Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Nintendo, Video game remake sents Presentation Announced!! Diamond and Pearl Remakes Incoming?!

I am hoops and hip hop and welcome to this very admittedly impromptu video that i am making, because it is finally happening. Pokemon just announced that we are going to be getting a pokemon presents presentation tomorrow, friday february 26 2021, and this is what we’ve all been waiting for. So naturally, i want to talk about it today, uh a lot of things to talk about and discuss as we go into this, because this this is the big one and i don’t want to get my expectations too high. I definitely think it’s very important to just take what we get and love it for what it’s worth, but at the same time, obviously it’s it’s natural to be a little bit excited. So i want to talk about all that’s been going on recently leading up to this my personal final predictions and speculations, as it relates to these things and just in general, and what i think we’re going to get out of it. So with that being said, let’s just dive right in so a couple things that are important to know about this presentation is that number one it is going live and it is a live stream at 8 a.m. Pacific time so it’s 10 a.m. Eastern and that can be translated into whatever your relative time zone is uh, but that is when it’s going live and according to cereby, it is going to be about 20 minutes long, which is a really long time.

Considering. We know that it’s only going to be pokemon stuff because it’s a pokemon presents. Naturally. However, that means that we’re also going to be getting more stuff than just the big game announcement, whatever that might be. Naturally, given that it’s, the 25th anniversary we’re bound to hear about a lot of celebration stuff, i anticipate there’ll be a lot of merch announcements. I would figure that there probably quite possibly even be some type of distribution announcement for mythical pokemon or rare pokemon, similar to what they did during the 20th anniversary, where they distributed mythical pokemon every month i’m sure there will be some type of update on new pokemon Snap there’ll probably be a release date or some kind of update on pokemon unite, because that is bound to happen and continue to move forward throughout this year, and i also expect to maybe see some stuff about the pokemon music pokemon 25. Album that pokemon are putting out, they actually just released the first single from that album featuring post malone, who’s gon na be in a concert tomorrow, uh for pokemon day, and if you haven’t, heard that song it’s called only want to be with you and it’s absolutely Flames i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to mention this in a video moving forward, but the first little bit of the song, even though it’s not a pokemon song, has nothing to do with pokemon in terms of the lyrics they included.

The first like intro phrase of ecruteak city in the beginning and towards the end of the song and it’s in the original 8 bit sound and it’s. Absolutely amazing. So please go listen to that if you haven’t yet um, but getting into like the main meat of this presentation that we’re, obviously all waiting for is the big main game announcement and even though uh like there’s no confirmation, obviously that there’s gon na be a main Series game announcement: there obviously is because it’s it’s a pokemon, presents presentation, uh it’s the 25th anniversary. We know it’s going to happen so it’s just a matter of what is that going to be, and there have been some interesting developments over this past week as to far as as far as what it, what that is going to be, obviously the most likely candidate Uh and the one that everyone wants to see are pokemon diamond and pearl remakes um. If you had to ask me personally, that is what i would put my money on or diamond and pearl remakes uh, not only because it’s what everyone wants and is expecting, but i also just think it’s time. I’Ve stated it several times before in my videos, but i just don’t see how they do anything else, given the timing and the circumstance and everything else, i just think that is what is going to happen. However, that is not where the video ends. That is not where the story ends, because there have actually been some rumors and some speculations going on that let’s go could somehow be involved in this like a new let’s go game, and that is because, if you’ve been following pokemon on social media and just follow The pokemon community in general uh they pokemon, have been counting down on their social media to pokemon day and they’ve, been doing this uh with every generation to represent how many days away.

We are from pokemon day and when we were four days away from pokemon day. They did a sino themed post and they captioned it with let’s go sinnoh and everyone started to freak out thinking. This was some kind of tease or hint that uh we’re going to be getting a let’s, go sinnoh game which also kind of uh made people afraid and then adding on to that uh, rumor and fueling. That fire was the uh discovery that the pokeball go plus, which was the accessory that went with the let’s go games, is getting a reprint, so apparently they’re going to be bringing that back and reproducing and restocking it, which is very, very interesting um and a lot Of people are kind of very anxious about that possibility, even though it’s complete total 100 speculation. I do want to say, however, that as far as that possibility i’m not going to speak to the the likelihood of it, because if i had to guess, i personally don’t think they would make the diamond and pearl remakes settle. Remakes and there’s also evidence to back that up. Uh there’s, a reliable uh, leaker called pokemon or central pokemon leaks on twitter, they’ve, been they’ve, developed, a very reputable reputation and they have stated that they don’t expect the games to be let’s go themed, and so i feel fairly confident that that will be the case. But as far as just the possibility of it since it’s out in the air uh that as a as a fan of let’s, go as a huge fan of let’s go i’m, probably one of the biggest fans of let’s go out there.

I would say i adore those games for what they are um and as that type of person, i can say that it would be a very, very bad idea to make diamond pearl. Remakes let’s go themed because these are games that people have been waiting a decade for they want all the bells and whistles on them, and let’s go uh, just as it stands, for as beautiful as it is. In my opinion, uh does not have all the bells and whistles it’s a more basic rendition of pokemon, and so that would just for the simple fact that let’s go was sort of like take or leave it in terms of the fan opinion uh. It would not be a good way to go so uh crossing my fingers, even as a let’s go fan that that doesn’t happen. Although i do want let’s go to reappear in the future, i would love that just this is not the right place or time for it. Um. However, on the flip side of that, if you are someone who is really nervous about that, because you hate let’s go games, there is a way that they could actually make that legitimate. If that were to happen – and that would simply be by having this second let’s go game, be more of like a more traditional pokemon game, and that is having abilities in the game and having more than just a single generations. Pokemon in the game and actually kind of just having it be more like a regular pokemon game in general in terms of all of the features because let’s go even though it missed some of those stuff had some amazing things going for it, like, obviously, you had Pokemon in the overworld you had shiny pokemon in the overworld which sword and shield didn’t even have you had following pokemon and you had riding pokemon in the overworld and some of those could even fly and fly you around.

So there were so many good things about the let’s go games, not to mention the art styles, also, just in my opinion, perfect for pokemon. So, overall, there are a lot of good things about let’s, go whether you like it or hate it, and if they just brought in some of those things they took out from the first let’s go games which i think could be reasonable, given that these are the Second, let’s go games uh. That could actually be pretty awesome. I don’t necessarily expect that to happen. Like i said, i don’t think let’s go the right time, it’s, not the right time or place for let’s go, but that is just a silver line: that’s a possibility. That’S how it could be awesome if you’re kind of worried about that uh. However, there also have been other rumors going on concerning let’s go and the possibility of let’s go being integrated into this whole celebration for the 25th anniversary, because there was also another rumor that popped up. That said, there was going to be a let’s, go game and a diamond and pearl remake, so two games separate from each other, meaning diamond and pearl remake, would be traditional. But then there would also be a let’s go game and that kind of just seems too good to be true. It seems like that would be a little too much all in one year. Uh, maybe i mean maybe they’ll have one this year, one next year i don’t know um, but like i said, i definitely want let’s go more in the future.

I love those games, but that is something that i don’t know if i can see just because it seems like too much. There was also the discussion and the point made that the pokeball go plus doesn’t necessarily confirm that the let’s go games are coming back either because uh it could be reprinted simply because it’s going to be made compatible with the diamond of pearl remakes in some way. Even though they could be traditional remakes that aren’t the let’s go style, which is completely reasonable to expect too it’s really hard to speculate uh. What ultimately is going to occur because pokemon or pokemon they can obviously do whatever they want. There’S really no restrictions in terms of oh. This is happening. We got. We got news that this is a thing. So now that means the end result must be a new let’s go game, so it’s, not real that’s, not really the case. Ultimately, uh we’re, just gon na, have to wait and see what happens, but we do have a lot of bits and pieces to kind of speculate, which is why i’m here today and ultimately i i i’m just excited more than anything. As a final, like just put my put my uh foot in the ground foot in the sand, whatever that expression is, i think that uh, as i said, diamond and pearl remakes will happen. I personally don’t expect them to be let’s, go themed just because i don’t think that makes a lot of sense for as nerve wracking as that possibility is and as crazy as people have got about it recently.

It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It wouldn’t make sense to jump from kanto to sinnoh in terms of let’s go games. Uh, obviously, like i said, is not the right place or time for a let’s go game. Given the context of diamond and pearl remakes, i don’t believe that’s a big enough thing to celebrate a 25th anniversary with with which i think the pokemon company and game freak are well aware of, and i also believe that they are aware of the fact that combining That with cinna remakes would not be a good idea, so all things considered, i do believe that we will see an announcement of diamond and pearl remakes come this presentation and i don’t believe that it will be let’s go themed. However, it could we could get something. Let’S go related, it’s possible, i mean it’s, the 25th anniversary, so anything can happen, but i just don’t think those things will be together. I think they’ll be separate, um and assuming we do get diamond and pearl remakes something i i’ve. I’Ve stated it before my hopes. My predictions, all that stuff that’s kind of been sort of a thing i’ve been talking about over the last little while on the channel, but if they do announce diamond and pearl remakes, what i am hoping for, the most out of those potential games, assuming they happen, Is cineform pokemon that always comes to mind as soon as i think about this idea, because i think that’s something these games just need.

They have to have it um, but also, i would say, i’m hoping just for some ambition from the games. Obviously, these would be huge titles if they do end up indeed happening, and i just want to see that they are pushing the envelope a little bit. I don’t really necessarily expect them to go way just ridiculously improved. I don’t i don’t, expect them to be like a huge giant jump from sword and shield, because that’s just we’re still in generation, eight, so that’s kind of unreasonable to expect. But overall, i just think seeing them push the envelope a little bit. Seeing them really try to pack in as much as they can in this game, whether that’s with cineform pokemon, with a possible arceus episode, which has also been rumored. It was rumored that we’re going to get an arceus episode in diamond and pearl remakes, similar to the delta episode, which is another thing. I’Ve really wanted. So i’d love to see that – and i just kind of want to see just as many features and bits of content and extra details as they can possibly pack into this game. Because not only is it a very important potential title in terms of it being center. Remakes but it’s the 25th anniversary, so i think they really need to go all out and that’s ultimately, like, i think that’s, just what i’m wanting to see, whether it’s diamond and pearl, remakes or not diamond of pearl remakes is that they go all out with this.

So ultimately, that’s what i’m crossing my fingers for – and we are just gon na – have to wait and see what happens come tomorrow and i am very excited about it. I will be doing a live reaction. I believe slash discussion uh once the presentation goes, live or i’ll i’ll be doing it after the fact, but i’ll be posting. A video with my thoughts about the presentation tomorrow so be sure to come back here for that subscribe like this video, if you enjoyed it all that good stuff, sorry for the impromptu format as well, but i mean i just couldn’t talk about anything else. How could i like it’s just way too exciting not to so uh? Ultimately, thank you guys for watching. I will see you tomorrow with all of the news i’m so excited.

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