Coronavirus, Vaccine, Publix, Florida Bonita Springs Real Estate Flashback Friday – Getting Affairs in Order

Lots of you know unusual things in real estate always – and i thought you know whether you are an actual home owner here or somebody that’s looking to purchase a home here. Some of this stuff might be really interesting to you invaluable um. I just i get involved in some of the craziest things i thought i’d share with you. Listen if you are following along. Please please go subscribe to my youtube channel. I really do need subscribers and i do appreciate the folks that stay in touch. We do keep current with regard to the latest sale trends and also the latest buy buyer trends angela’s in the process of also making a whole buyer series of videos so that you can learn a lot if you are a buyer coming to the southwest florida real Estate market, you know one of the things that i had thought. I would talk to you all about, and this really doesn’t have a lot to do with real estate, but it kind of does you know whether you’re a home, a homeowner? This will help you or even if you are just an individual person plus if you are a real estate agent. So if you are a fellow real estate agent that follows my channel um, this is something that you’re going to want to do. Um. You know maybe at some point i’ll expound on what’s going on with this, but i had these neighbors of mine that lived across the street from me for many many many years and they are an older couple and literally my myself, angela and jerry we’ve, taken care Of them extensively for the last year, cancer treatments – you know constant trips to the emergency room, the husband was very ill.

The wife has macular degeneration and doesn’t, see and doesn’t drive anymore, so it’s just been quite a year and in january 16th he finally passed. So the long story short of our really odd relationship because they were kind of my condo commandos in the beginning, and i ended up being their sole caretaker um – is that after they passed it after he passed away, they had, he was a. They were both uh sort of like engineers in the very thorough people he had created a survivor handbook um for whomever survived so i’ve actually been working on this myself personally, and i thought i would mention it to anybody whether you want to do it as an Individual, whether you want to do it as a homeowner, so people know what it takes to run your home or where your accounts are with regard to utilities. Your title insurance policy, your your folder, you can just create a nice little type, written thing, and you know, in the circumstances of this gentleman, there was a page for social security, a page for pensions, a page for life insurance, a page for any of the other Accounts that they had where he may have outstanding balances or debts uh and made it really easy with the social security number and the phone number of the organization, the account number um. So you know, as the first of the year has rolled around for me, i’ve done the same for myself so where, where this parlays into home ownership is collecting all those homeowner documents and having them together, so that you would be able to pass those on to Your heirs, i know, i’m, a relatively young person, but you know it’s time to start being a grown up.

I guess so, i’m in the process of making the survivor handbook um if you’re a real estate agent. It takes a lot to run your real estate business. So you know i’ve done this for a long time. 20. Some years – and you know there are websites and hosting services and all sorts of things that maybe my family does not know about and do not understand the value of um, so there’s uh, you know usernames and passwords and all that stuff that i started collecting so That’S, just my two cents, i don’t know what goes on in your life, but there are probably things that your family doesn’t know about your life on a day to day basis that they should probably know so that they can um. You know, run your life or maybe find the value that that is in some of these items that may seem invisible. My website can very easily provide an education to my grandchildren, all of them right now. If the right person were to purchase it or refer properties that um buyers and sellers uh find on that website, so let’s see. Oh, the other thing that’s going on this week, a lot of stuff about the vaccines and we aren’t having vaccines that are coming in right now because of snowstorms elsewhere, so they’re, giving the second vaccines to people, but not the first vaccine. So everybody’s up in arms about it um, you know it’s been a whole year of covid19, so you know folks it’s not worth getting upset about you’re, going to make yourself sicker and more vulnerable to illness by being upset over these vaccines than just holding on and Just practicing your best best life skills and staying out of danger, um, i i don’t understand it, but it sure is a hot spot.

You know, i, i see a lot of the conversation in the facebook group for those of you who are who are not. In my facebook group i run a facebook group called the bonita springs estero community forum and that facebook group we don’t, allow politics and we don’t allow a lot of uh scattered posts. So, like we have a subject post about covid so that people can go in there and get valuable links and the most recent resources and maybe the most recent information, what people here they share so it’s all in one little thread. But i do see people spin out of control every once in a while, and i don’t know the other day somebody asked about grocery stores. Besides publix, i mean publix, says they’re on every corner, but somebody wanted to try new grocery stores, and somebody had mentioned a certain grocery store in naples and it’s consistently in the news, because they don’t mandate that clients or customers wear masks there. So it’s strictly masked optional people can go in there with a mask and other people are not wearing masks. And you know, people just lost their mind and they treat each other terribly and we do not allow that in the group, and so i removed those people and i removed those posts in those groups, and you know guys it’s. It is just a grocery store and you can keep scrolling when you see something on the internet you don’t like, and you also have an option to not shop there nobody’s making you shop there, that’s that’s the long and the short of it so like what do You care just just just avoid the whole situation.

The the fact of the matter is people say things on the internet that they don’t like to each other, or they just say nasty things to each other. They wouldn’t say that in person and they’re fighting with something that really doesn’t some of these people don’t even live here so like it’s, a non issue for them. So there are people that enjoy shopping there, let them shop there and the people that don’t want to shop there don’t shop. There problem solved um i’m sitting here, waiting for a buyer uh that we’re gon na do a final walk through at a property we’re. Actually, in village walk so i’m running a little bit early, but what i will tell you is while i was waiting out front at the gate, i was a little bit early. There were several other agents waiting for their buyers to show up and what i will also tell you is there’s only one home for sale in here, so that tells you a little bit about what’s going on with the market. My last home that i had listed in the high 300s five offers all at or above list price. So you know if they’re short supply you you have to really pay attention, because things are really next level difficult, um with regards to securing a home, especially if your goal is to really get a home um, i think that’s it i mean i we’ve helped people Buy and sell a lot of real estate this this week, we’re a little short on listings.

So if you know anybody that would like to list their property i’m looking for listings, i have a storage unit full of real estate signs right now, that’s. How few listings are out there? I have a lot of vacant land for sale. I’Ve got a lot of riverfront land. You know i work the riverfront market up and down terry street and up and down pennsylvania avenue.

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