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2021 i’m, stuart allister – and this is the evening edition Music Applause. Mr potato head drops mr from brand name hasbro inc, said on thursday it was renaming its popular mr potato, head brand to drop the mister, giving the potato headline a less gender focused identity, that’s. What your children were after that’s, what they needed you you have them focused on math, english history. No, no! No! No! What they really needed was a toy that was gender neutral. The toy first launched over 70 years ago, can be decorated with various plastic parts that can be attached to a plastic spud hasbro. This fall will launch a quote, create your potato head family kit, which is called a celebration of the many faces of families. One picture on the box shows a figure with a mustache and a nose that is pink a color, often associated with females that’s. What you needed, isn’t that what you wanted, isn’t, that what you’ve been asking for have you noticed that, with all of the deviant behavior of the left, they are always desperate to to to kind of drag your kids in all their wokeness it’s? Not enough it’s! Not enough for adults to be woke, they want your kids to be woke too. By now, you you’ve seen this, but look at this nyc public school ask parents to reflect on their whiteness and then they send out this little chart. The eight white identities, white, supremacist, white, voyeurism, white privilege, white benefit, white confessional, white, critical white trader white abolitionist and what you’re, desperate? What you’re supposed to be doing is you were desperate to make sure that you were in the green part over here? You want to be on the right side of that chart, see there where there’s green well, that’s, the good part that’s, the part it’s, the good part and the bad part is anything that’s, not green, see they have to teach your children how to be woke.

Now, in honesty, the only thing hasbro is trying to do with mr potato head is make a quick buck. That’S, always the bottom line, and they think the easiest road to get to a quick buck is to call these wackos hey come over here. We we we had a a mr potato head and now we’re gon na drop, the mister hooray. I mean before long and i can’t believe it hasn’t happened already and maybe it has barbie can’t be barbie. Can she i mean that’s gender, specific isn’t, that a bit gender focused? What about ken you got to get rid of ken? What about g.i joe you’re gon na have to get rid of him, because this is what your children really need. This is what your boys need: more gin, gender neutral toys, Music. I told you it was coming. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ally in the white house and we have a feckless gop that that can do nothing except sit and complain. They’Re, never proactive. Have you noticed that the gop they’re never proactive? Why isn’t there, legislation that requires you to have a firearm in certain counties? Why not? Why don’t they make a legislation just bring us a piece of legislation that demands your daughters remain. Celibate remain virgins. There’S just make a piece of legislation that that that makes sure that your daughters are virgins and and and and in the legislation, if she’s, not if she’s, not if she’s, not a virgin, then you’re gon na have to pay a higher tax premium.

There you go. We should start making absurd demands too. Why are we always trying to catch up to these people, these wackos, who want to drop mister from mr potato, head that’s it for now until tomorrow, god bless hey guys, thanks for hanging out. If you like, this, video subscribe and click that share button that’s the only way to get around youtube’s algorithms that will typically derank a channel like this. Now, for those of you who are angry, that president trump asserted that his was the greatest first term in presidential history, numbers don’t lie. So you know what’s going on here. Joe people don’t want to say good things, and this is the best number i’ve ever seen in my life best number i’ve ever seen in my life. In the end, the chinese. You have to put jobs here, because this thing is uh. The president can walk away from the table with this number said it before.

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Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro, Gender goes GENDER NEUTRAL

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