Borussia Dortmund, Arminia Bielefeld, Bundesliga "Must carry the momentum!" | Matchday Magazine with Mo Dahoud | BVB – Arminia Bielefeld

. What did it say? Something like Thank you for winning the derby., The Matchday Magazine, presented by Opel Its Friday again and its time for your Matchday Magazine.. My guest today has been outstanding in the last two games and now Im delighted to say hes on the Matchday Magazine Mo Dahoud. Hello, Mo Hi Im. Happy too thanks for inviting me. Are you doing? Ok, Yes, Im doing OK. What a week Youre in a great position after beating Sevilla away 3 2. Then you won the derby as well. You must be feeling good as we enter spring right. Yes, absolutely its really good.. I imagine youre all feeling good at the moment and that youre enjoying training. Thats right were really enjoying it with Rapha. Definitely I have a surprise for you Mo.. Do you remember your beautiful goal against Sevilla Yes.? It has been nominated for the goal of the week. Its between Mbapp Giroud, Mendy and Mo., And now I appeal to all BVB fans you have to vote for Mo. He has to win this thing.. That goal was so good and wed all be over the moon.. Now that weve talked about the goal, lets take another look at it., He turns inside and he has a go. Here comes the next Dortmund chance. Haaland is in on the goalkeeper And he scores 2 1 to BVB COME ON Well Mo. Looking at that, it seems like you were, enjoying yourself.. Yes, absolutely, Of course you enjoy it when you and your team score amazing goals like those.

. Somehow I get the feeling that in the last two games, things are finally starting to come together.. I think all the BVB fans are delighted that things are going so well for you.. Thank you. It isnt easy. When you havent played for a long time. You try to get back in the groove. You just try to play. You try to get more confidence and, as I say it, isnt easy when youve been out for such a long time. Im happy that Ive managed to do that and score a goal like that, and thankfully I put in a good performance. Great. Do you have even more motivation when you havent played for such a long time Mo You always have motivation in every game.. Every minute Ive been out there on the pitch Ive had lots of motivation and Ive, given everything, even if it doesnt always work because you arent in your routine.. If you play every game, you can keep improving and thats what Im trying to do right. Now. Now that Im back playing Im trying to improve my performances and learn from the mistakes that Ive made in the last few games so that I can do better., You wont, learn much there. You didnt make many Yeah, but I think you can still play better. Weve, just seen your wondergoal against Sevilla, but in that game Mo did a lot more than that. Our football god Mo Dahoud, A great performance and this hard work, This energy, without the ball Mo Dahoud shoots YES, GOAL GOAL MO DAHOUD Our Mo thunders it into the corner, Cool Cool, pure emotion, And you could tell that I was pretty happy couldnt you, I love stuff like that.

, So do I You were a goal: scorer, playmaker and tackler in the game against Sevilla and all the experts agreed that it was one of your best games in a Black amp, Yellow shirt. Maybe even your best.. Do you see it the same way? Well, Ive had some good games against Bayern, but unfortunately, without scoring. Or against RB Leipzig. Almost two years ago.: Do you remember all these really good games? Thats great, I remember some moments. Yes., I have a special gift. I wipe all games. We lose from my memory Mo, but thats, not the question right now.. What gives you the biggest kick out on the pitch That perfect pass into space, winning the ball in a duel or a powerful shot into the corner of the net? Hmm spreading the ball? Around. Thats? What you enjoy most Yes exactly., But I do enjoy playing a pass in behind that leads to a goal. Thats amazing, because I can imagine, after the Sevilla game that youd be eager to score the next goal. Yeah. I wanted to score against Schalke. I had two shots on goal and they werent too far. Away. After Sevilla, you comfortably won the derby against the Blues.. Of course, the 0 4 win away at 04 made every Black amp. Yellow heart beat faster. So what were those few days like after winning the derby Did people in the city talk to you when filling up your car did people congratulate you in the bakery? Did anyone say Hey Mo great stuff at the traffic lights? To be honest, I was just at home.

There was a letter on my car. No way Its true. What did it say? Something like Thank you for winning the derby., So someone put it on your windscreen, Yes, exactly., Thats, amazing, Yeah, its crazy Two wins in half a week must give you confidence for the upcoming period.. Definitely we cant rest on our laurels. We have to keep doing what were doing., We have to be consistent and we have to pick up points in the games coming. Up. Five games in 16 days is very tough, and that includes the quarter final of the DFB Cup in Gladbach, a Bundesliga game against Bayern and the second leg in the Champions League., So itll be a demanding few weeks.. What will be particularly important during this period? We need to harness that momentum from the past week and focus our energy and positivity on winning each game. We play. And we have to focus on regeneration too. The physios need to do their job, which they always do. Well. Then itll come.. Are you looking forward to the upcoming games? Absolutely, It definitely wont be easy, but do you like it when it really matters? Of course, I like it. Its good when we have games like these ahead of us.. Tomorrow, you take on Bielefeld. In the first part of the season. You won thanks to a brace from Mats Hummels, but recently weve always struggled against the so called smaller clubs in particular. Tell our viewers why that wont happen tomorrow.

Because were really focused on the game, because we desperately need the three points and were at home. So well give everything to get the win for the fans., Of course. Well all have our fingers crossed, you can watch it on Sky or you can listen to Netradio the worlds most unbiased radio.. Now we come to the head to head.. Last week I played against Wotan Wilke Mhring, Wotan, scored 1 point and I scored 5 and the score is now 33 to the guests. While the hosts Owo and I have 53. Youre 20 points behind going into the game today Mo so theres. No pressure on you, whatsoever. Heres, the new Yellow Wall and as my guest, you can of course go. First. Im excited to see what you choose. A Scandinavian scores, A Scandinavian scores Ill say A Belgian comes on as a substitute.. Now its your turn, again. A German gets a yellow card. Ill go for my friend Mo and Ill say Mo is a rocket hes one of the top 5 sprinters. You again. BVB, keep a clean sheet, BVB, keep a clean sheet And Then Ill also say Mo takes off like a rocket and scores a header.. I have faith in my guest today., Thanks for believing in me, But of course I cant wait to see what happens Mo Well talk about it. Next week. Mo thanks for taking the time to be with us.. Well. Have our fingers crossed that you get the three points tomorrow, which would be very important to achieve our goal of fourth place.

Hopefully. Ive said that youll be a top sprinter and youll score a header. If that comes off, we definitely wont lose the game.. Thank you. So much Mo., If I play Ill, give everything to make that happen.. Of course, youll play after those performances in the last two games. You absolutely have to play Thanks a lot for being here.. Thank you And, of course, we hope its a great game and that our boys get the win, no matter where you watch it., Thats, all from the Matchday Magazine.

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Borussia Dortmund, Arminia Bielefeld, Bundesliga vs Arminia Bielefeld | Matchday 23 – Bundesliga 2020/21