Manchester City F.C., Manchester United F.C., Premier League, Pep Guardiola, UEFA Champions League vs Manchester United 7/3/2021 Premier League

This is the scene here at the etihad stadium. My name is derek ray with me in the commentary position is the former arsenal and england defender lee dixon i’m, looking forward to bringing you action from the premier league coming right up. It is manchester city versus manchester united yeah great to be here. How lucky are we derek we get paid for this astonishing, really looking forward to a fabulous game. I’M sure the fans are too should be great fred now, with rashford attack carried promised but petered out, cavani and now passing it through. Can he take the chance and the post coming to the goalkeeper zane? He has been one of the leading lights in the competition so far, gabriel jesus well yeah, brace in his last game, he’ll certainly be a threat. Can he get another two goals, or even three in this game: scott mctominay, good, visualization and execution? Alas, he’s made his move too early offside, sterling sterling here’s de bruyne, magnificent challenge to win it back: fred, here’s, luke, shaw, rashford and lapot in the way united regaining possession mctominay juan bisaka and pretty simple for ederson. Well, they’ve lost possession of the ball fred shaw. Scott mctominay very comfortable when in possession i’m mopping up defensively, rashford a wayward effort and it’s not going to help his team lead well wayward. Indeed, i think he had more time than he thought he just rushed it. A little bit technique was all wrong: significant acreage for city to run into defensive roadblock in the way of that cross.

Cavani now let’s see what they can do here. Superb defensive judgment to end the attack. Gundam gabriel jesus well read to put an end to that attack de bruyne ando get ready for the throw in a real struggle to contain him, not a promising looking attack but comes to nothing in the end, really good. Reading of the game to win possession back free kick awarded, then by the referee, very quick thinking there given away by city splendor, tackle and a throw in coming up fred rashford chance to do damage. Well. This is not ideal for him. He was booked earlier bruno finance, now they’ve, given him too much space chance, maybe well. No damage done well, derek to me, that’s why goalkeepers are so important. They keep the teams in the game. His concentration levels were perfect. There manchester united, keep the ball advantage. Oh great defending and they saw the situation developing or getting the ball forward, a challenge from gunduan gabriel jesus walker sterling ready, a decisive clearance. It was scott mctominay lindelof, now rashford here’s luke shaw cavani, getting in there to take it away. That is that for the first half here, the two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half an effective challenge. It has gone over the touch line for what will be a throw in tremendous intuition to win it back wonderfully weighted pass sterling. Oh he’s, given the ball away, unnecessarily they’ve got it now.

What can they do? Gabrielle jesus, a really sumptuous ball there. It is the first gold in the derby a special moment. Well, let’s see that strike again. First time, it’s always very, very difficult to strike a ball. The timing has to be right. The technique has to be right, but, above all you have to concentrate on the ball as it’s. Coming to you, you know, you’re not going to take a touch. Concentration. Is everything united enjoying the bulk of possession here? However, after that, the coach will be disappointed with what they produced. They need to be a little bit more clinical in front of goal. Bruno fernandes now with rashford scott mctominay excellent use of advantage from the referee in city’s favor bruno finance here is fred a real opening. Now good pressure to win the ball back high up the pitch. Well, that’s a foul, and it sets up a free kick in a dangerous position and he takes it on no keeper in control corner awarded to manchester united. Well, they haven’t overcome all the difficulties: mctominay harry maguire now and maybe rashford’s excellent block, given away by ilkai gundogan mctominay onto bruno fernandes, nicely cut out cavani and here’s fred it’s opening up for them, it’s there for him and it’s in a goal for manchester united Who find themselves now level well here’s the replay and it starts with a lovely one, two pass and he had choices of what type of finish to apply and bang.

He goes for the smash, so a level contest scott mctominay, here’s marcial. Can they hit on the break? Will it be sufficiently imaginative and then for the real chance? Can he finish and the ball is loose decent position this for united to find themselves in now to the front post, not out of the woods yet on a time for composure on the ball, fernandinho joao cancelo nicely cut out de bruyne here’s de bruyne and able To get a body in the way, well, the counter chance looks very real end product or not well, that’s a well timed pass there. It is a fantastic goal and no wonder he’s off celebrating. Well, we see it again here and the pace and accuracy of this passing is a dream and then through on goal, do you go for placement or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past the keeper it’s a really lovely finish? What a big moment in the dying embers will it prove decisive here, wow just feel the energy from these city supporters. Can they use their team back into this game? Oh, what an opportunity have come up with a late, equaliser. Well, they say you’re you’re, most vulnerable when you’ve scored a goal and that’s the case today. They’Ll be really disappointed to give away that goal. The manager won’t be very happy too and it’s level again here. Both sets of fans being put through something of an emotional mangle, still level here, but manchester united, making a push near the end real chance and a goal for united.

Will that be the one that makes certain a victory? Well, here’s the replay it’s, a very neat piece of deception to get past the defender and he had choices of what type of finish to apply and bang. He goes for the smash, lovely goal well a dramatic moment near the end, and that might well be the decider excellent use of advantage from the referee in city’s favor. I think you’ve got to conclude. That was good refereeing, a free kick in the end, after initially playing advantage, but it just wasn’t there and the keeper showing tremendous command. Well. This late jordan could represent their last chance to equalize he’s, given the ball away unnecessarily. They’Ve won back possession inside the final five minutes now a meaty but fair challenge, and it will be a throw in mason greenwood it’s. Now, with van der beek shaw, can he finish them off? Well, what an opportunity, but really good defending you’ve, got to say aguero it’s with gundogan, well three minutes of stoppage time added on here, aguero and here’s fernandinho. How about this from trauma all even once more astonishing! Well, here’s the replay it’s a really lovely through ball, and once he gets himself settled with the keeper to beat he hammers it into the back of the net smashing goal and level again here. This has been quite the roller coaster, ride, aguero tension, building, still level and the keeper taking it cleanly.

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