Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, National Hockey League Jared McCann Trade To Detroit Red Wings Or Ottawa Senators? Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Trade Rumours

Here on the athletic. I will leave a link in the description to this one which penguins are staying and going the 2021 trade deadline most likely to leave list now again, because the athletic is paid for material we’re. Not going over onto this article and taking snippets from this one we’re going over onto, because they summarize some of the ideas that josh johay presents in this athletic piece and writes about it in a platform that is free for consumption without a paywall. So we’re going over onto, so two articles in the description, the athletic. If you have it, and the regular article we’re reading from over here and we’re talking about jared mccann because josh yohey contends that mccann, who is a 24 year old guy? Who is a pretty young player from the 2014 draft? Who is making 2.9 million dollars a season until 2022? He kind of looks lost out there and that the penguins don’t exactly know what he is as one kind of player in his first year with the penguins last season. This year he hasn’t been helping the penguins win for a while, and he makes almost three million dollars annually. Yohe suggests that he be traded over to the detroit red wings or the ottawa senators, where he can get a ton of ice time. There are also a whole bunch of other suggestions made by yohei, with guys like marcus, patterson golden seaver and a few other players too.

So you can go ahead, check the articles and read about that. But i wanted to talk about jared mccann here, because he’s, a guy whom i’m a lot more familiar with in comparison to the other penguins and hey that’s, not surprising, to see why jared mccann was drafted by vancouver. So i was always a guy who sat here watched the prospects watch them develop and then saw how they translated into the nhl and jared mccann as a guy who was a really capable two way center back when he was in the ohl. I remember at one of the vancouver canucks events that they helped with the fans at rogers arena jared mccann said that he models his game after ryan kessler, to which canucks fans booed, because ryan kessler at that point in time, was the guy whom the canucks actually Traded to get the draft pick for jared mccann and the way that he left was sour in the eyes of many fans, but today we love ryan kessler, so let’s just continue on. With that little story. Jared mccann played his first season in the nh show, with the vancouver connection 2015 2016. back, then he was known as a guy who actually had a pretty good snipe. He had nine goals. 69 games played 18 points on the year. Wasn’T really super amazing, but hey. He was a 19 year old guy making his debut. He was just kind of there. You know when he did score goals.

They were very nice snipes and overall, the vancouver canucks didn’t really give him an opportunity to showcase that ryan kessler, like game style that he had established for himself back at that press conference or not even press conference, it was just kind of like a meeting with The season ticket holders – i believe, but the season after that jared mccann – was no longer suiting up for the vancouver canucks because he was traded in a deal for eric goodbranson and a lot of penguins fans know about eric and branson yeah yeah yeah. We know they played on the same team for a little bit afterwards, but erica branson was acquired by the canucks in exchange for mccann, and that was kind of the last canucks fans saw out of him fast forward to today. Jared mccann in 17 games played as 10 points for the pittsburgh penguins last season. He had 35 points in 66 games, but but i really wanted to focus on was the overall underlying data behind jared mccann and the way he plays because right now, if you take a look at the pittsburgh penguins and you sort by corsi, four percentage jared mccann Is literally, first out of every single player who has suited up for the penguins this season, 17 games played he’s got a 57.4 core c4 percentage, meaning that every time he is on the ice, the pittsburgh penguins are getting a lot more shot. Attempts for and a lot fewer shot attempts against the expected goals.

Four percentage is also lying in jarrod mccann’s, favor too, because he has a 57.64 expected goals for percentage that is first on the team. Second, is sydney crosby with 56.05 goals, 4 per 60, hey jared mccann’s first in that category, as well he’s up here with 5.35 higher than all the other players on the team, including evgeny, malkin, cindy crosby, j, kensel, etc, and goals against per 60, hey he’s, actually Out here with some good underlying data as well, there are only two players who have suited up for the penguins. This season will have a better goals against per 60 rate. They are sydney crosby and zac, aston reece. So, just from the underlying data over here, it looks like the overall two way, ability and impact that jared mccann said he wanted for himself back when he was saying yeah. I compare my game to ryan kessler looks like they’re starting to become a little bit bigger of a hint in that and i’m, not saying that jared mccann is being a shut down two way guy who plays the pk and he’s your number one penalty kill specialist I’M not saying that in specifics, because obviously core c and all that it doesn’t take into account some of those extenuating circumstances, it’s just from a pure statistical analysis. Point of view jared mccann is one of the most positive players on the penguins in terms of generating offense and controlling opposition offense in the production he has hey it’s, not terrible 10.

17 games, it’s, probably among the top of his point per game categories that he’s had In the nhl thus far and he’s, only 24 years old, so he’s a guy who definitely does have the capacity to improve it’s just a matter of how long that takes him and how far he can go so for josh yohey to come over here on to The athletic and suggest an idea of trading him away to detroit or ottawa to give him some more ice time. I think if this is a guy that is made available for any of these teams in any capacity you jump over, it call up ron heck stall. Ask him: hey you’ve, got this guy mccann we’ve heard you guys are interested in maybe working out a deal, because maybe he’s not working out for you guys all too well. What exactly is the price here? Because this is the kind of guy whom, if you’re a rebuilding franchise, he could probably help speed up your rebuild in some capacity because he’s young enough that he can still come in here and contribute long term with your dylan larkins or your philip sadinas. Or your tim stutzelos or bradykachuks, but he’s also old enough to the point that if you give this guy the keys to the car, you say hey: this is your team now you’re one of the top forwards on this team, go out there and do something he Probably can and it’s not like he’s all too much older either because let’s face it.

He was drafted the same year as dylan larkin. You think dylan larkin still has room to improve and become better and take this team into the promised land in the next few years. Then hey jared mccann is right in that age group. So, depending on the price, i would not be surprised if either pierre dorian and the ottawa senators or steve eiserman in the red wings were jumping all over this, especially if he is actually made available. Like josh johay suggests, the penguins should do again, we’re not making it seem like this is gon na happen, it’s just a possibility. An idea brought up here on one article that suggests what should be happening here but for jared mccann. I honestly do think that there is a value in this kind of player it’s just with vancouver. There are always some issues going on, i think, with personalities or whatever that’s kind of what the word on the street usually says: it’s, never really something that was established in writing or whatever it was all just kind of hearsay with vancouver and why the canucks got Rid of him for eric and branson, if you want a very small piece of tidbit history here on the channel, my old video talking about the trade when it happened actually is still up, and i think i opened it talking about how i was running around in The living room or something when the trade was announced, because i was like super high on the prospects for 10 and mccann the guys at that 2014 draft jared mccann by the way taken one spot before david posternock, so yeah.

You can definitely understand my frustration when looking upon that 2014 nhl entry draft today, but for jack mccann. It definitely is not something to ignore the fact that this guy has been improving. He has been a good nhl player, he’s, doing really good things for the penguins. Statistically speaking, although i test speaking actually watching the games, things could be a little bit different, but the raw analytics of it the course he four percentage, the expected goals for and against percentage, hey, he’s doing really well according to the numbers here, but obviously you know Analytics don’t tell the entire story, but they are one part of what is a story of a hockey player. So talk to me in the comments, if you’re a sense, fan or a red wings fan, would you want to go after this kind of guy if he is made available and what would be the most that you would be willing to give up because i’m kind Of thinking for this kind of a guy, i would probably expect a first round pick at the very least, maybe add another prospect in there, maybe add a third or whatever, to balance out the scales, because this certainly is a seemingly valuable nhl player.

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