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I think his elevation and strength peppery, versatile piece and a fade away by ej liddell. What a big jump he’s made in his sophomore season, dealing with an ankle injury that he suffered previously garza national player of the year candidate fendoff nice little pump, fake, missed it on the interior sticks with the play for twos this time on the fade rebound tracked Down by wiescam, you got ta, get back and identify they bang these early threes make you pay dearly. We camp young really active, creates space for people, washington cut wow. He slips it inside for suing threading, the needle Applause mccaffery rims out garza inside. It goes in a foul of geography is incredible wards. His guy up actually becomes the checkout guy in an offensive way, little touch and a chance for another power, three yellow shirts in the midst early offense drop step. This kid has guards a bully ball on the interior. Keegan murray is in garza, ball. Fake double team now comes. This is where they’re tough to kick out. You help on that low post. You open up opportunities, deep shooting it. At 46 percent from downtown tucson tried to shake and bake luca garza a three. We talked about his work habits. He worked in the offseason on making this one. A little nylon by the big fella shawn got picked up immediately by walker. Half court set here for iowa a lot of time from these guys toussaint inside mccaffery phil about the floor.

Chris feeling was getting away from a little bit. He does a great job getting in the lane. Nice entry pass here, maybe a little off from the proper side, but why not? The drop step and power road down by ej liddell ohio state had missed nine of the last ten and then the roll to the rim. You got to get his fingerprints on the offensive end. I think, for ohio state to prevail. Toussaint shakes off the defender. Kick it out for wii’s camp bottom about to replace so smart good defensive, set right now doing a good job on garza. The switch mccaffrey nice look inside for a wii’s camp who rises up for the slam free to dribble drive or thank you. Three and morgan gets it to the rim attack mode walker, rebounds, his own, miss looking to create washington’s sweet, looking strokes, he’s got it a three adversity, i should say with two hip operations, just incredible: only double screen out of the timeout clean look and there it Is boy liddell? No ohio state struggling on the offensive end once again got a good look for that. One though, shakes off the defender hooks it inside murray banks, it in a lot of little laps here and there, which is custom games, but this zone and gives them a little rest and that’s been wide open. Nice little cut by the bell again and the ability to get a third well done out of the timeout by chris holben’s, guys popped it at foul line just a little pump.

They bite as they open the second half washington. The bounce kicked by liddell jump. Shots goes for suing it’s. A three suing has been dealing with a twisted ankle that he suffered in practice. He had 12 points, 11 rebounds five assists in the first meeting open, look frederick good got it. A three keep getting good, looks: move the ball out of state a little reluctant ensuing another three, just as suing from the corner. Dwayne washington, junior closing in on 1 000 points in his ohio state career Applause, wide open, frederick to mccaffery, empty side load up nice pass the catch. The delivery by garza he’s got great instincts. Stepping in front mohannan feeds the post, luca garza on a backhand drop steps finishes. We got the zone going again that little big ten logo is the spot to go right. There liddell makes his move adele off the window and a chance at a three point, play shots this kid there’s that little power at the rim just amazing, keeps it alive, but stepping in is murray for iowa 11 40 to go in the second half ahead of The field but mccaffery could not jam it. What a great look by bohannon a real, solid play. All the pigs provide a big opportunity to get the rim a little neck ball because of the d walker established himself backcourt to catch it and then advance it. Walker using the key screen lock it up play up, goes jollo going upstairs for two.

He called their offense dynamic and they can beat you in so many different ways: roll to the rim. There is murray breaking free for the hawkeyes. He assists four turnovers. Meanwhile, ohio state’s turned it over ten times their season, average here’s the double and you pay for it. Weeskamp got a three suing off the heel. On a three ball: nice pass, a bounce going to the rim keegan murray, great feel there from iowa. He has been solid bohannon asking for the guards to screen step back step back is good. Jordan bohannon. This big ten battle belongs to iowa quality win over ohio state 73. 57. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball, College basketball #5 Illinois vs #23 Wisconsin Highlights | College Basketball Highlights 2021

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