Lady Gaga, Dog, French Bulldog, Bulldog 's Employee gets shot, dogs stolen, reward offered for safe return of dogs

She has now offered a 500 000 reward. No questions asked for the return of the two french bulldogs that are missing. The damage has already been done, but there is so much wrong with this story that we’re reporting it at all, and i get it because if she wants the word to get out that she’s offering half a billion dollars, she herself is going to want to have This covered in the media at the same time, this gives every criminal everyone who’s struggling and could use some money, the understanding that, if they just take a celebrity’s dog, even if they’re not going to shoot a dog walker over it, if they intimidate the dog walker, They can get the dog and get money out of it. There’S also the like slap in the face to all of the people who are struggling right now, who are hungry cold in texas, who have tens of thousands of dollars of bills and that celebrities are like. No, no, my two dogs are worth half a million dollars and i get it like. Like your animals, your pets are some of the most important people to you, even if they’re not people at the same time, they are only a dog and the fact that you are more concerned about their welfare than you are about all of the hurting people in The world is understandable and also the problem, because, if we’re not looking after one another people get desperate enough to try this and then when they try this, it pays off she if she was gon na give a 500 000 reward.

Why wouldn’t you give a 500 000 reward for the arrest of the person who shot your dog walker? Who so that this shows that, like doing this, isn’t going to pay the person who brings that person to justice is going to pay get paid, but not the not the person who committed this crime, not the person who was desperate enough or lost enough. In that moment, to feel that that was a good, a good choice of actions and lady gaga may or may not get her dogs back. These two dogs may or may not be saved, but it definitely brings into the forefront of criminals and desperate people’s minds that this is a way to make money to go out, steal, someone’s dogs who is going to be desperate, and in so doing you can even Put people’s lives at risk and shoot people and the more we report on it. The more that piece of information gets into people’s subconscious there’s been studies done that even we know that suicide exists. We know it’s an option and yet, when they report on suicide in the media, suicides go up that when columbine happened in, i think it was 20 in 2000. Sorry um before that there had been mass shootings, but they weren’t as prominent as now when it’s, like. Oh, this is how i get my name in the media. This is how i get known if, instead of just killing myself i’m going to go and take a bunch of other people out with me, and these like, i don’t – have a solution for it, because what is the option to not report on it? What reporter is going to hear lady gaga’s dogs got stolen and the dog walker got shot and not report on it right i’m on here reporting on it in some way.

But the very reporting is the problem, and this is where, like what i am trying to create in the world a world that does work for everyone, a world that doesn’t have poverty in it, you don’t have people going out and shooting dog walkers to get money From a celebrity, because they’d never get that desperate, this desperation, lady gaga, with all of her money and power, can’t keep her dogs safe. All of the rich and powerful right now before the vaccines came out, no matter how rich and powerful they are still susceptible to the to the virus, even if they get the best medical care and they’re way more likely to survive, they still are not guaranteed to Survive there have been well known names that have been lost to the virus, and so i i just needed to come on and vent a little bit about this. Is this can’t be the way we deal with? I i mean people out there who have tens of thousand dollars of electric bills living in texas people without food people without power, people without water and she’s. Giving up half a million dollars for two dogs is a slap in the face. Maybe maybe don’t make a meat, dress and feed other dogs, maybe do anything besides using your money in power to pay off the people who shot your dog walker who’s, a human freaking bean anyway, i just need to come on event and – and please come help me – Create a better world because we need it, we need it so very desperately.

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