Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Arceus, Video game remake, Nintendo Switch, Game Freak Hopes For Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remakes (PART 2)

Welcome back to a brand new video, the long awaited hopes for a diamond and pearl uh remakes part two video. I just want to say thank you so much for the support on the first video, so yeah let’s get started now. My first hope is the underground. Now what the underground is is an area in uh, dominant pearl and platinum, where people can travel at the underground at any time using something called an explorer kit, which is something that they that you receive in, like eterna city i’m. Pretty sure, basically what the underground was was, it was like this multiplayer game mode and it uses the touchscreen and the main view is on the lower uh part of the you know the lower touch screen. Well, the upper screen showed like a radar map of the whole underground and basically it used wi fi on the ds to you know allow for multiple players and uh. You know each you know interacting through the game like that. There are many things you could do. Such as exploring mining currency was called spheres and uh. There are just so many things you could do. Oh there are secret bases as well uh. You know there are traps and stuff there were vendors. You could get to like different areas and stuff. It was a really cool mode and they really haven’t brought it back, and i kind of wish they’d bring something like that back again, because it was pretty interesting and you know, it’d be cool if something like that could happen on the switch uh.

But you know just revamped with the switches multiplayer features you know. Maybe it will be something for nintendo switch online or something and yeah. I think it would be pretty cool. The next thing that would be cool uh are wild areas. Now someone made like a galar like a type like a galar type map for sinnoh, and i honestly think wilders would be pretty cool uh. You know in the cinahl remakes and hopefully they added in uh. Hopefully they improve it, though, as i said in my last video, hopefully there aren’t like any pop ins of pokemon coming in and out, but yeah, hopefully they’ll. They add wild areas. I really enjoy wild areas in uh. Pokemon sword now there’s something really cool about uh gen 4 and they were the pokeball seals. Now pokeball seals were stuff. You could like uh, put like put on your pokeball like these stickers you could put on your pokeball and when you use that pokeball for, like the pokemon that you have inside, it makes like a cool special effect when the pokemon comes out of them. Instead of you know the usual flash of light that it always does, and i honestly think you know it would be pretty cool to add some more customization features, especially something from gen 4 into the new game. I think it’d be pretty cool if they did that it’d be cool if they added this back as well, especially for a gen 4.

. Now this is a general like pokemon hope for the next game. Uh. Hopefully they continue what they did in um. You know let’s go and in sword and shield where you can see the pokemon uh. You know in the wild grass uh as always um. You know probably the best things they’ve done in pokemon so far, and hopefully they continue it now. Something that i think would be really really cool would be sino form pokemon for pokemon, like for gen, 5 and after i honestly think, that’d be incredible to see like a modern, pokemon, uh post, gen 5 in the sinnoh region and and honestly, i think, it’d be Really cool, if you know they had like a sinnoh form or something like, for example, azor. Instead of being a dark type, could be like. I don’t know a nice type or a fire type or something you know in sinnoh, and they could be like. Oh new cineform pokemon have been discovered or something so yeah i’m, not sure um. What else i could ask for – but you know with my last video and this these are basically the main things that i want and am i going to get all of these? Probably not but it’s fun to speculate anyways guys.

What do you think?

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