Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets, Damian Lillard, Nikola Jokić, NBA, Jamal Murray CRAZY ENDING! BERTANS 35 PTS! MURRAY CLUTCH 3'S! BEAL GAME WINNER! Nuggets Vs Wizards Reaction

Now we had 10 games last night and i heard yeah. Some of them was real crazy, so i figured 10 games i’m gon na watch at least four. I want to do five, but i might not be able to do five because i started recording late. I got homework doing like that college life it but um look we’re gon na start out with the nuggets versus the wizards um y’all know yo been playing out his mind lately at the last game. I know he dropped like 43 and they lost who they played. It was a tough loss and then some folks were saying you know tomorrow, murray might put drinking a step up, i mean which i kinda agree on. I know how good both of those two players can be. I think they all can get right, but you know the wizards. We got bradley bill and russell westbrook bradley bill, who’s the leading scorer right now, russell brooke, hopefully he’s still playing better from from his injury and stuff. Like that, you know he always on triple double watch stuff like that. So before we get into this video first video today. Hopefully this was a crazy game. Make sure i, like the video comment subscribe if you’re new, if you want, we party, know the game, hit notification bill let’s, get into it man, first game of the day Music. I ain’t never seen a jump ball like that murray, Music right now.

Somebody needs to be pushing up on him, alex lane is running with his back turn, jokic got it and the foul this boy is so good. Let’S take a look at it it’s, so good man off, you know off season and i think in the future he will be known as the head coach that’s alex flynn monty morris number 11. In for the nuggets fading away. Nicolas you can be number two bro. Oh good, move, nice and b can be number two bro yo best center right now that was chris morris short naji, the rebound lost it. You know, and i guess he can like – create his jump shot easier. Like you know, as far as like just pull up some threes, he just can’t. Let you know i so you know and b can like iso. You here comes westbrook Music, stupid fouls. I know there’ll be mistakes but Music that’s. What this team has been missing for those numbers: Music, damn Music, lead, Music, i’m, one porter, that’s, a weak defense bruh and i would say, never hand up by alex it’s it’s frustrating watching players. You want to be great. I mean he still got plenty of time. Don’T get me wrong. Joker don’t get me wrong. You got plenty of song, but porter can really be like that. Bro that’s, the thing Music right you got, ta lose the bradley bill. Westbrook got a piece of it. Murray was retrieved he’s in double figures.

Now, with 10 10 points, 10 assists, so russ ain’t really been scoring, then we’re losing the batons. Bro come on the runner off the glass jamal murray’s got 21. westbrook doesn’t get the roll. Was he out of brown problem? He just made another one: bro jesus is not missing, sparking that hole for low speed, wizards respect, it’s their largest lead of the game. Murray he’s got 24. yeah this the hill, and i know murray – can do it for three, not this time, but lopez with the offensive rebounds for three and they do make him pay. Yo eight games. Music gon na lose this game Music time now order. Let me see something porter heinz in your game. Thank you. I ain’t seen you since that dunk he ran out of gas, though he was. He was all dead finished with 23. field Applause, Applause, Music, it’s. Now the foul is going to be committed by westbrook on jokic it’s, murder, uh. Oh you can’t foul on that makes the first. Why would you no run that back? Why would you foul on that man, no foul yet there’s murray? Now the foul is going to be committed by westbrook on jokish it’s murray they’re, not fouling it murray. For that that’s tough man was open, here’s beale goes, he gets hit yep. I think you need point three four love yeah that’s. They lost off that bro. One tenth of a second doesn’t matter: the wizards are gon na win their third Music.

That was crazy. Jamar murray came up big. I was just saying you know how people were saying. Murray and pj got to step up a little bit, give joker some more help. Murray came up big, oh y’all know who got the box for this game. Okay, denver murray had 35 yoga shot. 33 porter had 14., he didn’t shoot battery. This was quiet. I don’t know ken pazo had 14 that’s. Really it washington russ had a triple double. 12. 13 and 12. okay bill had 25 and 10.. They lost to bertonsburg david bretons had 35.. He just was he shot 11 shots at all threes. He he only missed two that’s crazy um. They lost the birthdays bro, they can’t. I mean they came back at the end. You know jeremiah back clutch threes after this you know, i feel i thought that’s gon na win well let’s, go to open song i’m doing that crazy fight again point one but that’s. Like the worst case scenario, i mean he went straight up, though that’s why he was t he was mad. He didn’t go straight up, but um brother bill got the foul man. Of course he made a free throw, but that was a real crazy game. I didn’t expect or times to go off, like that. I expected brad and russ to go off at some, but um a little net man real good game. First, video for the game of the day. We got three more for y’all.

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