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We sent you this alert about it in the abc 27 news app just hours ago, and tonight we are breaking down all the risks you could face over the next 24 hours, i’m, eva van valen and i’m channing frampton we’ve already got a close eye on the System that is rolling our way tonight. Let me give you a big picture to start off with and you can see all the clouds over texas, the rain, the snow, the ice a little bit of rain over florida, too we’re keeping a close eye on this system. As it moves our way, first alert chief meteorologist kassanova nurse starts us off to highlight the main threats over the next 24 hours. That’S right we’re going to be facing heavy rain threats, damaging wind gusts with some of the stronger storms that start to move in from the west in the early morning, hours of thursday and perhaps a couple of tornadoes, i think the overall risks will be just a Notch lower than what we have on monday, but still enough wind flow and unsettledness will help to drive some gustier trends as this line pushes from west to east and crosses all through our local counties. Here’S, how it looks in the latest run of our forecast and focused data, patchy showers that we’ve seen so far tonight not severe, and i think we stay that way through about five or six a.m. But we’ll notice, by about six o’clock in the morning that broken line of thunderstorms, making its way towards the tri state and lake seminole areas, individual storms, rolling off the gulf and those will pack the gusty wind threat with maybe a couple of embedded tornadoes.

This is a slower moving system, so we can see a prolonged bout of heavier rain and perhaps in the warmer part of the day, that could also fuel a few of the thunderstorms. So we are going to continue to face a higher wind gust threat across the region and we’ll be more specific about what your specific neighborhood can see in your first alert forecast this isn’t the first round of severe weather we’ve dealt with this week. We just confirmed new information about the tornado that hit early county georgia. On monday, the national weather service confirms the twister’s. Winds peaked at 130 miles per hour. They also confirmed today that the tornado left a path of damage 11 and a half miles long. It was on the ground for 10 minutes and hurt five people in the damascus area. Good reason to pay attention to tornado warnings when they’re issued flash flooding, also a concern with tomorrow’s weather. If you come to a flooded road turn around don’t drown it’s impossible to tell how deep that water is covering the road. The national weather service says just six inches of fast moving water can knock a person over and carry them away. Just 12 inches of water can float a small car and 18 to 24 inches of water. Moving can carry away most vehicles, including large suvs leaders in grady county, have already closed roads ahead of more heavy rain. A quarter mile stretch of union hill, road between cooper and spence roads and a section of banks, road between pine forest and waldron roads are shut down.

Heavy rain and drainage issues have led to damage and crews can’t get to work on them with another. Two to three inches of rain expected through friday, and you can stay ahead of the storms with our severe weather guide. You can find it right now at or download the abc27 app from the app you can also watch our weather coverage live as it’s happening. It’S free in your app store, nearly 5600 crashes were recorded on leon county roads in 2020., that’s, according to data from the florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles. Now leaders in leon county are working to prevent some of those crashes by calming a busy road. Abc 27’s christian thomas shows us the project that’s, getting the green light to keep you safe. It gets pretty scary going through here, because you don’t know if the person’s going to stop or what they’re going to do. It’S, like they’re in a rush brandy, cristler lives right off deer lake road. An area focused for leon, county’s, new traffic, calming program policy approved tuesday neighbors, showing concern about the high amount of traffic and speeding people are speeding. You know it’s just too much the program, not just for the deer lake area. The county says any neighborhood dealing with traffic issues can get calming measures they just have to qualify Music when the county evaluates 85 percent of traffic has to be going five miles above the speed limit. The evaluation determining what type of calming measures will go into effect.

I wouldn’t want speed bumps i don’t like those, but just like a sun with the rate of your speed. Many people in the area concerned about the safety of kids since traffic picks up in the morning and rush hour as students are going to school. You know sometimes the cars are really going fast, hoping to make their community safe for everyone in tallahassee christian thomas abc 27.. Now the county has not said yet when the study will start for the deer lake community leon, county’s traffic calming program has been in place since 1998 and has calmed 30 roads so far. Tallahassee police also going the extra mile to keep roads safe, they’ll, continue their proactive patrols, trying to cut the number of crashes through high visibility, enforcement, they’re working to educate drivers bikers and walkers in areas that have had high number of crashes recently. This effort will continue through may tonight. We are tracking covet 19 across georgia at last check. The state has administered look at this more than one and a half million vaccines so far since they started that whole effort that’s more than three quarters of the total amount shift to the state by the federal government and with this new chart on the state’s dashboard Site you can see who’s getting those vaccines. Look at this, mostly white people followed by black or african american and asian people, we’re also tracking the numbers in florida pushing forward with its vaccination efforts.

The state is up to more than 3.6 million vaccinations. So far. Vaccinating florida latinos is proving to be a daunting task, though. Hispanics make up more than a quarter of the state’s population. They’Re getting about 15 percent of available shots, abc 27’s capitol reporter forrest saunders investigates why antonio tovar heads the farmworker association of florida. The microchip came up the vaccine being processed too fast and from his 10 000 members, many latino he’s heard almost every untrue rumor about covet 19 vaccines. Your ears grow when you take the vaccine yeah. That was laughable. Misinformation is one of the top hurdles to vaccination. For florida’s latino population, false posts on social media certificate, even sermons from prominent church leaders, creating apprehension about 43 percent of hispanics, telling national pollsters they’re going to wait and see before getting a shot florida, whether it’s, intentionally or unintentionally, displayed with this information. Marie corrojerro is state director of the largest and oldest hispanic organization. She says fighting back won’t be easy, reaching latinos with accurate info, especially low income. Families has to be more than creating a website, thinking that they have zoom or that they have facebook or that they have other means or website or phone um. I think it’s a little over the top, because the situation right now is dire. Latinos have higher chances of covet infection hospitalization and death they’re also twice as likely to lack insurance, not to mention florida will need them to reach herd immunity.

Much like efforts to bolster african american vaccination. The state has opened shot sites in areas with high latino populations and tried to recruit vaccine validators, like these bay of pigs veterans, vaccine information, also available in spanish and officials eventually plan to start a multi language info campaign. You want to see as many seniors as possible, but researchers at the university of florida studying vaccine disparities are hoping for more. You have to take it to them. That’S the issue dr fulikemi odetna, says engaging employers in forging partnerships with businesses in minority communities is key. Mom and pop pharmacists, for example, may be better than major outlets like publix and walmart, because the pharmacists, the community, independent one man owned pharmacist they’ve been in those communities for a long time and they are trusted. Those connections could be coming soon. The federal retail pharmacy program aims to reach independent pharmacists as more vaccine becomes available. We are in this ship together and tovar says. His group is already working with nonprofits to boost shot education for members. We forget that pandemics are pandemics, not everybody counts. Perhaps in future weeks, progress will be the prognosis for latinos at the capitol forest saunders abc 27., the veterans health service of north florida and south georgia is expanding its criteria to those who can receive a copit 19 vaccine veterans under 65, who already received services from The v.a for high risk conditions qualify to be vaccinated. Those conditions include obesity, diabetes, copd sickle cell disease, kidney disease, smoking cancer and heart disease.

Now to schedule an appointment, you can call the number that’s right there on your screen, three five, two five, four: eight. Six thousand extension is 103 755., and tonight the irs says it has sent out all 147 million checks from the december stimulus package. They had to issue the payments by mid january eligible people who have moved or changed. Bank accounts may not have gotten the money yet, but they can claim it on their 2020 tax return. Well, if you’re planning a trip, you may want to check your flight status coming up, how the record breaking winter weather is causing travel headaches across the country and locally, but first well, it’s my convictions as a follower of jesus who’s. The advocate for peace and justice in the world and calls us away from violence a new bill aims to allow more guns into places of worship in florida, who’s for and who’s against this controversial legislation, the rebound tallahassee is sponsored by perry and young it’s time to Play america’s favorite jackpot game. This is powerball good evening. America, i’m, laura johnson. Tonight we have another life changing jackpot, for you it’s worth an estimated 66.7 million dollars so get those tickets out let’s play that first number up is 15. Music, followed by the number 46. tonight we’re going to meet njb, who won 50 000 playing powerball. Now, for the rest of those numbers, we’ve got 21. The number one rounding it out tonight with 32.

, your powerball number tonight. Good luck, everyone is one and your power play multiplier. Is three let’s? Take a look at those numbers. One last time remember: there are multiple ways to win: we’ll see you back here saturday night, good night, everyone, Music, what’s in zaxby’s, new general, sauce, legendary chicken, legendary sauce, the new general sews boneless wings. Only at zaxby’s redeem rewards scan to pay and order ahead on the zaxby’s app Music baby. Just to let me down, let me down and mess me around. If you ride you get it geico motorcycle 15 minutes could save you 15 or more. When you’ve got a business, you don’t want to worry about slow internet or confusing cyber security, so get comcast business internet with fast, reliable speeds and add the advanced security of comcast business security edge. It combines the speed you need with threat protection plus there’s. 24. 7 support it’s internet and advanced security made simple, so bounce forward with comcast business, get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for five dollars. Each a month when you buy both plus ask kettle at comcast business security, edge, i’m larry, perry and i’m chris young and together we make up perry and young we’ve, been in north florida and the panhandle for over 25 years, and we too have also been through Catastrophes we’ve helped our communities make it through hurricane, michael in the bp oil spill, we’re licensed in florida, georgia and alabama and we’re honored to help relieve respond, revive and rebound tallahassee.

So if you’ve been involved in an auto accident, give us a call perry and young 850 215 7777 or visit us at Nobody can read between the lies, like judge judy what’s in zaxby’s, new general sauce, Music, legendary chicken, legendary sauce, the new general sews boneless wings. Only in zaxby’s redeem rewards scan to pay and order ahead on the zaxby’s app seven day. Forecast is brought to you by roe roofing keeping churches and religious institutions safe from shootings like the ones you see on your screen. New at 11. Controversial new legislation aims to put more guns in florida’s churches it’s an idea. That’S got state leaders divided, our sister station’s rachel loyd investigates the arguments on both sides of the issue. Lawmakers who backed the safety of religious institutions or house bill 259 say allowing more guns in churches will protect parishioners for mass shootings like the tree of life, synagogue, shooting that happened in pittsburgh in 2018., reverend roy terry of cornerstone, united methodist church in naples, says his Faith won’t allow him to go along with the bill if passed, the bill would allow catholic schools and churches with schools on their grounds to permit concealed weapons what’s my convictions as a follower of jesus who’s, the advocate for peace and justice in the world and calls Us away from violence, he’s aware of the violent reality, so many churches have experienced nationwide but says that’s still, not enough to convince him to invite more weapons into his church.

Those tragedies, horrific and terrible and cowardly by those who persuaded those acts. But i also know there’s statistics that state that having a bunch of guns in a public space does not necessarily mean everybody’s going to be safer. State representative spencer roach disagrees it’s going to expand the use of the second amendment and allow people to defend themselves and protect their congregations in houses of worship, he’s, a co sponsor of the bill and says he supports it, especially after what happened during a church shooting In tarrant county texas, in 2019., two people were killed and then a church volunteer shot and killed. The gunman you saw there a good guy with a gun, take out a bad guy with a gun who was attempting to inflict mass slaughter on about 240 people. Churches will not be required to allow guns inside under h.b 259 and they can post signs. Prohibiting representative roach says it’s headed to another house committee, for a vote in the coming weeks and now at 11 a major winter storm is causing travel headaches more than 2300 flights heading into or out of the u.s today were canceled with more than one thousand flights Being axed in texas, several hundred flights originally scheduled for thursday are already canceled and we are tracking flights here locally too. We may not have the snow in the ice, but this is a live. Look at the departure board for tallahassee international airport. Look at this a flight for tomorrow mornings, canceled to shreveport louisiana, one to dallas fort worth canceled at 7 30 tomorrow morning, and then this one also canceled to dallas fort worth tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, those are all the areas we’ve been showing you getting the snow and the ice leading to all those delays. Laughter texans are taking a tick tock to show firsthand accounts of the effects of the freezing, weather and power outages, including frozen hair and frozen fish tanks. Some tick, tock users film themselves, rationing water by pouring it into empty garbage cans. Others documented themselves trying to keep warm one user posted what they were burning pieces of their fence to keep a fire going. Many users revealed the damage done to their homes by the freezing cold, including burst pipes, others forced to bring their livestock indoors. We are in the middle of a texas blizzard and our power is out. I’Ve started bringing animals inside i’ve converted my dining room into a barn. Still others tried to find some light and humor in the situation, as you heard from some of that laughter off the top there. Meanwhile, here locally we’re not worried too much about the snow and the cold, but we are tracking that chance for severe weather tomorrow, cass.

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