Earthquake, Greece, European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre Daily | 2/28/21 – M5.0's Hit Southern Alaska + Seismic Energy Building in Western U.S.

My name is alessandro, botello and we’ll, be looking at the earthquakes going on all around the world for the last 24 hours, so starting off with the usgs. This is the united states geological survey and it’s set to see all the 2.5 magnitude earthquakes in greater for the past 24 hours, so i’m gon na start right here in southeast asia and oceania man there’s a holy moly. Okay, i got ahead of myself looking at alaska, but we’ll get there over here to the north of new zealand by south of tonga. You got a 5.3 showing up there in western indonesia, 4.3 moving up into the north under the himalayas of 4.1 there and some pretty big ones over in the middle east and europe that’s a 4.1 and a probably another, 4.1 yep, 4.1, a little right. There let’s see about iceland is it another one? 4.6, a bigger one, there okay, but we had a whole bunch of activity in iceland yesterday, so still getting some aftershocks from that, but very, very interesting. 4.3. 4.1. 4.1. 4.1. Just like little stones skipping across the water right there into europe now over here in south america, let’s see off the coast of so right over in the falkland islands, you’ve got a 4.8 there and 4.4 in north western argentina, a 4.6 there in northern chile and A 5.4 in southern peru, so that’s pretty big, very, very large earthquake there now coming up into central america, so that’s a 4.

8 off the coast of panama, a 4.6 thing off the coast of costa rica and now we’ll zoom right in and see everything that’s going On with the united states very very interesting, so these are all 2.5 and greater. I do actually want to see before i get into it. Let’S see what’s going on for all magnitudes wow. Look at that, especially in alaska, so there’s a huge, huge swarm right there. Moving all along so the energy finally really transferred up away from japan and we’ll see more in the european model in just a moment too, but going to go back over to the 2.5 and greater okay. Here we go so starting in kind of central united states. 2.8 in tatum’s oklahoma, right to the north of that in coil, oklahoma 2.5 out here in crawford nebraska don’t really see that too often so that’s the northwest of nebraska, i believe and coming over into the southwest. So here in nevada and california, 3.1 in rachel nevada you’ve got a 2.6 in lake california, a 2.5 in pine, california, a 2.9 in shaver lake, california, off the coast here at lopez, point california, 3.7, a 2.7 in guys there’s, california, off the coast of oregon. A 4.0 so i’ve been getting some pretty big, even had a 5.4 there or maybe a couple weeks ago, off the coast of oregon. So this is starting to see some fairly large magnitude earthquakes. So four is even up to fives in the united states.

Very very interesting and now here in alaska, so you get the energy trailing up into southern alaska, very, very clear line of how that energy is moving 5.4 and the aloe shan islands and then over here, just following along that tectonic plate boundary at 3.4. There, a 4.3 got a couple, little ones in between a 2.9 and a 2.5 and then back up to the big five, a 5.3 there at mckenzie point mckenzie alaska and then to the north and 2.9 in mito alaska, very interesting. So the 5.3 i believe, struck right by anchorage, is what it looks like yep right on anchorage, pretty major earthquake in the biggest city in alaska. Very, very interesting, be watching that energy see how much of that is going to be transferring down into continental united states. As well as of course over in the coastal west coast of canada, too, all right so lots going on all around the world. Some pretty major activity uh, definitely the largest in a while that i’ve seen in alaska. Probably, since the big seven was it a 7.8 or something like that back in the fall early winter and then all the subsequent aftershocks. After that, all the whole bunch of fives, then all right going to get right into the emsc, so that’s the european mediterranean um seismological center and see what their data set is saying. This is over here at volcano All these resources are linked down below in the description and are free for anybody to use.

This is a really great one trying to get my map lined up there. We go okay, so i’m gon na hide the volcanoes we’ll get into that in the next segment. Turn on our earthquakes for the past 24 hours, so all 3.0 magnitude and greater and get those tectonic plates on there as well all right! So a lot more showing up here and actually you know what i’m just going to turn on the 4.0 for now. But as i zoom in and get we’ll get some more detail on the other magnitudes there, all right so 4.0 set for south east asia and oceani you’ve got a big 4.3, really really large magnitude earthquake down there in southern new zealand a 4.1 a 4.2. Then up here to the north, you got a 4.7 gon na turn on our threes. You got a few more threes in northern new zealand and what about all and still ongoing a whole bunch of twos uh, mid twos for the most part, especially up there in the northern part of new zealand, so that energy looked like it had been kind of Stretching out to the north, now it’s filled back out in and is really taking up the entire island here even getting some over here you got a 3.1 off the coast of western australia down in the southwest eight uh three is at a 2.8 there and in Southern australia, a 2.6 very, very interesting don’t, often see too many earthquakes there, but they are definitely starting to show up and i’m going to zoom out just for a moment, make sure i’m not missing anything down in antarctica.

So i know the energy has been transferring there, and this is amazing, so this is just showing up all over so a lot of times just looking at this area here, if i just go to the threes uh there’d be a little it’s spreading out. Definitely seeing it in certain areas don’t often see, and those magnitudes are pretty big, but okay, we’re gon na focus a little bit here into indonesia. We’Ve got some fours, definitely over in the west, good indication that energy is traveling up to the north along these tectonic plates into central asia over into the middle east, a little bit more so than it is up into uh, japan and then into kamchatka. Okay, you got another 4.0 there in kind of central indonesia checking out our threes lots of threes, showing up so smaller magnitudes over in the east and the south, quite a few of those there and now looking at all magnitude, so smaller smaller, but more frequent earthquakes Over here in the philippines and then heading up into japan, so japan states pretty active, pretty stable, not seeing any big spike in activity here. But it is getting a substantial amount of mid twos to low threes all around from tokyo down over to the south and then out there into the islands. The ryukyu islands now come in here into central asia. So this is very interesting. It’S pretty well spread out here, you’re getting a couple in the himalayas between china and nepal and so 4.

1 there’s the biggest over here on the edge of the himalaya or the tibetan plateau. A 3.3 occurring right there, the largest over in northwest you’ve, got a 4.1 as well as a 4.3 and again here in siberia, southern siberia, 4.2 in northern kazakhstan, a 4.7 and a really big 4.4 in azerbaijan, okay. So that is pretty major, not sure exactly how close so east azerbaijan, how close it is to the city there pretty a major earthquake for the area. Turning on all magnitudes let’s see so a little bit of a decrease in what’s been going on in central asia. Maybe if that it’s really just spreading out the magnitudes are still definitely theirs getting a good number of fours. I think it’s just spreading out in different directions. A lot of that heading over into the middle east and as we’ll see right now into the mediterranean as well. Look at that just a couple: little trails showing up all throughout iran, so you get a 2.5 there 3.2 up into the big 4.4 along the tectonic plate, you’re getting some twos as well and then heading right into europe between turkey and greece and then spreading out Over into um northern italy, and then up here into romania, you’re getting a big one, a 4.1 some of that energy coming out along choosing to go this way over more towards the west right here into southern spain, up into portugal, off the coast of morocco and Western sahara and over here into the ocean right by the azores, so that’s a 2.

2 happening there, i’m gon na zoom out and just make sure i didn’t miss anything up here in the north, because there’s just they’ve been showing up in many areas. Uh don’t often see and iceland, iceland is still going off. We’Ll. Look at that in just a moment. Just wanted to get a broad view to get my bearings okay let’s, go check that out and see what’s been going on so turn on just our 4.0. So there was a big 5.4 of maybe a week ago at this point almost a week ago and then yesterday a huge huge swarm had a couple of fives. I believe, and actually i could turn that on there yeah there we go so the orange circle is a 5.2 and a 5.2 on either side and now looking um back here today, we’ve got a couple of fours. Turning on our threes lots of aftershocks right there in that area and yeah everything really concentrated right there off the southwestern coast, so big decrease from yesterday, but keep an eye on that. That 5.1 happened very very closely to the volcano there. So we’ll check that out. In just a moment, sometimes it takes a day or two to for a volcano to react if it is going to after a fairly major earthquake – and i did see one – i kind of peek a booed one down here in um africa, or was it so. If i had all on just a few small ones in south africa, so you’re getting a couple of mid twos down there, there has been some pretty significant ones, though, in the recent last few weeks, showing up in anywhere between southern drc over into south africa.

This whole region right here very interesting to see those over there. Okay, now just double checking nothing really around antarctica. So looking here, we’ve got the falkland. Islands again saw that with the usgs gon na get right into south america. So all of our 4.0 is just a couple up there in the north, and then we get the big 5.5 in southern peru. Threes yep just following right along the mountains between argentina and chile, up into the north and then lots of little twos in between as well so still pretty active a little bit of a decrease overall since uh yesterday, but a big 5.5 adding into that so i’d Say, staying pretty stable, seeing some larger excuse me some larger earthquakes showing up now so watching out for basically between the one up there off the coast of panama and colombia and down here into peru so anywhere along this edge you’re watching out for another larger earthquake To be showing up very, very soon, okay coming up to the north, so, yes, we do have that big 5.2 there, as well as a smaller 3.7 off the coast of venezuela over in puerto rico and dominican republic, the largest being a 3.1 there and let’s see Going to zoom in a little bit more but a fairly average activity day there in the caribbean between dominican republic and puerto rico, extending all the way from panama up into central mexico on the coast there.

So our kind of middle midwestern, mexico, so you’ve got a whole bunch of threes, low threes to mid threes. Let’S see any fours. There had been some large magnitudes recently, just a few three or four fours, 4.0 4.1 and costa rica getting one as well. Turning on just three so it’s, pretty active, it’s um, not extremely active, but definitely seeing quite a lot more, and this is a little bit of a decrease from the day before, where or the or a couple days ago, where there was just a huge amount of Uh activity going on in some fairly large one lots of fours. I think there was even a five in there as well, so keeping an eye on that area. Still there we go big one up here in northern mexico. I didn’t see that a second ago that’s a 4.0 right there, so really the energy looking to be coming in from oceania from over here and then across up into south america. Now is traveling up it’s, almost like a second wave of energy traveling up this way back into central america and a lot of that energy that was in central america has now transferred into the united states very, very interesting and then a lot of that energy. That was kind of pinging around in japan for quite a while looking to have been released and now kind of heading out over into alaska major major activity there. So this is going to be interesting.

I’M thinking you got some pretty big energy moving up through uh southwestern united states, as well as down from alaska. What is going to happen in between that is going to be very, very interesting to see so heads up everybody along the west coast, as well as west coast of canada, so we’ll be watching that very very closely. Otherwise, though, let’s see energy still building up spreading out from oceania right there along new zealand and still got a big big gap between it and what’s going on in southeast asia. Staying pretty steady there it’s got a lot of uh room to really spread out, so it the smaller magnitudes, smaller earthquakes heading up into japan, but the majority of that energy transferring right into central asia and what moves out from there goes right through iran for the Most part in the middle east and then out into the western or eastern mediterranean and some of that kind of making its way out a little bit over towards the west and up into iceland too. So keeping an eye on that. That is continuing. That pattern is continuing, starting to see overall some larger magnitudes around the world, so keep an eye on everything and i’ll check back tomorrow morning.

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