Los Angeles Lakers, NBA, LeBron James, Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Western Conference Kyle Kuzma Full Game Highlights vs IND (24 PTS, 13 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL) NBA 20/21 Season

Lakers didn’t have any one of the few teams that uh can say that rebound kuzma it’s been the defense uh improved. He took a a lot of criticism for his defense last year. In the bubble he comes up limping a little bit cruz is open. He sets his caruso. He had was just the 11th in nba history. That included steals. He misses the free. Throw mcconnell he’s going to attack. Damian jones is in the game for the lakers holidays, open that’s going to be woefully short. It goes right into the hands of kuzma, but jones was open for an instant that’s called helping the helper. That was a great play by uh holiday jeremy. Lamb is coming off of that torn acl from last february 18 points 11 minutes, mcconnell perpetual motion outside on its way there’s a three missing kuzmas got yet it has quite a resume kuzma right back now to lebron bounce to coos, as he goes to the basket And he scores and he hit the floor. Pretty hard goes back to indiana once again there’s the roll the pass kuzma knew he missed it tapped it once twice boy what great work by kyle, kuzma earning free throws, found mcdermott for the three and that’s. What got them back to an eight point lead getting in and out of the starting lineup one night before he had that season. High 25 on march the 3rd – and he missed a game 71 64 – make it 65.

did hardly get a piece of that right. Half here’s a guy that blocks a lot of shots and he’s firing up threes turner looks like he’s been around a little bit longer than that huh under three minutes ago. Trez is in very deep and scores montrez good, look inside cruz is just three for 10 tonight. Oh the speed underneath it’s gon na miss rebound kuzma should have used his left hand. Lakers play a lot of home games this month. In fact, for the next five at home, eight of 11 this month looks to get the lakers closer than the eight point deficit here’s, a quick word from jack in the box Applause march to the free throw line, continues for the lakers and mcconnell in charge, but Take it away great play by schroeder now lebron with some speed here. He goes all the way can’t score. Kuzma is there for the follow basketball. Bj has control of it wanders in kicks it out. The kuzma 7 10 remaining in the game, kuzma that’s a good shot for him, and he scores and we’re tied at 88.. He’S got a seven minute game here. Lebron goes to the dribble: kick it out now for kuzma on its way down, it goes bring it up for kyle, kuzma got it and the lakers get the one point. Lead Applause, they’re on a 17 4 extended run and kuz is going to get a rebound. Cruz has got his double double tonight.

A little one. On one look at the defender. All loading up on the weak side started by holliday. Sabonis is just camped in the middle. They try to find kuzma. Oh mcconnell made a mistake that time he went for the steal underneath they want so bonus. It’S good play by schroeder came back to challenge kuzma two big steps to lane nice job of reading. The defense and he’s only a point away from his season high holiday, trying to indy only five for 15.

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