Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro, Gender Castration Squad Comes for Mr Potato Heads Gender!

Although we have to talk about him on a less funny subject as well. Today, uh there will be a pinned comment, though. First, if you’re watching on youtube with links to four other video hosting sites that i use, you should join me on one or more of them very soon again, i will be making quite a bit of alt tech exclusive content, so you know get well the getting Is good and right now, i’m still making as well bit shoot exclusives each day, so the castration squad has come, hasbro has decided to go woke and mr potato head has been de gendered so now it’s an inclusive toy, now it’s very important that the genetics of A creature with legs sticking out of its head and a nose for a mouth, be, you know, woke and diverse and tolerant i’m thinking of myself. They already have mrs potato head and you have like the baby potato head as well from like the 80s or whatever uh, and and like the assumption, is that they’re, male and female, because they made baby potato head i’m. Just thinking about how stupid it is because it’s not even really a humanoid toy it’s, an it’s, a slightly anthropomorphic potato with random holes in its body that you can plug with various organs. They should have a mr internal potato head where the organs are inside and you can mess them up too. The whole point of the toy is almost gender bending.

When you really think about it, anytime you’ve got an arm for a that’s. Basically, the point of the toy, i can’t think of a toy that needed that less needed inclusivity and diversity and and an explanation of of genetics. I can’t think of another toy. I mean it’s like at least with, like barbie and ken and stuff, like that, if you’re complaining about it, okay, there’s there’s, obviously a gender role there as it represents humans in the specific sense, this is like it doesn’t make any sense. You should have an anatomically correct version instead and you can just have like your tumblr genders for that. So you know one is: it is a purple dragon dick and you can have one with tentacles and that’s the japanese one uh. You should have something like that. If you want to be woke, if you, if you want, by the way the same millennials that liked mr potato had in gen x2 to buy another one, just mess them up even more this, i mean this doesn’t solve any problem, it’s sort of like when a Company decides that uh that a voice actor is the wrong uh race or gender, or something for a character. And so they erase that person from the show or they go back and they eliminate someone that’s no longer considered, woke and politically correct from an old show or something they just cancel them like taking trump out of home alone too or whatever.

And then they declare racism is over. We’Ve ended. Sexism, misogyny and homophobia are in the past. Why? Because you deleted something 30 40 years ago and it doesn’t really it’s, basically it’s the standard, nimbyist kind of hand, wringing thing that they do because you’re not really solving a problem. The whole point is just to feel like you’re solving a problem i contributed. I didn’t get off my ass and actually do anything. I pressured somebody else to do something. This is how this is how environmentalism has begun to work back in the 90s, it was plant a tree, recycle more uh pick up some trash uh volunteer. You know to save the whales and join greenpeace or something that was environmentalism. I can remember my mom was kind of hippie trippy and we had like the hippie, stickers and stuff and she’d get to go to the co op and you know just buy bulk and all this uh, and that was what, in the 90s, we were told to Do and there’s feel good nonsense, some of it, but you know it you helped marginally, but you were doing something now. Environmentalism is hey. I gave 10 bucks to another group that claims to be doing environmentalism, hey, i want to. I told the government to raise taxes on business more to disenfranchise them if they spew out toxic waste. You know driving them overseas where there are no workers protections either uh. You know i i bitched on the internet about it.

I complained i assigned a position. Uh petition uh, i joined a vaz or something uh. None of these things actually do anything. This isn’t going to change the minds of a single person who is actually hateful against someone else for the way they dress or what gender they decide that they want to be this weekend and by the way gender expression is malleable. Yeah, you can express your gender any way you want gender is. We should start thinking about it in the rational scientific sense of chromosomes and there are people with chromosomal abnormalities. Ultimately, it boils down to whether you do or do not have a y chromosome don’t care. How you dress don’t care, how you shouldn’t matter to anyone what you choose to deem yourself if you think that you’re a dinosaur, kin and it’s in your head and you believe it it’s your it’s, your decision as long as you’re going around life you’re, not victimizing. Anyone and it’s not interfering with your ability to do what you need to do who gives a this is why there’s sort of a cutoff point when you say oh well, i want to be trans amputated, so i want you to remove my legs. Well, that’s, not necessarily medically healthy, you can say well, the person is a higher suicide rate if we don’t chop their legs off. Okay at that point, you’re getting a little bit into the realm of lunacy. With regards to mr potato head’s gender, though it’s fairly clear.

Mr potato head is whatever species. This potato happens to be and it’s not really just a potato, because it has eyes and it has five legs um. Did it really need to be woke? It’S not i mean also. The skin tone of the character is perfect because mr potato head is clearly not white or or black, or anything like that and can sort of pass as a mixed race or anything else. It doesn’t matter, though it’s a potato, it didn’t need to be woke and they keep doing this like you’re, like next they’re gon na, say well, slinky’s are a little bit too phallic, so we’re going to change them to make them more rounded, because you know we Want girls to recognize that as a vulva or something uh, it’s it’s, meaningless, it’s people trying to do good and then failing miserably and hasbro is just a corporation look. These toys are made in china by little kids, like the one that you have that’s playing with. You know, potato head at this point or or or by gendered potato head, i suppose, out of toxic materials. They probably were formed in a slurry vat that had a 10 inclusion of toxic waste anyway, and then your kid sits there. You know teething on it probably – and you know, gets leukemia because of it. Uh in in an environmental condition, that’s, basically smog city and yet it’s woke, yeah we’re contributing the american left has gone by the way completely insane the identitarian left, which is what you might as well call them.

The social justice warrior uber wokers the locals uh. These people are are the drags of society and for some in the corporations, by the way they’re doing this to make money, or they wouldn’t be doing this at all. What they realize is that those leftists will rant loud and long about if there’s, a gendered product there’s a racial ambiguity, ambiguousness or anything like that. Uh what’ll happen is that their sponsors and partners will be attacked. You look at the my pillow guy, the my pillow guy goes to a meeting with trump and then a bunch of stores drop him. Why it’s? Not because the product sucks it’s, because they were afraid of their sponsors, uh getting attacked their their partners dropped uh. The pillow so that they wouldn’t uh be be cancelled by other brands. That’S what happened? They were worried about money, it’s all about the greenbacks they’re, not doing it. You know hasbro didn’t get up this morning and say: well, you know what we need to erase gender stereotypes, because the toy, with a leg for a dick and and a nose for an arm and three arms sticking out of the side of its head, needs to Be woke if it’s, not, then the world will fall apart, very funny. Subject, though, it’s always funny as well, when they walk it back, they’re like no. No, we just wanted to be more inclusive. It’S like okay.

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Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro, Gender goes GENDER NEUTRAL