Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Video game remake, Nintendo Switch, Game Freak 4 Remakes – Potential Leak : Announcement On 25th?!

I hope you all are having an amazing day today, because i know that i am in this video. I will actually be taking a look at a pretty chunky, 4chan post that actually showed up yesterday at 3 pm exactly but before we start don’t forget to leave a like a comment subscribe and if you already are subscribed, you are freaking awesome, but let’s get into It now, as i mentioned this one was posted yesterday and the title is just diamond pearl remix. Now, as usual guys, i think i have the camera a little bit too close to me as usual, guys or not the camera, the mic as usual. Take this all with a grain of salt, and it starts off by saying, will be announced on february 25th, and the 20th 25th is going to be on thursday, okay, the thing what i’m thinking is for next week is that we will probably like, as we all Know the week will be according to pokemon the week will be filled with announcements and etc, and what i personally do believe is that we’ll get an announcement on february 25th, which is the thursday but it’s not going to be an announcement on the games. It’S actually going to be on the pokemon direct, which will be on the friday, which is february 26th. That is just me speculating at the end of the day, the main game is pretty much the same as the originals, with the exception of visiting the north eastern island of sinu, okay sinnoh, to get to stark mountain right after the seventh gym to battle charon and His heatran lucas dawn are your new rivals.

Alongside barry, the regional decks has been revamped and it, and it has the original 493 plus sylveon mr rhyme obstagoon perserker cursula surfaced and all of them excluding mythicals and can be caught between both versions. There is no national decks now. This is what, if it’s going to be a remake or whatever it’s going to be. You should not expect a national dex, a full national dex that is, i don’t, think it’s gon na happen. I don’t i mentioned this before, but i don’t think it’s gon na happen until the next nintendo system. That is what i believe and because from how game freak put it or how junichi masuda put it, it seemed like they had a limit of what they could do and they did not want to put all the gas. I guess on having all the pokemon: they rather have a little bit more content according to them, and i think they’re going by that, at least for this, at least for this uh generation or console generation. I guess uh, but you can still trade every other pokemon available in a sword and shield with these games. Now i do know i just don’t think that we’ll get a cross game trades. I just don’t think it’s gon na happen. Sure i’ve said this before, and people have been like yeah well for other games and et cetera. I just don’t see it personally, but now that we have pokemon home i just why would they put? Why would they put that? I know it’s a little bit of extra work, but it is still work at the end of the day.

Why would they do that when they have the system pokemon home it just doesn’t, make sense to me. Gyms are now bigger and have a more elaborated puzzles. Um, well, i do hope so because i’m gon na be fully honest, the most elaborated puzzle from memory, at least. I think it was nessus that had a little bit of a puzzle, but it wasn’t difficult at all. It was not breath of the wild type of puzzles, which i know that you want to make. Everyone should be able to play your games and etc, but if you’re at a gym, which is a milestone in a game, the puzzle should at least be difficult and, if you’re saying well, if you’re, having still, if you’re, having everything too easy for the kids they’re, Not going to be able to improve and adapt to certain situations and be able to think instead of just autopiloting through the game, so yeah i don’t think sure, do you want to say that everyone wants to play, but still you want to have a little bit Of difficulty in i’m, not talking about difficulty where you can’t beat the game i’m talking about where okay, this is difficult. Let me think for a couple of hours, you’re gon na feel way proud of yourself, and i would i did personally as a kid when i, for example, went past victory road, because that was difficult. That was a puzzle in its own um.

The second is a giant forest maze where you need to find specific trainers. The third is a battle tournament. The fourth uses the same concept of changing water levels, but now you get underwater in some sections. The fifth is a whole illusion created by mismagius and so on hm still exists. Hmm, i do like that, but don’t take a move slot. You just need uh to interact with the barrier cut tree water boulder and if you have a compatible pokemon in your party, it’ll still use the move. Now. This is just some of the things like if you are able to like this sounds like someone. This sounds like the information that someone is sitting on, that that is stand like that is on the brainstorming table. You know the one that starts with everything, and i just don’t see that like when i s when i see a probable leak, i think of things that you see at the start, the things that you will expect in the demo and this just doesn’t feel like It this feels, like you pretty much, told us, the entire game, which is kind of hard to come by, and your misspellings doesn’t doesn’t convince me no dynamem dinama max during the main campaign in the post game. There are two battle facilities: the metal tower. Exactly the same as rose tower, but with palmer instead of leon as final boss, where you get a dynomax band and the battle cafe in the resort area and 9 random battles plus 1 battle with the gym leader, elite, 4 member or rival, there is no equivalent To the wild area and all of the game routes are pretty much exactly as the originals i don’t like in sword and shield.

The big big one of the huge selling points was wild area free. You could roam around camera. You could switch around the camera everywhere. I don’t see them taking that away, because that will still be a huge selling point. It might not be for you and me because we know the game can be really great in 2d, so that really doesn’t matter, but for other people for other people that are just looking at the game and seeing oh, my god, it’s pokemon, oh my god, they Got a free roaming camera that is going to be a huge selling point, a huge selling point, and i just don’t see them taking that away. Juve life is the only city that got major changes now it’s as big as lumio city team galactic got a redesign to make them look more menacing, although they still look pathetic, they didn’t really look pathetic team yell, they kind of they. They kind of look pathetic. All of the first gen legendaries can be caught in the post game with most of them just appearing somewhere in the region. Giratina can be called by traveling to the distortion world in a very short post game mission with cynthia the box. Legendary from the other version can also be caught. Surprisingly, the post game doesn’t offer much since most of the island north of sinnoh will have will have been explored in the main campaign and the poker radar is given to you from the start to find additional pokemon in each route.

A cool new feature is all national spots. Usually there is only one of them per route or city after stepping on a spot. The game changes to a first person perspective and the player can freely look around the environment. This i like this. Actually, this feature is similar to poke finder pokey thunder, but you can actually interact and catch the pokemon. You see no new forms or new pokemon it’s, probably the most faithful remake to date, except for a change of events to visit the north east island earlier, the underground, er northeast. Okay, the underground is the main new multiplayer functionality. Secret bases are gone and instead there is a bunch of facilities giving access to wonder trade, a limited gts. Why would you have a gt? What no? No no and you can interact with up to eight friendly friends locally and up to 50 online? No okay, so they will never a limited gts. Why would they have a limited gts when there is pokemon home and they’re making bank out of pokemon home like if you are playing poke the pokemon games and you’re playing them after the story just a little bit after the story, you would at least use one Month of subscription on pokemon home at least, and they know that if you’re buying the games, you’re buying nintendo switch online and you’re buying pokemon home, they do know that, so why would they make it? So why would they shoot themselves in the foot by putting a gts up or a wonder trade up? Why would they do that? Maybe a wonderful sure i can see that, but it limited gt.

No, i do not see that that would hurt them too much, but yeah. This one is kind of yeah. For me, i’m not gon na lie, but guys this is pretty much it for me.

What do you think?

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