Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro, Gender goes GENDER NEUTRAL

Okay, mr potato, head they’ve decided to drop the mister, so now it’s gon na be just potato head all right. Now, upon hearing this upon hearing this, i was like okay, it makes sense right. I was like okay makes sense. It gives them a little more options, a little more leeway uh in regards to marketing, because you now you can have i don’t know you know a jim bob potato head a space potato head, this potato head cousin, potato head, yada yada! You have all these potato heads right. It gives you gives you so so many options uh to sell because that’s, i hope people understand that’s the reason why we have a mrs potato head. It had nothing to do with potato head. Mr music had to do with monies that’s what this has to do with monies. So when i heard that i was like okay makes sense from you know from a business perspective, all right got it. Then i come to find out well the reason why they did it. I was like all right, well, what’s. The reason why well the reason why it’s, because they want to be you know, essentially they want to be more inclusive of of everyone and all genders, and i was like huh, okay, okay, okay, now let me let me let me just let me just make this Clear they’re, not removing mr potato head, mr potato head is still going to exist. Mrs potato head is still going to exist.

What they are changing is the line right, the the line of the toys so instead of having mrs potato head under the the brand name of mr potato, head it’s now, mrs potato head it’s gon na be under the brand name of potato head. Just like mr potato, head it’s gon na be under the brand name of potato head. There are obviously going to be those individuals who are going to be at the top of their lungs in regards to this move by hasbro, and i have to say back in the day, i probably would have been right there with them, but, alas, i’ve since matured Uh things have come. I have a different understanding and i’m not going to do it i’m. Going to tell you two reasons: why i’m not going to do it first off it’s done just it’s dumb. It is what it is. If that’s the company’s decision, then that’s the company’s decision, okay, most of the time these companies make decisions based off of what’s, going to be beneficial to them in the long run, okay or sometimes trendy in in many regards just to make a dollar to make a Profit, so what that tells me is they believe, it’s more profitable, to go this route than to keep it, as is to to evolve with the culture and that’s another thing when it comes to the culture they’re, a reflection of the culture, the toys that come out Every the cartoons everything’s going on reflection of the culture in some cases you know they put it out there to change the culture so that the cartoon or the toy actually reflects them.

That’S a whole another argument: a whole nother story, yada yada yada. So what that tells me is that hey the cul, the culture war is gone. I mean it’s been lost for a while, but it’s it’s it’s done it’s finito if you don’t, like the toys, don’t buy them, but at the same time my option is hey. If i’m, a conservative – and i believe you know in a man or woman – the nuclear family um, then guess what i’m gon na get a mr potato head, a mrs potato head and a little baby potato head and go home that’s that’s what i’m gon na do? I don’t care if the brand name has been changed from mr potato head to potato head, that doesn’t impact me: okay, that doesn’t impact my little child that doesn’t impact literally anyone. This is just pretty much just to scream to scream just fake outrage number two. The other reason is that hey the writing is on the wall. It is what it is now you can kick scream, holler, yell fight, pout everything and all the above it’s not going to change anything i’m. Just telling you it’s it’s not going to change anything that fight, which many people want to read about right now. That fight happened a long long time ago, something i always bring up in my videos right when it came to doma defense of marriage act. Many christians. Many actual conservatives brought this up a long long time ago, just as we see right now, as times have changed, as many people have been conditioned right.

There is no argument over. All marriage should be between a man and woman that that’s gone. It is what it is it’s been. People have been conditioned as far as with the alphabet and the agenda. They want to press forward um whether you agree with it or not, irrelevant all right irrelevant. It is what it is it’s here and it’s here to stay and given that you’ve conceded so much ground you let them get away with everything else. There is nothing there’s, nothing to fight here, you’re, just you’re, literally postponing the inevitable. Now you can do that you’re! Well, within your right to do that, but i’m, just letting people know this is here to stay this isn’t going anywhere that those are my two reasons why i was like um it’s: a waste for what it’s a waste all right, i’m gon na get up. Mr potato uh, mr potato, head i’m cool. They want to change the brand name. All right go ahead. Change the brand name, they’re, not removing mr potato head they’re, not removing mrs potato head, so i don’t, i don’t know what you want to. I don’t know what you wanted to fight over. I don’t know what people are you know. Reading over i’m sure has to do with the the the brand name, the brand line of them changing removing the mister but i’m like that’s inconsequential, i don’t know i don’t know what to tell you to me.

Like i said there are things to fight about. There are things of meh let go. This is one of those that is like just just let it go. There are bigger issues happening, anyways, guys, that’s, a video. Let me know what you guys think, whether or not you believe they’re destroying the country. Look. I can’t. Even have mr potato and all this gender neutral, stuff or yeah, i believe bruh it’s, not that big of a deal it’s, not that big of a deal given where we are in society and the culture and the times you if you, if you’re gon na, be Upset about this, oh you’re gon na be upset about a lot of stuff coming up in the and up in the pipeline. You’Re gon na be big mad. You just you might as well just keep that that scroll and that growl on your face and just mer just for the rest of 2021. Until we get to 2024 okay and then then you still may may even be more mad, so i’m just i’m, just letting you all know either or hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did, please feel free to like share comment subscribe that fun stuff till next time, guys be amazing.

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