Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Food and Drug Administration, Coronavirus, Pfizer #39;s vaccine can now be kept in a regular freezer

Does it every day we get new information, but uh yeah, two things that defies a vaccine is stable in your freezer, which is really good news for storage. Obviously, minus 70 was the previous temperature and that’s very challenging for all kinds of reasons, but they’ve just submitted to the u.s administration, the fda it’s stable at that minus 20, a regular freezer that we all have on our houses and, of course, it’s. Partly in companies with moderna, so madonna, their vaccine was stable in the freezer. So i guess i guess fisa were prompted to test their vaccine and then they’ve now confirmed it’s stable at that temperature. So it’s good news for storage and why would they have thought 80? Is that just because that’s what they did for safety reasons during the trial, so that’s? What was in the in the data that was submitted to these regulatory authorities? Yeah, i mean it’s, or these are rna vaccines. Rna is known to be pretty unstable. A well known thing so therefore minus 70 minus 80 was felt to be the safe bet, but of course they hadn’t tested minus 20 had they. You know, whereas maduro and i had, and then they were prompted into testing at low behold, they’re, both rna vaccine, so it’s no surprise really that that fires out of the same storage there’s a slight difference, the modern it keeps in the fridge then for 30 days. So you take it out of the freezer.

Stick it in your fridge. Fires are only have a five day test on that, so i bet they’ll now say it stay with in the fridge for 30 days as well. Oh, they can compete fully with modernist, so it may get even better yeah, but it looks as if this makes holding more convenient, obviously yeah. It makes it much easier to to roll it out on a much larger scale. In some of these mass vaccination centers, you don’t need minus 80 degree, um, fridges or freezers, uh at all of them at the helix in dublin or the seven oaks and carlow or wherever it happens, to be the the other piece of good news. I mentioned then, that it’s 85 effective after a single jab. I mean this is the the line the brits went down that they hoped that they would get this information. They really went with the kind of the single job first policy they did when we saw that yesterday. Yes, it was a 9 000 uh person study which showed 85 percent advocacy but it’s strange because the pfizer study themselves, which was 20 000 people by the way that they said 53 after the first shot. You know so this seems to be higher. So one question is: how can the israelis have a higher rate compared to the original advisor study, but even still it’s intriguing, isn’t it and does suggest that a single shot will offer substantial protection and then you’re right, the uh, the british may have got it right.

They took a slight chance on that because they were basing that on kind of a hunch you know, whereas the pfizer data said 53 percent, the new data says 85 percent, but everybody look at it. This is a spectacular vaccine. There’S no two ways about it. I mean the data just gets better and better. I guess the way to think of it. Yeah and i i don’t think anyone’s expecting that we would uh completely change our approach overnight, but certainly you’d. Imagine that the the authorities and the health authorities here and in europe and in brussels that this is something that they should be looking at isn’t it well you’d, stick with the two shots for the moment. I think because it’s the first study to show 85 percent and as i say, the numbers are slightly smaller, but i suspect, it’s correct by the way, but we’ll see israel, the canary in the coal mine they’re, releasing loads and loads of data every day, it’s spectacular. Eighty percent of that population about one shot and if this date is correct, they’re now protected to 85 percent. You see so we’re going to get loads of information from the israelis. It may turn out that one shot suffices and then the direction will change say in two or three months only give one shot of fire so no need for a second shot, but i suspect you, the second shot, really really kind of um, copper, fastens.

The whole thing is the way to think about it. It is it like, i know, it’s there’s, a lot of doom and gloom today with talks of extended lockdowns luke, but it strikes me there’s, just unrelenting good news on vaccines. Certainly, on the scientific front i mean when it comes to supply and the logistics and the manufacture, there’s been a few hiccups, but but it’s been remarkable, not only the pace they’ve been developed, but even how effective they’ve been there now, this news about storage, that is Easier to store them, uh the the trickling in of more and more information about how effective they are in terms of stopping transmission of the disease as well yeah, exactly yeah, i mean the news gets better and better. I i suspected there will be a few bumps in the road by the way, with this vaccine, because that can happen with vaccines. You know issues might arise. Not a single issue has arisen with this files or vaccine and remember if something like eight million people have had the vaccine in israel, something like 20 million in america and no negative signals in terms of rare side effects or whatever so so far so good. It looks as if this rna technology is everything it’s cut out to be basically now again, we have to wait a bit longer, i guess, but but absolutely they’ve ticked every box that you’d want six at this stage and modernity will be the same.

So i suspect that’ll be just as good because it’s a very similar kind of vaccine, so you’re right so we’re in a good place at the moment with the vaccine campaign. No question yeah.

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