Sharks, Face The Masked Dancer Tulip REVEALED! A Famous TikTok'er and Former Child Star

The third place winner of the mass dancer. Oh man, this is always tough. Man is Music tulip. Oh, my goodness! Tulip Applause, Music, cotton, candy we’ll, see you back in just a few minutes tuna. You were incredible, we’re, big fans, which is weird because we have no idea who you are until now, but first panel you each get to ask one final question to tulip ken. I just want to say you’re, amazing, just to be in the final three on the first mass dancer finale. You just gave it your all yeah. Do you have a reality? Show background? Yes, paula tulip. Do you live in los angeles i’m, not from los angeles, but i do live here. Thank you ashley. Would you say you have a tick tock obsession, maybe Laughter brian. Have you been dancing from a young age? Yes, all right! Okay. Panel let’s see your final guesses. Remember: there’s no rumba for era we will be keeping track of who finishes with the most correct, celebrity guesses, bragging rights on the line tonight paula at first i thought it was ariana grande. Then i thought kristen bell, but with the tick tock clues. My heart tells me to go back to liza koshy because i know liza has older sisters, so i feel really good going with liza koshy Applause it’s taken me weeks to figure you out, but the tv mom clue. I was thinking about modern family and then sarah highland and with today’s clue package.

I saw the ale clue and beauty products and lucy hale is a spokesperson for her own beauty line called all may and on instagram. She has 25 million followers, and, oh my god. Yes, lucy was in the finals of american juniors right. Oh my goodness, i’m gon na stick with lucy hale. I really think you’re lucy hale. I have seen a lot of disney references and i came to a person who has a huge following on tick tock. She did uh the show girl meets world and uh this someone has sisters, she’s really close too so um. I am going to guess sabrina carpenter Applause ashley. I started in a place with charlie dimelio with the tick tock situation because it was in so many clues and then you know i landed on mackenzie ziegler because the photo of you know you and, and the mom reminded me of dance moms. She says she’s in the shadow of her sister and mackenzie, has a famous older sister named maddie, and i saw an e with some mad eyes, so i was like what’s that a mad e maddie, i feel very confident for the first time on this show, i Believe, you’re mckenzie, ziegler, okay panel. You have made your final guesses let’s see. If any of you are right, say it with me audience give me that music Applause, what was it like being so fun i’d love to behind the mask? I could be whoever i wanted to be, and i’ve gained more confidence for sure.

I really just wanted everyone to just love her at home and be someone that they can get to. We love you listen accomplished anything! You want to ask mackenzie paula in your clue package. What did the number 11 represent? Uh well, dance moms came out in 2011., got it. Why was uh like one of the clue packages? It was like an iceberg on an armpit. What is that yeah? So it’s like pittsburgh, pittsburgh. Oh my god! Okay, listen! I know your sister is amazing. Yes, but let me tell you you were just as amazing. Okay, thank you so much. This is the best thing i’ve ever done. It was so fun – and i want to thank you guys so much for lifting me up and you lifted us up. Let’S hear it from mackenzie ziegler, hey guys so it’s kylie, jenner and i’m, not a judge on any of the shows, but i feel like i enjoy watching shows. So if you do too just hit the button below.

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