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They had 20 commits uh. They had three espn 300 commits that’s uh 14, three stars, four four stars um that their three espn 300 commits are uh jaeger. I don’t know if that’s jaeger, jaeger jagger, i don’t, know burton um by the way i’m gon na uh butcher. So many of these names tonight so uh doing our best here feel free to laugh at me: it’s cool, i’m, okay with it so uh. He is mr burton is the uh number 10 offensive guard. Uh we’ve got uh decal krautus jr, the number ‘ wide receiver and then trevin wallace the number five inside linebacker, so um. Looking at the qb situation because, as you recall, um terry wilson, uh entered the transfer portal left uh kentucky uh, so they needed to kind of shore that up so they just added a grad transfer from penn state will levis. The new kentucky offensive coordinator, liam cohen, went after him when he entered the the transfer portal, so that was a victory for them and then they also added another quarterback in this class with uh three star kaya sharon again apologize. If i mispronounced that. But that is the number he is the number 71 uh rated pocket passing quarterback, so um they’ve got some some choices there at quarterback, so interesting to see how that goes. Um matt! What are your reactions to to this? A a number ‘ ranked class from kentucky? Well, you know kentucky’s 2020 campaign wasn’t terribly great, then we finished uh five and six on the season, so not not stellar um a little bit of a step back compared to the season before remember that was that season.

That was the high. I would almost say the high water mark of kentucky football – hopefully at least in the last 25 years. I mean they had a recent memory yeah and i feel like they’ve, taken a little bit of a step back here um. I keep going back to 247 sports because they’ve they’re also a decent source when you’re looking at recruiting things last year, 247 had them ranked 25th in the nation. This year, they’ve fallen back to 33rd um they’re protected next year to be 49th, so that’s, not tracking. The way you wanted to go um – and i was looking at a couple of the kids that they’ve managed to sign and the name that kind of popped out at me was wandel, robinson who’s. A white uh wide receiver transfer out of nebraska is rated at a 95 um on a four star out of uh out of nebraska for them. So we may see him in the fall. We might see his name get thrown around, especially with the way that uh kentucky likes to run their offense. So um it’ll be interesting to see what they are able to do there. That quarterback situation with terry wilson, leaving is gon na, also be very interesting um. So a lot of question marks uh for kentucky on the offensive side of the ball right jesse. You have any reactions to this class yeah i mean, i think grad transfers are a great option in general, but especially when you’re looking for a quarterback and you’re someone like a kentucky that didn’t necessarily perform really well this past season, you’re not going to be able To recruit that stellar quarterback out of high school, so you you go to the transfer portal a lot of times.

They go to jucos um and this time penn state that’s, not that’s. A that’s. A big school they’ve had some uh recent success in the big ten. In the past couple years, um not so much right now, uh, like you, know, last season wasn’t as great, but in recent years, the past five years or so they’ve had some um success with as james franklin as the coach. So yeah. I think you know getting someone from another power: five conference, as as a quarterback is hopefully a step in the right direction. Terry wilson, i believe, was a transfer so maybe we’re starting to see in kentucky a uh a pattern similar to auburn, where you just kind of pick up other quarterbacks. Instead of recruiting stop that yeah, i mean nice to auburn. Talking about it’s, not really untrue. I’Ve been through a lot, some of it self inflicted whatever the um the quarterback situation. There i mean so i for me, it’s really interesting, because no offense to terry wilson or lynn bowden, or any of the guys that we’ve seen there the past several years um. But the inconsistency at the quarterback position, i think, has really hurt them. So if if they could really get, you know someone anyone to step in and just be that kind of rock at quarterback and have just a consistent performance um and not make a great play here and then a bonehead play the next i mean um.

If they have something like that, i mean you know, i think stoops is a great coach and i think kentucky could be uh on their way to doing good things again. Um so yeah we’ll see their quarterbacks have just felt like they’ve, been like plugging holes like in their boat every year, it’s just like. Oh, oh, no pop in a cork pop into court. We’Ll just get through the season, we’ll just get through it and that’s. Just not how you build a program, unfortunately like, of course, the quarterback’s, not the entire team, but they’re a pretty darn important part that you need to have locked down, and you need to have somebody that can either game manage or really sling it and unfortunately they Haven’T had either of those um in the past couple seasons and one of those i mentioned lynn bowden.

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