Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, National Hockey League Rasmus Dahlin Is BEING HELD BACK By Ralph Krueger? Buffalo Sabres News & Trade Rumors Today NHL 2021

Man are you a buffalo fan or something because you’ve been making so many videos talking about the sabers, the rumors, the players, the trades and all that stuff what’s going on man and honestly, i got ta am just like falling in love with the subject, because the Buffalo sabres are so gosh darn terrible this year that there’s just so much to talk about with this team, not saying i’m, a guy who watches all the games or whatever, but just seeing the stories and acknowledging what’s going on with this franchise. That to me is super fun to converse about, and what we’re talking about here is a guy whom we kind of talked about yesterday, not really. No. We didn’t really talk about him all too much, but we’re talking again about rasmus dalian, because the previous time we spoke about him. We spoke about his comments. He said he was embarrassed. He said that the team absolutely needs to play better and that it sucked the way that they’re playing back then well guess what the buffalo sabres recently they’ve lost the previous three games against the new york islanders, every single one against the islanders. Last night. They lost five to two to new york, the night before that they lost five to two to new york and then on thursday guess what they lost. Five to two to new york, yeah it’s kind of funny isn’t it three straight five to two losses like that kind of blows my mind, but today we’re talking about rasmus darling, because when i was looking at the highlights of the sabers game, because i am here In vancouver regional blackouts, plus the games are a little bit early, so i’m, usually asleep when they go on yeah shut up.

Don’T judge me, but when i was watching the highlights catching up up to speed, i noticed something about jeff skinner’s, very first goal on the season, because on skinner’s play, which was the first buffalo goal of the game, it was rasmus dahlin who was out there on The power play doing what he does best in the offensive zone. He took the puck on the half boards. He circled back to the top of the umbrella kind of did a spin move around the guy that was attacking him and just casually breathed right by him. Darlene then sent the puck in and the stuff happened, the bounces happened and then jeff skinner eventually scored, and when i saw this clip pop up on my reddit feed. I looked at the comments and i looked at what people were talking about with rasmus, dali and here’s. The comment thread i wanted to go over here, good skating by rasmus darlene there, if only ralph krueger did not try to kill that out of him every game. I read that comment and i was like huh well yeah darlene is a good skater. He did that very nicely in the clip. What exactly are they talking about here? This comment has 266 upvotes at the time of this recording. Does he really try to limit daleen carrying the puck that’s like the main thing that made him a first overall pick and the reply here says: yeah i’m, pretty sure dahlin said that him carrying it through the neutral zone.

Doesn’T align with ralph kruger’s principles quote unquote. The problem with krueger is that anytime, the players deviate from the principles it’s their fault for losing touch with the system and not his fault for preventing all these talented players from playing their game. Then the next reply do his principles involve losing every game seems like it that’s kind of a joke, but you know what it’s a really interesting kind of managerial coaching player relationship perspective. When you take a look at how erasmus darlene is being forced to play now before we proceed any further, i want to talk a little bit about just what exactly makes darlene so great, because the other commenter in this thread over here new york rangers ironically enough Kind of nailed it on the head here, darlene carrying the puck running around within the offensive zone and the neutral zone, breaking it out with control that’s his niche that’s, his bread and butter that’s. What made him so good back when he was in sweden? Remember when rasmus stalin was 16 years old, i do it was 2016 and he made his debut at the froelinda hockey club in the shl. He made headlines because, oh this is the first guy born in the 2000s to ever suit up in the swedish hockey league and he made a play that ended up being such a huge moment in frol under hockey history that year, where the guy picks the puck Up in his own zone, he dashed right through the neutral zone, with control getting by guys so quickly and so easily.

So smooth and elegant, like a warm knife through butter, he comes into the offensive zone. He deeks to the middle, he shoots and he scores. That was the biggest moment of rasmus darlene’s career at that point in 2016, and it set the presidents of what we had to see with this guy. As his draft year came towards us, and as he succeeded in that draft here, darling at his best is carrying the puck he’s, rushing with it and he’s just casually going by whatever it is in front of him. He’S not like quinn hughes, where he can absolutely embarrass you by going one way and then quickly. Circling the other, making you fall down and making the fans go. Whoa but rasmus dahlin is just a guy that you do not get the puck away from when he has it, because he’s just so good at maneuvering around people, so effortlessly, not the deception that queen hughes has but just the flawless execution that’s. What made rasmus darlene. So great beforehand was that in the offensive zone he was going around he’d just spin around you, but there you go you’re out of position. You can try to come back and attack him again, but now he’ll, just spin around he’ll move his hips to block your stick, it’s so effortless from rasmus darlene, and he could do that carrying the puck out of his own zone. He could do it in the offensive zone that’s what made him excel as an offensive, defenseman and it’s.

What makes him excel so well as a power play quarterback. In fact, this is what kevin adams said about rasmus darlene, because he was asked earlier. If dahlin has regressed, he says, rasmus is one of the top players with the puck on his stick, he’s an incredible talent. This is the hardest league in the world. He just needs to work through it. He hints that the team needs to work on finding an identity, and so when i looked at more of the tape of the buffalo sabres and tried to analyze what exactly it is ralph krueger is doing with rasmus darlene. We had a few clips that really pop out here’s one from jack han. This is the guy who was the assistant coach under sheldon keith with the marley’s organization a few years ago. He has his own media brand going on right now and he posted a few clips of what exactly the buffalo sabres breakout is looking like, where they have their own system, their principles in place where the two forwards are going up there with no within the rush. No speed differential and minimal deception or change of direction with no trailing defense right there, rasmus daleen, is at the beginning of the clip and he doesn’t join the rush it’s, something that has been ingrained in these sabers breakouts, where the defensemen who are good at carrying The puck and rushing it up themselves with control like rasmus daleen, are not really being given the free reign to do so because it doesn’t align with the principles, which is why this video’s topic is asking the question as to whether or not the coaching style with Ralph kruger is in a way limiting darlene it’s, holding him back it’s, not allowing him to be the best version of himself, the version of himself that sabres fans thought they were getting when they drafted him first overall in 2018.

. Now, what buffalo is seeing out of rasmus darlene is him giving the puck away in defensive zones him always constantly defending two on ones and being caught in weird spots where the new york islanders are spinning around and going around and making some nice passes out in Front obviously there’s room to improve defensively for erasmus, dolly and that’s for sure. But when you go out there and you say to a guy whose strength is carrying the puck up with control, you tell him nah man you’re not allowed to do that. That’S breaking the principles here. My guy starts to get a little bit silly doesn’t it and i know there’s, probably a lot more layers to it, it’s, not as simple as just that in itself, but i do think it’s worth bringing up that rasmus dahlin is legitimately one of the best players. The sabres have seen on the blue line he’s one of the best talents they’ve had in a long time and he’s only like 20.. So when you have a position where this team is so poor, you’re still finding offense from none of the guys that you wanted to get off friends from like taylor, hall and jack eichel, and all that and you have a system that limits some of the great Offensive talent you have on the back end like what you have right now gets really fishy, in my opinion, so for ralph krueger, we don’t really know if there’s an expiring timeline on this or whatever what’s going to go on in the future with rasmus stalin, as He develops i’m sure he’s still going to be a great number one defenseman by the time he is in his prime, because he is nowhere near his prime, yet he’s still getting 40 plus points a season, even though he’s, not in his prime.

In my opinion, by the way, so he’s got a lot more to give at this level it’s, just with the way the sabers are right now how bad they are, how bad everybody seems to be on that team. It sucks that one guy, who definitely has a lot more to show for is being limited in the way that it looks like he is being so talk to me in the comments what you thought about this rasmus dolling video. Do you agree with the assessment that he actually is kind of being held back from what he could be doing because that’s? What it looks like to me tell me in the comments what you think based off of what we have seen.

What do you think?

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