It was up by 103, as you can see on my screen, not only that after hours, it is up 86 79 and it is showing the price of 170.79. So in this video, what we’ll do is we’ll we’ll talk about three things. The first one is we’ll review the spike we’ll review. What happened? How the chart looks like after hours? There is no point doing a lot of technical analysis there, but, as a second point, we’ll review the short volume we’ll look at the data, how the short volume data looks like what the trading volume looks like and how the stock spiked up so we’ll. Look at the chart, then. The third thing is we’ll review, a very, very interesting article that i came across about gamestop gme what’s, going on with the company. It also brought the reddit down or maybe not who knows, but there was a huge traffic on reddit and the site was down based on some of the reports on the twitter that i found out so we’ll review all some of the interesting stuff i’m. Not a financial advisor so do not consider this as a financial advice to buy and sell stocks. Do your own due diligence for the record, i don’t really own gme or amc or any other stock i’m doing this. Just for the entertainment purpose. To share that. My findings and research with you all hoping that will help you learning something new and interesting, now consider subscribing to my channel.

If you want to get more updates in future videos, we do a lot of analysis on the stock on the penny, stock and other stocks and investments, so that can help you as well click on the like button, because it takes me a while to do the Research analysis and share my research with you all hoping that it will help you as well now without further delay. Let’S talk about gme. The stock is up 103. The most of the moment happened around the end of the day. End of the closing of the trading day and the stock was also halted so very interesting day for gme it got back up, let’s, take a look at the five day. Chart and you’ll see the spike. If i can scroll a little bit uh up, you can see the stock was trading almost around the fifty dollar. Forty four forty five dollars level spiked up uh late late today, around two thirty or three o’clock uh eastern, the stock spiked up super super quick. All the way up to ninety one dollars now what happened for one month looking at the chart, the stock is uh. The stock hit 347 dollars on january 27th, same 325 on january 29th. So the million dollar question is: is it going to hit 350 once again or not? Who knows but let’s take a look now, looking at amc stock once again little bit closely, the amc had a spike as well.

Now, if you take a look, the stock was trading around two to three dollars: spiked up four dollars. Nineteen dollars got back up and today, once again, the stock from five dollars jumped to all the way nine dollars, so the stock was also uh, had a pretty good gain in terms of amc. But we’ll talk in for for gme talk about gme in this. In this video now, looking at the volume right, the volume looks pretty healthy, it’s, not super super spike in volume. Once again, it happened during the end of the trading day and the stock was halted as well, but the volume is higher than the average volume average volume is 34 million. Uh today’s volume was 41 million, there is no point doing rsi and all that kind of stuff in terms of analysis, but let’s take a look. Yesterday’S volume was 7.5 million. Today’S volume is 41.3 million. The stock bumped up from 40 dollars to 91 more than 100 percent finally closed at 91 and 71 cents. Looking at the chart, let’s take a look, and this looks pretty interesting. Look at the spike. If you take a look uh, the volume started spiking up just right here around 305 307 and it jumped up all the way at 345, very, very high volume, the stock spiked up to 91 dollars and 70 cents and looking at uh, i want to show you Uh one year volume and one year chart and then you will see two huge youth spikes right.

A lot of people bought the stock. Here short squeeze was widely talked on. Wall street bets on reddit and all other social media channels and the stock went up to 350, and people are wondering whether this 91 dollars can go to 350 or not, and looking at after our volume, who knows it does seem like there is a lot of Activity going on within the stock, looking at the red reddit status, the site has some issues. Currently they were investigating before three hours it took about an hour for their engineers to go back and update it. They updated on twitter. Once again saying we observed the recovery and our systems are healthy coming back. But if you take a look, the three hours before and two hours before, so it almost took maybe a little less than one hour for them to 100 percent. Got it back up and running could be the traffic, and there were some reports on the media and also all this articles about that as well. Very, very interesting. Now what i wanted to also share aside of aside from this is uh the short volume now looking at this site and once again take it as a grain of salt, because i do not have a premium account. I do not have subscription so i’ll be able to share whatever i can get uh without any sort of subscription or paying uh subscription. Uh amount right here, but take a look.

The short volume ratio is 24. The short volume was 11 million compared to the market volume of 49 million, and this looks pretty close to what i see on in terms of the volume as well. Here the volume shows 41.3 million here the volume shows 49 million. Pretty close, so i do believe that this data is uh somewhat relevant. This is also for february 24th, so take it as a grain of salt, but once again the short volume is 24 now looking at, and this is once again for gme now looking at, and this is fintel.iosite and i’m using their beta or free uh free version That gives me access to some of the data. As you can see, i don’t have the subscription, but once again, looking at the volume there’s, a big big jump take a look at the short volume on 23rd 1.7 million now today’s short volume is 11.9 million, so it is almost 10 times more so, which is What causing some of the fluctuation in the price, the spike in the price that you are seeing, so this play could be about the short volume and we’ll be able to see tomorrow as to how it plays out. But it does seem like it is spiking up in the after hours now we are not sure if it’s gon na go to 350 or not as it did in the past. But i wanted to share this volume. The big jump from 1.

7 to 11.9 short volume. Pretty high volume, looking at this, the the the short volume ratio is 24 million on a market beat. I was able to also find out uh that they had 21.4 million shares on january 29th. So considering that their short in short person float was close to 42 and right now the short looks like 24 right now. So, once again, it is not as high as what we saw last time, but the stock spiked up and we’ll be able to find out more tomorrow. This data may be up might be uh might update later on uh, because this is right after the market close that i was started. Looking at this data, but that’s pretty interesting to see that the short volume data which is 24 short volume ratio is 24 compared to the previously what we saw on january 29th, which was about 41.6, this is once again january 29th. Now i came across one of the interesting article that gamestop source 100 as reddit wall street, bad sport, crashes and let’s take a look, and it was a pretty interesting article and that’s. Why i want to share it with you. Shares in gamestop are skyrocketed, 103.9 percentage on wednesday, almost uh. All that action bubbling up in the final trading hours uh. The rally sustained uh resulted in shares of uh this around four o’clock and the reddit uh crash reddit site crashing by 4 p.m. As on lucas rush to the side to figure out what was going on now, looking at this now, the the the buying resulted in share of video game retailer closing 46.

74. A share to 91.71 continue to rise after hours to up to 60 percent and 146 based on this article, but as we see right now, the stock is up after hours, even more 172. Now what’s going on at the company level, the uh, the their cfo. This chief financial officer, this person, would leave on march 26 after less than two years in the job. Now this company didn’t explain why that he was leaving but hinted that the move could help supercharge its digital growth plans, saying by gamestop, has hired the executive search firm to help pick the successor, who can help accelerate gamestop’s transformation. Now one of the portal also mentioned that he was pushed out by uh by the company and uh that’s, as an investment in the game stopped last year, an effort to help the company to shift more digital games. As the industry moves online, the rumor on reddit wall street bad stranding forum of more short selling may have helped the fuel rally. Just after 2, 30 pm, a user posted 1.4 million, more gma shares have been borrowed today. So far, hedge funds are flooding the market with shorts now once again, i’m, not a financial advisor. This is only for the entertainment purpose. I did my research wanted to share with you. So take it as a grain of salt. At least you have some entertainment. Some learning and you enjoyed this video. I hope you enjoyed this video now click on the like button.

If you haven’t already and subscribe to my channel once again, i’m, not a financial advisor, so do your own due diligence before you buy or sell gm or any other stock.

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