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, music, Johnson, amp, Johnsons, COVID 19 vaccine may be behind some of its competitors at only a 66 efficacy rate compared to Pfizer and Modernas 95.. But once we look deeper Ill, tell you why some doctors are calling this vaccine a total quotgame changer.quot Plus how is Johnson, amp Johnson vaccine different from Pfizer and Modernas, And what is it made of Today Im going to go over all of that and more. Hey Everyone Im Doctor Jordan, Wagner. Im an emergency room doctor who treats everything from COVID to gunshot wounds burns. You name, it. Ive, created this video series to help answer your questions and the questions I get from patients each and every day, like you.. If you find this video helpful, please hit that subscribe button, so youre notified when I post new videos. Today we’re talking about Johnson amp Johnsons COVID 19 vaccine., The company is moving forward with positive results and expects to seek emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the coming weeks. From the time I am making this video.. So how is the Johnson amp Johnson COVID 19 vaccine different And how does it work? Their vaccine is being studied as a one dose shot.. Yes, that is right. A single dose., Whereas Pfizer and Modernas COVID 19 vaccine, on the other hand, are administered in two doses that use mRNA technology.. Also, this vaccine can be stored in a conventional refrigerator, as opposed to the deep freeze, colder type storage temperatures that the other vaccines require.

. This could be a game changer for the medical community.. Another way this vaccine is different. Well, Johnson, amp Johnsons version of the vaccine is an experimental viral vector vaccine.. This means that it uses a weakened, live pathogen as the delivery method for transporting a vaccine to protect against COVID 19. The vector virus. Here the adenovirus delivers a specific piece of COVID 19 to our cells to make an immune response against it., Or in other words, this vaccine uses a small piece of genetic material from the COVID 19 virus to trigger an immune response.. However, this genetic material for COVID 19 does not replicate in our body.. This is often referred to as a recombinant vaccine. Recombinant vaccines are common and the science behind recombinant vaccines has been around for a long time.. Interestingly enough, although this science has been around forever, its only been commercially available in rabies, vaccines for animals. Adenovirus based vaccines, like the Johnson amp Johnson vaccine, may also pose some problems in that the adenovirus is so common that the vaccine may not be as effective once Booster doses are given or that some people may already have immunity to the virus used in the vaccine.. How effective is their COVID, 19 vaccine Johnson amp Johnson announced that its single dose vaccine was 66 72 percent effective at preventing moderate to severe disease from COVID 19 and 85 effective at preventing severe disease.? This effectiveness in the Phase 3 trial was reached at 28 days.

After vaccination., So why would anyone even opt for the Johnson amp Johnson vaccine? Well, most people may opt for it for two reasons.. The number one reason is that its whats available to them. And any vaccine is better than no vaccine. In my opinion. Number, two, some people prefer the single dose option. Despite the lower efficacy. One thing all of these vaccines have in common is they will keep you protected from dying or even going to the hospital because of COVID 19 complications.? Does the vaccine have any side effects? Initial safety information released for the vaccine shows that the most common reactions after the vaccine was administered included, injection site pain, fatigue, headache and muscle. Aches.. Additional information on the side effects will likely be included when the final trial report is published. Pushing out. The third vaccine quickly might save lives Yes., But only if people are willing to take it. Herd immunity remains the ultimate goal for the country to go back to normal, which means getting as many vaccines to the public as possible.. We shouldnt jump to any false conclusions about getting anyone vaccine over the other.. If we get enough vaccines in the arms of people well all be better protected. Overall period. All right that’s been a quick Johnson, amp Johnson vaccine breakdown. With me, Doctor Wagner., Have you gotten your COVID vaccine if youre able to that is.? What was your experience like? Did you get the Pfizer Or the Moderna vaccine? Did you have any side effects Comment, below.

Id love to hear about your experience. Or, if you want to see me, get my two doses of the Pfizer vaccine Ill link to that as well. And are there any other COVID 19 topics youd like to see me, Make a video about! Please leave me a comment below. And make sure you subscribe and turn your bell notifications on. When you do that and hit the like button, you let YouTube know that youd like to see more videos like this one.. Thank you so much for watching and stay healthy.

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Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Food and Drug Administration, Coronavirus, Pfizer #39;s vaccine can now be kept in a regular freezer