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How much would you like to coach a guy like lou dort, oh he’s, instant, energy he’s, just he manufactures his own game. He doesn’t need a play. Call this guy is awesome. I love seeing how he gets it done, he’s doing a great job for okc, absolutely he’s. Every coach dream everything that you want in a role player, he’s going to defend he’s going to be a star in his role. Every coach would love for luke daughter. I know i would we were talking about bubble murray in the last segment bubble, dort. In effect, still this season all right, miss disrespect, big win for the pels last night, but check out this bang out by ja. Look at this, so good, even zion reacts here. Take a look perk: will you like zion, when you’re sitting at home look i’m telling you listen? Zion and john miranda must see tv, but look. I love the way that both of these guys support one another. I agree carolina boys, yeah and that was very russell. West brookish, oh, he gets the spots fast, but can we talk about jj reddick on the dodge? Can you take the charge the next day with phil we’re gon na show that, like 10 times, you know, stan is showing him to die. You know, stan is showing that come on. Oh yeah, come on. Stan has replayed that a lot and jj’s answer is stan i’m a vet. You know what you’re getting i’m – not i’m, not here, to take charges all right, mate, twirling back to boston, check out the spinning little jumper by the joker.

Yes, oh man, oh man, and he can do this consistently fizz. This is not a one shot deal. I mean it’s beautiful to watch his footwork in his basket. Some is some of the best for a big man that i’ve seen in the league and ever it’s hard to do. You know he’s got that kevin mchale that’s, that kevin mchale for work, high shoulders and long arms, he’s, pivoting he’s, putting that high arc on the shot hold on coach. They got a lot of youngsters watching this. They don’t know too much about kevin mccabe. Well, perk. I’M. Sorry, he can’t say this. I apologize, but that just would not be true friend they better get on their youtube and watch some of that michael amen. All right, miss standing nuggets, celtics again scramble for the loose ball. Look at jason, tatum, coming up with the hit, makes a sitting pass to jaylen brown for the slam perk. Remember when you sat on mike miller in 2014, hey rachel, look. You got to do anything to win. I was not going to let mike miller get up and contest that shot and i didn’t feel like getting up in the way outside a little tv there, some snacks. This is incredible. Oh man, if lebron is watching this right now, our nickname for mike was killer killer mike yep, and we anytime he went down like this. We said they killed killer b and the kill killer b what’s up like come on man check out my guy.

I just want the couch and the popcorn that’ll. Look nice i’m, just saying all right, miss frowns wolves, trying to make a comeback, anthony edwards buries a three with lebron in his grill. I got ta think if you’re the rook, you went back and texted all your friends. Look at that face you all your friends. Look what i just did to lebron james right. Oh, he went back into texas, paul and told him i’m, your new big bride Laughter.

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