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Make sure that you subscribe because we have new videos every single monday and thursday let’s get into it. Someone has shot lady, gaga’s dog walker and kidnapped two of her dogs. This happened last night when the dog walker took her dogs for a walk since gaga is currently not at home, but she’s in italy. The shooter approached the male victim with a semi automatic handgun, shot him in the chest and took two of her french bulldogs named koji and gustav. He then fled in a vehicle that was nearby. The walker is now in the hospital and he is responsive and he did actually manage to save one dog named miss asia from being kidnapped. Lady gaga is offering anyone with information a 500 000 reward. This is absolutely insane and it sounds like it could be straight out of a movie. They say that they don’t know if the person knew that this was lady, gaga’s dogs, because french bulldogs are in high demand. That could be another reason for the kidnapping, we’re, just hoping that gaga gets her dogs back very soon. Taylor swift is counter suing evermore park, which is the park that sued her just a few weeks ago over the name of her latest album evermore park in utah. They felt a lawsuit since they say that taylor used the name of their park, despite the fact that they have the trademark for it, and they claim that not only did taylor use the name for her album, but she also used it on things like clothing and Other merchandise, in order to make a profit so now taylor’s company, tas rights management, they’re, now choosing to sue the park for performing taylor, swift songs at the park without a license.

They are apparently warned several times by the performing rights organization. Bmi and purposely chose to ignore those rules. They also say that the park does not have much of a case when it comes to suing taylor, since there are several albums and songs that already use evermore as a title, britney spears has been a hot topic. The last couple weeks since the release of the documentary framing britney spears came out in the states and finally we’re going to be able to view the documentary in canada since it’s being added to crave tomorrow. So the documentary itself. It goes to the life and the career britney spears, with a focus on the conservatorship that’s been in place since 2008.. So, following a breakdown that britney had at the time her father, jaime spears, he gained control of her financial health and career decisions, and this has sparked the free brittany movement, which is full of fans of brittany, demanding that she be given these rights back. The movement has only grown over the last few years and even more since the release of this documentary, i watch a lot of documentaries, it’s, probably my top favorite genre of movie, and i had the chance to watch this documentary already and i cannot recommend it enough. It not only dives into exactly how she was treated by her dad, but also by people like the paparazzi and just the public for many years. Definitely put it on your to watch list this weekend.

The day is finally arriving. We are getting the billy eilish documentary that is called the world’s a little blurry tomorrow. Billy is generally a pretty private person when it comes to her life. We don’t see her share every moment of her life on social media, like we see with other artists, so it’s going to be really interesting to see that whole curtain drawn back and just get an insight into what her life has been and how she just manages It all because it’s a lot she did an interview with stephen colbert, where she talked about the documentary and her new album that’s coming out this year. She explained that she’d been able to have more time off this past year than she has in the last four years and that really contributed to the creation of this new album. She said she doesn’t think the album would be the same if it wasn’t for covet. She said something too in the interview that kind of stuck out for me. She said this doesn’t mean that it’s like about covid at all, it’s, just that when things are different in your life, you’re different it’s, just how it is – and i have covid to thank for that and that’s about it. We don’t know exactly when we can expect her brand new album to come out, although she has released the information that the album is going to be 16 tracks. The documentary, though we’re, going to be able to watch on apple tv plus tomorrow, and we cannot wait for that.

It is a big weekend for nick jonas, because he’s going to be the host and the musical guest coming up this weekend on snl and he’s gon na join a pretty small group of people who have done double duty on the show we’ve seen people like harry Styles, do it halsey donald glover, chance the rapper, jennifer lopez, britney spears and justin timberlake all do it, but it is really a tough task to do when you’re running around for an hour and a half on the show already, but it’s, also so impressive to see Them in a wig being funny one moment, and then the next moment, they’re on stage singing their heart out nick, is also introducing a brand new solo single on the show that’s called spaceman. So we have a lot to look forward to that’s it for today’s episode of the filter. Of course, like always, let me know your thoughts by commenting down below and we’ll, see you on monday for more of the filter.

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