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com chiefs, tv 100 free all of the time we cover the latest chiefs news. Rumors do a lot of stuff all off season, long free agency and yes, today, we’ll talk a little bit of nfl draft subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our coverage here on the chiefs Music report, you’re watching the chiefs report by chat sports. I am your host harrison graham let’s talk, nfl draft on today’s show we’ll look at some offensive draft targets, so let’s get started with some wide receivers. You look at the depth chart before we take a look at some players that kansas city could draft at the wide receiver position. Obviously, you’ve got tyree kill, you’ve got michael hardman. Both those guys are under contract we’ll see if hardman gets an opportunity to be. This team’s number two wide receiver that job’s up for grabs, because sammy watkins is a free agent. Demarcus robinson is a free agent, we’ll see if either of those guys are retained, but either way kansas city needs to address the wide receiver position to get a true number two next to tyree kill, maybe that’s michael hartman, but if it’s not maybe it’s, someone in The nfl draft we’ll start with rashad bateman here the wide receiver out of minnesota physical player, 6 2, 2 10 purely on the outside. There would give kansas city a different look at the wide receiver position, typically it’s, smaller, quicker, faster type of receivers like tyra kill, like hardman like sammy watkins to a certain extent as well, whereas bateman wins with his hands and his physicality on the outside that’s.

What he did at minnesota, he’s a good jump, ball type of threat, strong hands as well. I think he would bring a nice blend to this offense that they have lacked at times a true big physical, wide receiver. The last couple of seasons he’s played in 18 games. Obviously, the big ten had a shortened season this year and he opted out of the past last couple of games for minnesota 1700 yards 13 touchdowns in 18 games really really productive for an offense that before he got there was pretty inept up at the university of Minnesota, i think, he’d be a fun player in this offense. I think at number 31. Overall, he would make a lot of sense if he is still on the board. Terrace marshall, another big physical receiver, but i think, could play some big slot if the chiefs wanted to go that route he’s been productive the past two years. He was the number three receiver back in 2019 for lsu when joe burrow was playing quarterback next to jamar chase and justin jefferson had a chance to be their number one this year and was pretty darn productive. Despite the inconsistent quarterback play, lsu had some injuries there. Some guys cycled in and out of the lineup, but he was still pretty good in a somewhat shortened season, with 731 yards and 10 touchdowns on just 48 catches. I think bateman and marshall are late round, one type of guys and if they’re there at number 31.

Overall, i think chiefs fans would be thrilled with those selections. Cadarius tony is another player here, but he’s more, like the mold of that we are used to when it comes to kansas city, wide receivers about five eleven six foot speed is the name of the game: electricity as well for cadarius tony, you get this guy. The ball in space and he can take it to the house at any time now. The downside here is, you would say: okay, we’ve got two or three receivers who have similar games right. Tyra kill, michael harbin. Now tyra kills a complete receiver, but tony would fit kind of in that hardman. Mold of maybe you know, he’s very electric and dynamic, but he doesn’t really offer you something new that a rashad bateman or a terrorist marshal might be able to, as they are more pure physical receivers. Tony’S more of that play maker out in space type of guy. But hey you can’t have enough speed, i think cadarius tony would be a fun player and i think he has more potential than a guy like nicole hardman. Now rondelle moore is also in this mold and maybe around one’s a little rich for him. But if he can stay healthy, he’s got a chance to be really good, undersized at just five nine about 180 pounds very similar frame and build there to tyree kill, and this play style is similar as well. Quick throws and some deep balls as well.

Injuries were a problem at purdue, though in 2018 he had 1100 yards, but then the past two seasons combined, he had less than that. So you look at kind of his career at purdue was only able to play in 20 games in three seasons, including just three games in 2019, and then just seven or eight games this year in a shortened season for the boilermakers in 2020.. If we can get 2018 rondelle moore that had 1100 yards as a true freshman and took the big 10 uh by the storm, his freshman season that’s a round one uh talent there. But injuries have been a concern, and this is a deep, wide receiver class. He’D. Be more than that, tyree kill stylistic type of player, not saying that he’s tired kill, though whatsoever, so pick a wide receiver prospect out of these four guys that we talked about who? Would you like to see the chiefs draft in round one type rb for rashad bateman kt for cadarius, tony tm for terrace marshall or rm for rondale moore let’s, hear it from you guys in the comments now on today’s show we got deals for you guys go To chief screen, you can get your chiefs themed st patrick’s day gear available, t shirts, long sleeves socks, all kinds of stuff. At that link, you see on screen, it’s chief screen i’ll put that link in the comments. I’Ll put it in the description that way you can just click and shop today.

I know a lot of you guys have already gotten in on the action. You can get your kansas city st patty’s, day gear right now, because the holiday is almost here and you want to be repping green on that day, so go to chief screen. By the way you buy a shirt this year you won’t have to buy one. Next year, when st paddy’s day rolls around – and yes, we do have women’s gear available as well. It’S chief screen here on the chiefs report by chat sports let’s, take a look at some interior offensive line. Draft targets for kansas city, a couple players we’ll get to in just a moment, but when you look at the offensive line for the chiefs, there’s question marks all over it. Let’S start with the center position. Both free agents, austin ryder and daniel kilgore, are set to hit the open market. We’Ll, see how much they’re going to cost. Glacio simile is a free agent and he ended the season on ir. Laurent duvernay tardif ideally comes back and plays right guard, but he sat out in 2020 uh due to kova 19. He opted out andrew wiley’s, a free agent, a player who started a lot of games. Uh steven was new skis, a player who played some last year as well he’s a free agent, lots of free agents on the interior part of this offensive line. You look at elijah vera tucker, a player who played left tackle for usc this past season, but was strictly a guard before that and most believe, and i think they’re right draft experts.

I mean that he projects to be a guard in the nfl, but i will add this. His versatility and experience playing some tackle makes him even more valuable and i believe, is a big reason why he is rising up. Some draft bar board started 20 games in college at usc. Still a young player six four, three fifteen. I think he can bulk up a little bit more. I like the versatility i like his potential as a guard and hey. Maybe he becomes a right tackle at some point down the road but i’m gon na group him in with these interior offensive linemen, i think he’s, probably a guard and that’s still a position of need for kansas city. We take a look at a center here: creed humphrey out of oklahoma. I believe he’s, the top center prospect this year, didn’t allow a sack in his college career for the sooners he’s solid, i wouldn’t say he’s special by any means, but this is a light classic center. So i think he could sneak into round one and be an option at number 31 overall and if you don’t resign, austin ryder creed humphrey becomes a more appealing target because you don’t have a center and you could get a pretty good one for cheap in creed. Humphrey i like this idea. I’Ve talked myself more into this idea as we’ve gotten closer to the nfl draft, solid, solid, solid, and you got to protect your 500 million dollar investment in patrick mahomes.

I think creed humphrey has a chance to be a good one. 6’5. 307 37 career starts in at the university of oklahoma. I think he’s going to be a good pro another center prospect that could have more upside than creed humphrey, but a lot of injuries are on his plate started his career at florida, state that’s won landon dickerson had some injuries there transferred to alabama was a great Player these past two years, but then towards acl again toward the end of 2020 in the sec championship game. He is a. He is a tough dude, though he actually suited up in the national title game and took the final two snaps for bama as the confetti started to fall, so uh team, guy he’s, a rah rah guy injuries, have been a problem. I think he’s. Probably your number two center prospect and maybe round one is a little rich. But if the medical’s come back, uh in good shape and he’s set to fully recover, maybe there’s an opportunity for him to go in round one probably more of a round two guy. But i wouldn’t completely rule it out. I’Ve seen him go in the first round of several mock drafts over the past couple of months. So these are the three players here: at the interior offensive line, guard and or center elijah vera tucker again versatility he’s rising up boards. I definitely think he goes round one creed humphrey fringe guy we’ll, see if he goes round one.

I think at 31 he’s definitely worth it there. Landon dickerson, maybe it’s a bit of reach at 31 with the injury history, but the talent is there and he’s a team guy as well, which i am a very big fan of so what’s. A bigger need on the interior part of the chief’s offensive line. Is it guard or center? If i know laurent duvenay tardif is still starting, caliber guard, ldt i’d probably say center, but i don’t think that’s a given, so maybe it’s guard type g for guard type c c for center let’s hear it from you guys. Let’S. Take a look at some offensive tackle draft targets for the kansas city chiefs here on the chiefs report by chat sports, we got five players we’re gon na get to here. Let’S start with tevin jenkins, out of oklahoma state uh played both tackle spots in college, which i really like. I like offensive line prospects that moved around some in college and had success at multiple spots, which he did, i think, he’s a right tackle in the nfl. But maybe eventually he becomes a left tackle, and at least you know, if your left tackle gets hurt, he could potentially slide over there and then your swing tackle could move to right if needed. I think he’s a day, one starter at right, tackle in the national football league and there’s uncertainty around mitchell, schwartz and eric fisher for 2021 there’s optimism, but they are recovering from major injuries.

‘ career starts for tevin jenkins, an experienced player good size. There has the fundamentals: six, six, three twenty, i think at number 31 overall it’s good value here, liam mykenberg, a player i’m starting to like more and more because he was a three year starter at left, tackle and he was solid for three years. Really, nothing! Pops up on his film that’s you’re, like oh man, that’s a major weakness. Strong player, can still add some weight as well. His feet could get a little quicker, but overall, i think this is a left tackle in the national football league, and this is a rare draft in which there’s a lot of offensive tackle talent that i believe uh is deeper than we’ve. Seen in many years. Offensive line has been a problem in the nfl in recent years and finding good young ones. This draft is different and it’s. Why? I believe the chiefs must consider offensive line in the early rounds of the 2021 nfl draft. Samuel cosmi out of texas is a a good prospect. I’Ve seen him mocked in the first or second round, depending on who you ask you, like the frame six. Seven three hundred you’d like to see him add 15 or 20 pounds of muscle there, which i believe he can. The chiefs have one of the best training staffs in the national football league, strength and conditioning staffs as well. Maybe he’s a swing tackle as a rookie or something like that, and then he works his way into being a starting tackle.

Uh like kevin jenkins. He played both tackle spots, which is something you like most project. He he’s better off as a right tackle the next level, but i think there’s an opportunity for him to evolve into being a left tackle in the nfl, especially if he beefs up a little bit. I’M, a big fan of samuel, cosmi, jalen, mayfield kind of a wild card name here, because not a lot of playing experience at michigan, but you ask scout this might be one of the more talented offensive line prospects this year only 15 starts all at right. Tackle had some a couple of minor injuries in college, still young too, coming pro or turning pro after his redshirt sophomore season, but six five, three, twenty a lot of people believe this is a left tackle in the nfl. Despite never having played that at the university of michigan, i like jalen mayfield as a you know, a high upside type of player. The risk is a he didn’t play a lot and he actually didn’t play at a super high level in college either. It’S a lot of projection with mayfield based on his frame and his raw talent bit of a risk here, but maybe a risk worth taking if you’re the kansas city chiefs and then dylan rayden’s offensive tackle out of north dakota state protected, trey lance’s blind side for The bison there played left tackle at ndsu had a strong senior bowl week, which is important for these smaller school kids, especially since we don’t have a natural nfl.

Combine this year, it’s going to be kind of a makeshift one virtual combine, so i think interviewing will be important for him. I think the senior bowl was very important for him. Uh played uh left tackle strictly in college, but i think he can play both tackle spots in the national football league, so we’ll see where he ends up landing. I know some teams hesitate with smaller uh school prospects, but ike is a late round. One early round. Two type of guy and with the chiefs picking at number 31 overall, he could be a legitimate target for kansas city this year. Brett veach should have a lot of options at his disposal, because this is a very, very deep uh offensive tackle. Class 32 career starts uh. We will see where he ends up landing up. I think the senior bowl was very, very important for dylan raiden’s. So should the chiefs draft an offensive lineman in the first round, all five spots uh could be uh uh up for grabs depending on mitchell schwartz and eric fisher recovery, uh process that the chiefs keep saying positive things, but uh we will see once training camp rolls Around if they’re ready to go type y for yes type in for no should the kansas city chiefs draft an alignment in round one.

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