Mill RIPS Meek Mill Over His Insensitive Lyrics About Kobe Bryant!

Last week we reported here on hip hop news, uncensored that meek mill released the song with little baby called kobe. Now, when that song actually leaked the lyrics of that song sent the internet in a frenzy overnight, the widow of kobe bryant, vanessa bryant, has a response from meek mill and before i get to that response. Smash that, like button share the video and i’m gon na um actually say what meek mill said in the lyric real quick he put um. The vmf is always telling me she loved me. She ain’t never showed me yeah and if i ever lack i’m going out with my chopper it’ll, be another kobe. Now vanessa bryant pinned this message to kobe bryant, just a short while ago, and she put dear meek mill. I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful period. I am not familiar with any of your music, but i believe you could do better than this. If you’re a fan, fine there’s a better way to show admiration for my husband, this lacks respect and attack. Now i’ve seen this coming a mile away, if you guys remind the video that i did just a few days ago, i said this, i said: okay, a lot of people that understand hip, hop, understand, wordplay, know what you’re saying, but the family. How is the family going to take this and less than a week later, vanessa bryan’s pretty much coming out and showing that she is displeased with meek, mill’s choice of words, another l for meek mill, another l, another l, somebody take this man’s phone.

Now again, we understand meek mill, probably didn’t mean it that way and it’s one of those things where they say like you. Just it is it’s people get into a situation anything they do. It just turns out bad right now, meek mill with the six nine thing you know just make music dog just make music. Now you came back, you know i mean everybody was behind you after this whole jail thing, everybody supported you or you was in there. Everybody felt your pain, but now the more you open your mouth, the more you know, uh things that you do is exposing yourself more and more, but hey man, we gon na still rock out with you. We still gon na bump your albums we’re, still gon na support, meek mill and uh yeah, but let me know what you guys think in the comment section about this. Do you think vanessa bryant is right and zach. I think she has every right every right to feel this way about a lyric like that directed at her husband, and you got ta just you got ta display better word play. You got ta display. What a better word played in that you could have came up with something more clever than that man. So come on man at the end of the day, but hey it is what it is. It’S your brother now meek mill did write something. A lot of people were saying that it may have been pointed out: vanessa, bryant i’m, not gon na, go that far.

He put a tweet up saying i’m, going back to savage. As for your feelings, right after that, a lot of people saying maybe that was fuel on the fire but i’m – not gon na – go that far i’m gon na defer to you guys during the comment section. What do you guys think about this? The meat go too far, the meek mill catch, another l, and how do you feel about vanessa bryant? Putting this on wax letting people know look. This is disrespectful. This is distasteful, it lacks respect and tack, go ahead and share the video smash that like button and make sure that you hit that subscribe button sign up for more exclusives like this. All you got ta do is hit that red button. The subscribe button right after that hit the notification bell there. It lights up and select the option that says, get all notifications from this channel that’s the only way you’re going to get breaking stories just like this. You got to subscribe and then hit the notification bell.

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Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Meek Mill Calls Out Meek Mill After Disrespectful Kobe Lyric In Leaked Snippet