Sharks, Face HARK IMPOSTER in Among Us

Dude stick around for my turn to be the shark. This is intense and also do me, another favor, the like button below the video did you know if you hit the like button, it’ll turn blue, like the ocean hit the subscribe button, hope you enjoyed dude. This is literally my worst nightmare guys. This is uh. Welcome! Back to among us for your new guys, i am a crew member. I have all these tasks and uh. Once i get all the tasks done, then i win. You know this is my worst nightmare literally the imposter can flood the map and then biffle. I do not like this at all. Come here. Come here come here. Can you just get me out of this nightmare? You don’t, you don’t, like you don’t like water. What, if it’s shorter, whatever i love water dude let’s, go i’m gon na scuba instructor you’re ready for this? Oh, my goodness, the noise that i just came through my headset jesus. Okay, i have information what’s your information. You guys know what to do. What’S, your information what’s, your information, i’m cool to meet and let’s send them eating. Then we stop trying to okay sigils what’s, your information what’s, your information, so i was in uh storage and i started to walk over communication and i found kate standing on a body saying i found it. I found it and then i accused her okay. Okay. First of all, i saw the same thing i ran away.

Did the trash task and then came back. Remember, remember, remember, remember the the shark can toggle into a shark, so she may have eaten the body and then just stood there like it. Wasn’T me, you know yeah that seems like her movement. We don’t have time there’s literally a shark trying to eat our toes. Have you guys seen any sharks around here? No, but you know what i have seen. I have not seen a shark i’ve seen a little bit of this that’s, really good. All right, yeah, really good. Wait. I got med bait. I got med bait. I want to prove you guys: i’m, not the shark. I have met bay. I have med bay. Wait! No don’t stack up, though the shark can literally dive under water pop out and eat. All of us well, that’s, fine, okay, um! Okay, i will say this me and bruce with him me. Ambrose and biffle were all med, bangs yeah. We were a hundred percent clear. None of us could have killed anything yeah. We met baby, okay, henry. Where was the body um? It was dirty by the button and i came up from what are you eating you little lardo? What are you doing during everything you’re getting into the middle of the night? I don’t even know them. I came up from bottom right shields up and i saw it before and i found i found niko and then we found the body on the button.

The body was on the button. All i’m going to say is i’m. Clearing is currently eating. Sigils. You hear that right, Laughter, Music! Oh, where was the body flake? Oh sorry, sorry, there you go oh table and i went on top of it. It was safe dude. I don’t know who it is: okay, i’m, skipping i’m skipping i’m just kidding; okay, all right so amber down there electrical. I think he’s coming from storage i’ve been with biffle like this entire game. Therefore, are you i don’t know why? But i trust what’s your information. My information, Music, so ambrew thinks it’s, kate, henry or nico. I personally think it’s henry. Oh, i personally think it was son because he was coming from the cafeteria. No judd was with us when we were banging oh, my head. Well, yeah hi yeah yeah, keep going! Oh okay, let’s get this test on. Get this attached to the fence. Done almost done almost done! Oh! No! Oh no! Are we gon na get eaten? Are we gon na get eaten? What just happened? Okay? Well? What just happened? Okay, that was the most terrifying okay. I saw you doing an upload, i was, i saw you doing an upload. I was walking down from cafeteria and yeah. You heard me do med base. I did hear you do bedford. I think we just need to skip honestly. You just ate five people. You just ate like four or five people right in front of us.

Oh my gosh dude, that was terrifying. Seeing a giant shark pop up and ate everybody i’ve ever experienced Laughter. So whenever i hit the flood button, it’ll flood the map and i’ll instantly turn into a shark, so i need to be hidden when i do that so i’m going to go over here, go down here, close that close. That wait! No do i turn it on. Yet dang it so whenever i’m the shark, i can deep dive, which i’ll show you that and teleport across them. I can also dash and eat people right it’s. Actually pretty op hello. Can you guys hear me? Hello? Okay, listen, listen! I i have. I have something to say what’s that foot yeah, so now they shouldn’t be okay, i just muted. They should be able to see. So if i flood i’ll turn into a shark i’m gon na hide up here there we go perfect. Now i can toggle it whenever i want and they got the lights back on. Okay, okay, so now check this out. Whenever you come on hello hello, can you hear me hello? Okay, listen, listen! Listen! I have a suspect what’s going on what’s going on uh huh uh foot, ah i’m gon na go for a waiter call me call me, call me and call me hello, joke you not. This is the fourth time i’ve been trying to figure out. What are you guys doing, literally just got boxed literally just got boxed literally just got boxed literally just got boxed literally just got boxed like i actually got boxed.

This was pretty good you’re, pretty good you’re pretty good. Thank you. I appreciate it Music. Oh look at this. I killed him. I dove down. Nobody knows i’m here. Look i can see where everybody is at like look at purple Music. I love it so much Applause, but he didn’t and we said he had med bay, but he didn’t and we lied and we said he had med bay, but he didn’t, i don’t, have midfield okay, let’s, hear it let’s hear it let’s hear it. Let’S see you beep, oh no, oh gosh, oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, first of all, i have i have information, but before you go first, i have the megaphone. Thank you. I found a dead body in the admin room. You leave it there: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, so let me paint you! Oh let me paint you a picture me and henry i ran by. I ran by med bay and henry’s. Like hey. Do you have med bay? And i was like no and he’s like well, i do, but he didn’t. No, i know i no. I said no, i don’t neither do i i said. Neither do i oh. I thought you said neither i do. No. No, you bought you’re, so bad with the words me you can’t even say burger correctly. All right boys, all right boys get your tasks done before the shark eats all our feet thing again.

Now i got ta. Do the flood thing again, dab on your dad shoot? Some shots should shoot. Some heads shoot some heads click, some heads look like something, and it was right up there. I knew they were right up there. I almost clicked it, but i had to be smart. Okay, okay, so if i hit this perfect okay, now i can change into a shark. Whenever i want hello, hello and there’s orange Music, oh that’s, so good, okay, okay, let’s, do lights. Perfect! Okay, lights are down, lights are down, lights are down, so i can also do my dash attack but i’m going to save that till the end. Hello. Hey. Can you hear me hello, hello, hey what were you doing in med bay huh? What were you doing in med based sigils? Oh right, right earlier right, sid? What were you doing in midday huh? I literally got interrupted on my med bay last night. Wait henry: where was the body the body was just above shields, wait so here’s here’s. My theory. I just vented from there yeah sigils, killed the bodies and then used the deep dive and went into med bay. When he shouldn’t have been in med bay. I should have been okay wait. A second literally the end of last round ian was literally watching me. Med base, somebody reported a body interrupting it, so it’s, not just at all for me to go back and finish my medicine.

That is true, but why wouldn’t you do that at the start of last round yeah and we were telling stories Music. No, i will literally find you clip your toenails and then put your toenails in cereal. Make you eat it. You promise ew. Why would you want that? Oh sorry, i don’t, i don’t, know what’s wrong with you. What happened to your things? Okay, i mean, if you say so, lock them all in perfect: okay, flood, it they’re all can’t swim. Are you doing swim help huh? I did shield. Oh, i got something to tell you, okay, what what don’t you leave me hey! You come back here when you’re talking to me young lady, hey you come here. You get over here, young lady you get over here. Don’T you try to kill me. I got ta hurry. I got ta hurry. Their tasks are almost done. Okay, let’s deep dive, there’s blue there’s yellow. Can i get a double kill? Can i get a double kill? Did i get it there’s green there’s blue? Can i get a triple kill here? I can get a double kill right here. If they stand still, they stand still, i can get a triple kill: Music, lock, all the doors, lock, all the doors. I just got a triple kill. Okay, my kill button is up and i can dash i’m gon na go report. It i’m gon na go report. It do i report it. I don’t know i don’t know what to do.

This is so tough. I don’t have dive yet Music. Why the three people over here – oh my god, Laughter, dude, it’s, so broken dude, you jump up, you eat so much. I love it. That’S broken dude. I love that it’s, pretty good that’s, pretty good guys hit the like button.

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