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England went with a similar team, as i had anticipated, with bestow coming in for lawrence crawley coming in for burns broad coming in for stone and a surprising decision, but they went for archer instead of bess india stuck with their big guns, bringing back bomber and replacing Goldi piadov with washington, sundar england won the toss and decided to vote. The first session belonged to india. They got off to a wonderful start, as ishaan sharma becoming the second fast bowler in indian cricket to play a hundred test matches removed sibley for a dark. While crawling was playing some great shots, bestow struggled as shortly after he was lbw by oxford patel for a duck. Crawly continued his very good innings as root was looking settled until the england captain defended at a full one from ashwin and he went on the back foot. Therefore he was plum lbw a few moments later, crawley 2 was dismissed as he was lbw by oxford. England went into the break at 81 for four. The second session also belonged to india. Pope was quickly bowled by ashwin stokes. After a bit of chat was dismissed by oxford, then a quick straight one from oxford got archer out, then leeched edwan to gully broad, was caught in the deep and fox was bowled by straight one, not a bad first few matches for oxford with six wickets. In this innings and 13 wickets in his three innings of test cricket, gil and sharma got india to the dinner break.

The third session mainly belonged to india, but england could take a few positives from it. Gil and rohit played great shots in a good partnership until archer bowled, a short one which gil edged to mid wicket straight after pajara was trapped on the crease by leech and at this point, india looked slightly in an uncomfortable position until a brilliant partnership between king Coley and rohit sharma began rohit just played his natural game as coolly made batting looks so easy. However, they did give england some chances with rohit being dropped by a half chance for pope and coley was dropped by well an absolute sitter by ollie pope, who, i bet wanted to just dig a hole. There was also a stumping where, in my opinion, rohit’s foot was in the air, but the third empire looked at it for a few seconds and made the decision of not out. It was the last over of the day, as things were, looking very bad for england. Until a straight one, from leech, which curly thought was going to spin away, was inside edged onto the stumps, the last few balls were very nervy for rouhani, but nevertheless, india managed to close out the day at 99. For three, the pitch is very close to the one atcepark with a lot of turn and bounce. The dew factor did come in later in the day, as it was becoming a bit hard for the england bowlers to grip the ball, and you could see the likes of joffra archer, constantly wiping the ball.

To sum up, england were well quite poor and they can improve in a lot of aspects. They were also quite flat. In contrast, india were aggressive, lively and they were on top of things, although with a bit of luck, but you need that in any sport, then in the first test match archer was bowling at quite slow paces. He wasn’t getting it up to that fierce 150 mark and that’s. Why he’s? Quite frankly in the team, he is in the team to be that x factor bowler, but he is currently not delivering. Someone really needs to go up to him and just say: listen just turn up the heat a bit and you’re playing international cricket, so you need to perform your best at the moment, he’s looking quite lackadaisical and careless. Thank you so much for watching guys. My name is ayan. This is the crook of alpaca and i’ll catch.

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India national cricket team, England cricket team, Test cricket, Virat Kohli, Joe Root ugh to stop the juggernaut, predict an India win in 3rd Test: Michael Vaughan