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What are your thoughts on that, and can you give your conference of support since republican health republicans right now don’t? I know the democrats have said that in the last congress as well, i haven’t seen anything new anytime. As someone would approach that they’d have to bring new accountability to it, we’d look at it that nature, but until that time we wouldn’t take anything up till we see what they’re proposing yes, equality act. I just wanted to ask you about. Democrats want to pass senate. Republicans say that it’s only an attack it’s not only an attack on girls and women’s sports, but also attack on churches, opening them up for possible lawsuits. Very clear i mean if you look at biden’s, appointments to cabinet members, suing nuns and others. This is really seems like an onslaught against freedom of religion for girls, sports as well and others, and now the democrats even taken it further. Can you imagine, being an elected member of congress, putting your name on a letter to a cable industry telling them what they should have on their shows or sending it to amazon that created a company based upon selling books telling them not to sell books in america And that you’re a member of congress interesting to me of how far they have gone and how much further they want to go. Yes, sir, how are you today? Wonderful? Does your state need money? Does my state need money? Well, i see.

California, just came out with a 10 billion dollar surplus. I see how california has been shut down if california needs money i’d like to see what is actually requested, instead of changing the flow of the system here to reward states who stayed shut down instead of those are working, i think a more surgical way of getting All the data to see what is needed and who needs it is a better way to do it than throwing blankets monies out. Yes, sir, you don’t think so. No, i think california could need money, but if we’re dealing with a 10 billion dollar surplus, i would like to sit down with california and actually see where money is needed. I will tell you what california needs they need to bring in who’s ever doing west virginia’s vaccination, because gavin newsom is not doing it. Well in my central valley, where we are today, we’re set up where we could provide 5 000 a day. He was just in there. He cannot provide us the vaccine, so what california needs is probably a new governor. The management is poor. The schools are shut down. I’M glad. You brought this point up because in my own school district in kern county, the d’s and f’s for this year have increased by 14 percent. I just read: was it in virginia the academy of pediatricians, the increase for children, anxiety, depression, obesity, all in a higher than 90 percent, so this governor can continues to keep us shut down so before money would be provided to this governor as we provided before he Withheld the money to go to the rural areas, he used it as a political ploy so before i would send money to california, i’d, rather send money directly to the counties that are needed.

What do you think about how they’re distributing that we already had a question? Can you please oh good point, i love the assertiveness, but she is correct. Did you have a question yeah? I do. Okay, in addition to the 911 commission democrats have said, they’ll be immediately kind of smiling under there huh. Well, you know yes um. In addition to the 911 commission democrats have said, they’ll need a security supplemental. Have they been negotiating with you guys on that? What would be the beginning? They have done as much negotiation on that as they have done on the covet or anything else, um. No, not at all and they’ve done the same amount that president biden has done as well. Nothing, yes, definitely impeachment proceeding from the senate side. Uh butler excited a conversation that she had with you, the president kind of going after you saying that the writers cared more about the certification in the election would on national news i’m. Not talking about it anymore, um uh, look the the whips, uh working it! I i haven’t seen a republican, yet that found something in there that they would agree it. I think all republicans believe in three simple things: they want a bill that puts us back to work back to school and back to health. This bill is too costly, too corrupt and too liberal, and there was a democrat defection in the budget committee. So democrats are already voting. Yes, he should yeah that’s up to cpac i’ve been clear.

My views about uh president trump and and the extent to which, following extension, is following january 6th uh, i don’t. I don’t believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country. On that high note.

What do you think?

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