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What does that say about this team right now, because we’ve seen so many times in the past, where you know team sale, you know we’ll get him another game, we’ll figure it out another time, and then you have that stage fight, but you guys seem to decide. Let’S take care of business now, let’s let’s send a message. What does that say about this team right now? Yeah um, you know, uh uh north did a great job, stepping up um and fighting freddie, answering the bell and responding, and obviously he hate to see a guy go down. Um. You know bran was a huge part of this team and and he’s a great player um, but i mean most importantly, you’re concerned about his health, and you know he was put in a bad spot um, but you know i, the response was great. I mean guys want to did the job um it didn’t need to be said. They just took control and answered the bell and and um as a team. We we played the right way after that um. You know we didn’t. Let it distract us or get us down um. You know obviously we’re thinking about brand all game, but uh. You know we did. The job and uh took care of business on the ice. Just a quick fall up there. Sorry um, you know, i know it’s, probably gon na be tough to figure out. You know i’m, not sure if they can ever do this, but you know he doesn’t get a penalty on that.

On that headshot there do you think there’s got to come a time where the nhlpa and the league need to sit down and say look any contact ahead, is a penalty, or is that just impossible to do yeah? It is impossible to do um it’s such a fine line, but you know that’s. I think the biggest problem is what they’re choosing to review and not to review. I mean last year in playoffs, there was high sticks that were reviewed when a guy hits his own teammate. You know if the ref makes a bad call, you let the ref make a bad call, but for a major penalty to not be allowed to be looked at um. You know if the wrestler able to look at that on video it’s, a clear suspension and he’s gone from the game, so you know that’s the whole problem with bringing video into the game the way that they did. You know they they care more about. Looking at a video review of a an offside by an inch or half an inch, but they don’t care about reviewing a guy’s head shot. So you know that’s, you know it’s tough, to pick and choose when you start bringing video into what you’re going to review and and that’s the situation where they could have um but again that’s a fine line. You go down that road. You know where. Where does it stop so um there’s, a lot of issues with that thanks man, dan roach, hey brad, just to follow that up a two part question one was just you know in that situation, with a guy like carla, with a guy like wilson who we’ve seen And do things in the past? How tough is it to watch that hit first and foremost, and then on the flip side of that, what was said bruce mentioned something about the leadership group kind of kind of taking charge of that.

Second, you know in the innovation and then coming out in the second period, led by you and bergie and whatever what was that like to come out as a team and get the job done. Yeah, i mean obviously, first and foremost we you don’t ever want to see a guy get hurt on the ice doesn’t matter. If he’s your teammate or your opponent um, you know you’re all out there to do a job and um. You know i mean i’ve been guilty of it in the past, guys in a bad position, and – and you know you – you take a cheap shot, but it is something that um. You know you don’t want to see happen and especially to a teammate, and you know, that’s what that was uh. He was in a bad spot and and um. You know he took advantage of it. So you know brando um, you know, first and foremost, we hope that he’s, okay and and you know, he’s going to make a quick recovery but um you know that’s also not the case right now. Tim rosenthal, hey brad. I know you touched on tenori a little bit, but just to expand on that. What type of impression did he leave on you guys just being willing to challenge wilson there in that spot? You know he from the second. He got here. He’S been he’s been a great teammate um, which is what you know. We we heard about him before he got it before he got here um.

You know he’s he’s been a great player um since he’s been in the lineup and and that’s another element that he brings. I mean he’s tough he’s willing to stick up for his teammates and, and he showed that tonight and i mean those turning point of the game. He stepped up and had a great fight and we just rolled from there um. You know so he’s been a great addition, uh again having guys that you trust in your room that stick up for one another it’s been part of our culture for a long time and that’s not going to change um. You know we expect that in this room and our team and when it’s your turn um, you know you got to step up and he did a great job tonight doing that freddie again um, you know later in the period or later in the game, we got A lot of respect for guys, like that last question: kevin paul dupont, uh brad, that the tv showed uh bergie going over to wilson before the second period began and talking to him. If bergy comes on, i’ll ask bertie but er. If you could tell us what bergy was saying, if not, what would you like to have him? I have no idea what briggs said: um i wasn’t there. I didn’t ask him what he said uh i i saw i and i’m not going to speculate uh what his conversation was. He talked to him at another point in the game as well um, but i i really have no idea what he said.

So if it were you, what would you have been saying god, i don’t know i’m not going to speculate what i might say in a situation, i’d, probably say something something stupid. So okay. Thank you. Thanks.

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