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Obviously he played the other day play thursday. He got sunday as well. Is he able to to cope with that? This week, i believe so um start the game being on the bench i don’t know we have to. We have to decide and uh he’s such an experienced guy. That, of course, his opinion is uh is very important, but good reaction, uh good um recovering sessions and um. He will be involved – i repeat bench or starting, but you will be there um more general terms regarding your squad. I don’t know if you would have seen um before the last game. Roy keane and jamie redknapp had quite a heated exchange discussing the merits of what jamie was defending yours. What roy keane said, with the exception of harry kane and song um. No one else in the top six or so would be interested in anyone in your squad was very keen right. Do you have an average squad? You know i i didn’t watch it and it’s it’s, not for me to to comment on um on the pundit’s opinions. I have huge respect for roy uh. You know i left to work with him when i was at sky but independent of that a winner like he is um. I have lots of respect for his foreign for roy and for for his job as a pundit but i’m not going to to make any any comments. Because if i do that, probably i will be asked week after week with um with other with other people.

But you would say that your squad is better than average, though your players excuse me, you you would say, though i would imagine that your players, your squad, is better than average, though you are trying to take me in the direction of your previous question, and i Don’T want to go there next, one roger, please, okay and again, a completely different topic. Um has been confirmed that the uk and ireland are going to make a bid for the 2030 world cup um. Also, spain and portugal are going to bid for that. Now. You have your life over here. You’Ve made a life over here, but would you prefer to see a world cup in in your home country in spain, portugal, or would you like to see one over here, putting the things in that? In that perspective, i would prefer in portugal uh, you know i. I love england, i’m i’m, here first time since 2004. But you know portugal is portugal, but i have to to admit that i’m really really happy with with that situation, because or in portugal or in england. That would be great. Thank you jose appreciate your time. Thank you. Okay, thank you for that right, we’ll! Go to ian abrahams hi jose. How are you hey, my friends, you’re good, very good. Thank you. Spurs going well spurs, look good on sunday top four top six. What do you think top? Nothing just try to win tomorrow. Just try to win tomorrow.

We won just one match in the premier league playing well good result, good score, but just one one match the match before um. We could all agree that the opponent level is not a premier league level but uh to beat them four nil. The way we did it, you also need to play well. West ham, we lost the result was bad, but i think we all agree that uh we didn’t play bad at all same as everton same as at home against west bromwich same as man city. When we had a little bit of fool in our legs, so we are not playing bad at all. The only two good results that we had were these two last ones so top nothing. Just try to win one more match a week with nine points to fight for three are in the pockets. We have six to fight for and that’s the focus i noticed before you arrived at spurs, but scott parker was a youth team coach there and had quite a good reputation. What have you made of him in charge of fulham this year and how? How much more difficult are they to play against now than even when you played the first game with them? I like that team i like that team and they played very well against us. They are playing very well. They are getting good. Uh results. Um big squad lots of of good players, young squad, uh parker, doing his job, obviously very well.

I like that team. Finally, this this weekend marks a year since football basically shut down in this country. We had no fans in stadiums um because of the coronavirus in terms of your year, helping out with the nhs spurs is here helping out with the nhs and and just football without having fans for a whole year. Can you just talk a little bit about what this year has meant to you and how different this has been for you? You know i still do my job. I still do what i like, of course, in a different way, but, as i told many many times when we look to the to the world to the society to other industries, we have to feel privileged. But of course, one thing is football, with without fans in the stadium. Another thing is football with full stadiums, and we are waiting for that, but more important than that is the way the world looks like is going now, especially in this in this country. We can all read and listen to to very good signs of uh. We are going in the right direction and hopefully very soon we have normality back normality to football normality to to live in in general and by the way before i forget, um, this big boy, um mcdonald’s. We all wish him the best and such a big guy and such a fighter on on the pitch. We are sure that is going to win this.

This battle: okay, thanks we’re, going to move on to george cummins thanks simon, hello, jose i’m sure you’re fed up with questions about gareth bale. But i was just wondering why it’s taken him almost so long to reach this level of fitness that he can sustain these performances? Why is it taken until march why for the past two years he had what he had in madrid ask them, and maybe, if they answered to you, maybe you can understand better. Why to a while or maybe to be patient was uh was the main reason for him to reach the level that he showed in in the last couple of weeks, so willie make you you’re hoping he can maintain this level now till the end of the season. This is the plan. Of course, the plan is to get the best out of of the players. The plan is always for the players to give everything they have to the team. The team is the most important thing and the team of course needs um top players to uh to perform so, of course, that’s. The plan that’s always been the plan since they, since they won. Thank you thanks. George okay, ellie gold, hello, jose um, just want to ask you: we’ve got the international break coming up in a few weeks time end of this month and obviously selections are going to be made with squads. Do you have any concern about your players heading off for international duty, particularly the likes of i mean davinson sanchez, giovanni los, also going to areas that are on the government red list? I have concerns about all of them.

Since the moment a player leaves the club. I have i have concerns at every level, not just as the kovid level or Music, the red list or traveling abroad. I have also concerns of other of other areas, but let’s let’s wait, let’s see what um is going to happen. I’Ll, just ask you very quickly about toby out of errol um with yourself and the previous manager mitchell butchino toby didn’t always play three games in a week. I don’t know, if that’s, to do with previous hamstring problems that he had. Is he at the stage where he can now or is that something you still have to monitor quite carefully with him? Oh, he looks physically good. Very good professional works. Hard is one of the guys that dedicates himself very, very much to the individual work before the session after the session on prevention on um taking care of his of his body. It looks for me that is physically in a good in a good moment, but of course, three matches in in one week. It doesn’t matter how young you are doesn’t matter. How fit you are. There is always a risk factor involved thanks ellie good morning to jonathan veal, hi, jose um, hello, hi rogan has not been involved the last few weeks after a spell around the team um. What does he have to do to get back into your plan? Cool johnson um, what he has to do has to do nothing.

Uh works very hard, good professional. He has to do nothing. You know uh, you cannot play in europa league, so that makes that makes his chances reduced in relation to to the other guys. Center back position is a position where, of course, if he was in europa league, he would have lots of chances to play in these 11 matches that we we did, has nothing he’s perfect works very hard. Young guy wants to learn very enthusiastic. He played already not many matches but matches that represent a lot because he played important matches against uh, of course, some of the best teams. He has just to wait for his uh for his opportunities and to to and to get it thanks. Jonathan okay, vicky sparks from plp hi, jose good to see you hello. Thank you just going back to your time with scott, obviously as manager at chelsea. At that point, when you worked with him as a player, did you always get the sense that he would be one of those that had the capacity to go into management? No too young was he was too young. After that he went to newcastle and then to tottenham, and then england, national team matches too. So it was too young and the majority of of the players they don’t even think about it in the beginning of their careers. Some others they say no, but then yes, some others. They say yes, but then no, you don’t know – and you are not focused on on that – always what i saw from beginning and was that he was a serious, honest, young football, a player, a team player, a guy that understood immediately that in a in a team With a frank, lampard maclady, the quality that was there to play to play more than he was playing, he had only one one option, which was the difficult decision of leaving, but then he made a a very good career.

I have very good memories of of him because he was a team player and even not playing much. He was always there for us when, when we need him, thank you. Thank you, vicky. Okay, uh we’ll go to bruno valeria from sport, tv portugal, if it is in portuguese, you don’t mind one question bruno in portuguese: if you want yeah bruno, would you like a question in portuguese bruno? Are you there last chance bruno move, okay, we’re moving william furnace to finish hi, jose um i’m, just wondering if you’re going to adopt a similar approach to the one we saw against burnley, where you play quite attacking expansive football from the first minute? Will we see a similar approach to the game tomorrow in football? One thing is the game plan and another thing is what you, what you do, i don’t know we want to win. We want to win, we are going to play the match to to win. I believe that um fulham will also try to to win the match, but let’s, see and just following on from that quickly. Do you feel, like you’ve, got a weight off your shoulders coming to this game for the first time in a while, after quite a convincing premier league win what’s that weight off your shoulders like what’s, the sense of pressure? Are you talking about yeah yeah? Do you have that weight off your shoulders going into this game off after the the bad run? Recently, no, my shoulders are fine, no problem.

Okay! Thank you, william um. That will include the broadcast part of the press conference.

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Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Fulham F.C., José Mourinho, Premier League, Gareth Bale – Fulham v Tottenham – 'Ask Real Madrid' On Gareth Bale Form – Press Conference