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Only on twitch the link is in the description below Music 11 is for the euro we’re gon na do one together or our own let’s all put our candidates. I don’t think he’ll come up with number one yeah. I want a group on nick yeah or potentially, if dean henderson at the moment, he’s stayed in united’s team for the last couple of weeks. If, for whatever reason, he stays in the team till the end of the season could see dino not as a starter, though i mean you put pope ahead of him or i’ve not seen as much of port recently, i i think he will be ahead of him In the past, it’s so difficult to put somebody it’s, it’s so difficult to put a keeper, you can’t really pick somebody who isn’t starting for their club, guaranteed against somebody who is slightly yeah. No, i i agree with you that’s why i said yeah if he stays in his team until the end of the season, because then that would be like four or five months in the team keeping clean sheets. You know, if that happens, i i expect henderson to be first totally. Pickford will be really english when you say you expect. Is that something you want him to be, or you know i just. I would expect that, because, if there’s anything that i’ve learned from the last 20 years watching england it’s, if you’re a first choice player at a club like manchester united, it doesn’t matter how good anyone else is what shirt you’re wearing matters and you do walk into The team, the amount of times you’re, seeing players at newcastle outperforming players who were bigger clubs, whether it happens now or not, is irrelevant like if henderson, if he stays in this team, like adam said, i think he will be first choice because the england managers they Look at man, united, and especially if money finished second in the league and henderson, is their first choice.

Goalkeeper at that point, that’s going to be a big deal of southgate yeah what’s. The formation here are we playing 3 4 3 we’re playing 4 3 3 it’s, going to be a four free, yeah or a four two three one isn’t it because in my formation i went three four three, but because it allows you to load the midfield a Bit better: well, what is southgate going to do? We kind of got he’s gon na. Do five at the back. He’Ll do five to five, which is a three four three: okay, fair enough! So, pope all day long long, we’re, all saying, pope and we’re all saying henderson is gon na be pickford. Can we make a case for pickford at all, because i think pickford is improving this season? Distribution is, is the case. I don’t agree with it, but distribution is is the case. I think i just think time and time again, it’s it’s people going. Oh pickford’s, let us down again it’s been tried yeah. Like always let us down again. Does this not feel like a bit of a turning point for him i feel like since he injured van dyke, even before that he was having a decent. He was having a decent season. Don’T bring that into it. Do you know what there are always so laurence? They always seem to be with pickford there’s, always moments, that’s. What i’m saying and the moment’s becoming more regular. Now like there’s, more moments, every season yeah like yeah, there’s, more moments, he’s erratic as hell anymore, but i feel like that’s, but in in his own terms.

He’S had a very conceivable yeah right though he got judging by like us, but the point is, but the point is that after after he was dropped and actually um, you know ancelotti said this. He said that’s perfectly normal for me to do in italy and since he’s come back from being dropped a couple of times. He’S looked a lot better, so i’m only making the case for him just to make sure we have an actual conversation about it, but sure let’s go with dope. Um let’s go right back first, because um right back is a really sort of meaty element of the conversation where there’s so many choices back there. You know you’ve got trent, who’s had and not had a great season at liverpool, but is still a great cross for the ball. Doesn’T seem as stable defensively. Aaron wambasaka is possibly putting the case forward right now. I think i would say the pecking order currently goes. Reese james trent and then one bursa i don’t think reese is ahead of one i’d, take wambasaka and trent, and it depend on the opposition. Alexander arnold is alexander. Arnold is over everybody. I think, irrespective of i think it depends on our position, but when we’re, you know when you create when you, when you create this team, one of the things that you have to factor in right, it’s form over 24 36 months. That has to count for something it has to it.

Can’T literally be how good have you been in the last six games? It has to be what what’s your record. Who are you? What do you bring? What do you know what does not represent doesn’t it does that. How do you play come into it, though yeah and how how the the team will be? Alexander, arnold, irrespective of form this season, has recently won the european cup recently, the best fallback in the country. I hear you, but the the previous season ma matters more than any of any of the other data that we’ve got, because that is the fresh data, and that is what they’re most likely to perform like in a tournament. So, on that basis, if we were going on that, i think people making the case for one besik, i would have a strong one. Well so what what about the case to be made for from? In my opinion, the best right back in the premier league carl walker he’s a great side of a three in a center back position. There’S a shout out if you’re playing, if you’re doing the three uh three center half, then he is, he is the other center half yeah that’s. Why? I had him as part of a three, but if you’re playing a four three three well, no but we’ve said it it’ll be a five wouldn’t it if it’s five at the back, then kyle walker, i think, is the right side of the three stones in him.

Either side of harry maguire, wow, so there’s a this is a very progressive back line. We’Ve got and on that basis i would i would go for trend, even though, if it was right back versus right back this season, i’d pick one sucker, but i think kyle walker is so solid and so quick he could compensate for some of the mistakes. We do see from trent and it’s a three as well. He goes for trippier, though, like do we need to factor that in sure goes trippier. I think i’m not quite sure why he still insists on that, but it must be some sort of dynamic he likes amongst the players. It would. It would baffle me if, if he did go for trivia i’d feel like his current set up like yeah with the with the talent we’ve got now yeah, i think uh everything that we’ve learned from southgate suggests that he has his men. Well, this is ours yeah, so yeah who’s left side but again see like if we were playing france, trent doesn’t start no. I i’ll move for that, and i hear what you’re saying like one versace are as solid as if we are under under threat constantly in the game having him ahead of trend makes sense, but for if let’s just say it better yeah the best left back shot. I feel, like luke, shaw, sure yeah this season. I probably agree yeah. So what we’re saying uh luke shaw left back yeah trent right back walker stones, maguire center button.

It sounds the most solid right. Midfielder i’d do a back four but yeah. I agree with those positions: let’s do that and then i think in the midfield. You need two central midfielders for me, it’s rice and mount, but the question is: do you think that so i get it in the premier league rice and mount both work in their individual systems? Do you think these guys work against the best midfields that are just doesn’t henderson? I think you have to put that kind of going back to my point. Henderson’S been injured, and i i just i know well henderson will be back by then he should be about by then so yeah let’s. If it’s, if he’s, fully fit diet, we got who’s in the who’s. I’M. Sorry there’s. Nobody, these are the players that he’ll think yeah. I know i know henderson right mount rice, yeah. Anyone else are missing: um who’s, a player i mean you could say that trent will be a transition, but he’s not played, i think, definitely bryce and henderson. What about the world practice yeah world press deserves a mention here. He’S not going, though, is he he deserves mention, but it’s not going to happen. He’S like cresswell. I think he falls into that category. He’S had a good season, yeah he’ll probably be in the squad, and then he said you have to look at what about leads. Yeah well, he’s been in a few squads doesn’t.

He philipp’s got in the last squad, he’s been if, if they’re all fully fit hundred percent jordan henderson’s the first name on the team yeah for me, yeah wow yeah, he has proven he drives teams to win trophies more than anyone else in that squad yeah. He goes so henderson’s literal job is similar to it. Liverpool get the ball, pass it off to one of those creators yeah and destroy henderson henderson as much as what we do when we have the boy it’s as much. What we do when we he’s going to but he’s a general as well, and he lets everyone know what the they should be doing than that he’s. Just such a we. If you, you, don’t, win anything without a leader, and i think he is the most natural leader in that team. Pretty good engine as well isn’t it yeah yeah, yeah, yeah and you’re gon na have to outrun people um and providing these hundred percent. He would be the first one to be honest, it’s. A case of you know like what adam was saying about trent versus wambasaka it’s a bit like mount versus rice. It depends on who you’re now mount i’m gon na be making a case for oh yeah. I would i’d be interested to see the case being made from out to come on later in the game. When saying linda in a different position, i think you could make a good midfield substitution, but the point is then: you’ve got two wider players or like two inside attacking forwards in that formation.

So we’ve got four four left, so we’ve got we’ve, got three we’ve got a number ten and then a front three or what we’re saying an attack in mid and then the front. I was thinking the next would be three the next three in a line and then kane up top. It would be mine, okay, rocco right right, bearing in mind those full backs are bombing on on there. So what we’re saying for the front? Three, though so that’s, where it’s that’s, why i’m saying i feel for me if you do play that three, four three or the five at the back, you have to play inverted wingers, because the inverted wings would play a bit tighter, which could be a mount or It could be uh, maybe rashford, because i feel like rashford is a bit cheap. Did you know that you know the person to work out if he starts or if he’s better used as and when is jack greelish it does jack really have to start or is jack greelish our x factor is that he has to play. I agree he won’t under southgate. I agree he has to play, but does he have to stop? In my opinion, a bit more the front four would be grealish in behind harry kane, with rashford and sancho um, bad boy wow best front four. No. It feels weird to me to not be pretty like how can england not play phil fodor? No, no, but i yeah because of jack really that that’s that again that’s, because in that area, we’ve got so many options.

I don’t. I think that there’s so many difficulties. If jack grealish played for man city, he would never be on the bench. The geezer is unbelievable. He’S top five players in the league. If we’re going off performances this season, grealish overflowing that doesn’t mean fordham won’t, overtake grealish in his career because he could well do. But it’s about right now, but do we need do we need to be a little bit more creative and make sure that those two are on the pitch? Then i think the when you say we need to be a bit more creative. I think it goes back to what we said about the the midfield as well. It depends who you’re playing so if you need to, if you’re, playing against a team where a religion that kind of combination play you need that. But if you need a foden type of combination player, i feel like the two of you does. Rashford definitely start. Has he been good enough? This season, i don’t know he’s been his performances themselves, but his numbers are unbelievable. I don’t think marx rashford is. Is it like the waves we were talking about? We were talking about, i wouldn’t even think about sterling. I think i wouldn’t even think about him playing on this game. He’S he’s, really um, he’s, really sort of dwindled out hasn’t. He when you’re dwindling and your team are top of the league. You know you’re underperforming, that, yes, that is not even even man, city funds, i think, would it would have been this fake team.

We’Ve got three positions: we’ve got three positions there, so so adam said four, but we’ve only got three left so the point. The point is: where we’re gon na it’s a front three in it that’s what we’re looking at so front three. So what is the and yes, okay, you see because of this conversation that we’re having about a front players that’s, why? I think four two three one is the formation you’ll pick, because you are able to then it’s the classic formation more of your players: okay, okay! So, on that basis, let’s redo this or yeah – maybe drop trent and put car walker. Today, exactly that’s fine drop one of these okay, okay. So so the three would be let’s just do the front fours. If it was a back four, so it’s kane who’s got it because kane will yeah and then the three behind him the three behind him. Could you make a case for rashford, mainly because he’s the closest to a son type figure that we’ve got in the team and could create that kind of a relationship? I just think because he’s the best on the left that that’s why he’ll play, but i do i hear what you’re saying the similarities, the greatest complainer he can, which is true, but i think jack really is through the middle. I think i think relish is a ten he’s not give him the freedom of the pitch because he’s a fraggle but give jack really the freedom of the pitch.

Let him do what he wants. Let him be gaza. Let him be that guy and trust me we’ll, bring that bastard home that’s not going to happen, though, is it i’ve been watching a lot of rashford lately and i’ve been watching a lot of forwarding and forwarding a different level of rashford um mustard yeah. So as much as i i love rashford because of everything he’s done and i think you know i’ve seen him score so many goals. That meant something and i do think big game player. He may be someone who you can rely on in that situation. Foden’S been undeniable, so it’s like what about madison he’s come on live this season. Yeah he’s good, but i don’t know like we’re. Talking to me, i’d go grillish if i’m going on, who are levels, nice, grillish, forwarding and essential with cane up front. It’S definitely kane, but this is this is the fact that we’ve established this one, the obviously i’m, so who’s on the left, who’s on the right. Who’S in the middle i’m so excited that’s. My problem is, i actually, i think, there’s a real problem with the middle, but i couldn’t choose this, but this is the thing like this is the first to choose right now. This is the first time going into like. I told him where you think me fellas, like this team. Now it’s got the minerals to go it’s the first time i’ve ever thought it mate.

First, no it’s mental how’s. It got the manager, though oh the middle, all right let’s say green is rashford right. Can we make a case for anyone else’s no one’s mentioned uh osaka for arsenal, but that’s, probably not good he’ll, be a good squad again. Like rory said earlier, you’ve got look at the past 36 months or whatever it is, rather than just like this season. Right right now, i feel like it’s forwarded versus rashford yeah yeah, all right it rock. Do you think he’s? Do you think he does play? I see i don’t, i don’t know we’re doing our teams, but i don’t feel fordham would play on the left. I think he has to be in the middle right or on the rally, but i feel he’s better through the middle. The reason i think you would i’d put you could make an argument for sterling and foden. I wouldn’t have stolen the other. No, no, not in the form of he can play in the bench. Whatever combination i’d have i like rashford, but i’d, probably go forward in greelish sunshine in behind wow. I don’t know what it is too. Behind those i like either. One of those like i like. I, like, i think you picked russia. I like it. I think you’ll pick rashford ahead of a young lad like what, though it’s, really foreign as well, because i feel like a lot of those people are interchangeable, so rashford and sterling or rashford, and whoever else you want out there and then sancho and foden or something Like that it’s like it, you really need it’s.

Whichever part fits against that particular team yeah, so you pick foden for a tactical reason. You pick rashford or that’s what’s, so great about this team. Now is that there are so many different, especially up top. You could do whatever you want yeah, but the the when we have been successful, we’ve had a very clear cut, obviously they’re starting a level and everyone knew their job and i think if southgate does want to actually make a festival. What was that team again? Nobby styles, the 96, the 96 team picked itself yeah that’s. What i might have the knight, but arguably they’re, also talented – that generation that we’re sort of having similar conversations about now so that the fowler the rights, those kind of people, i think, yeah they think matt didn’t get looking he’s a fantastic player. If you look at ian wright les ferdinand and robbie fowler, they probably were out scoring teddy, showing him that season, but sharing them complimented shira perfectly and the blend was there, but southgate needs to start thinking about it. With this front, four is what blend actually works, because if we don’t get that right, it doesn’t matter what names are there it’s pointless? 100. 100 it’s. It takes a very brave manager to pick darren anderton nice over steve mcmanaman anderson was an attacking midfielder. No, but he picked him over back in 1996, anderson was playing over beckham at times and whatever not in 96.

Later like in his career, anderson was starting over becca, which didn’t always in the 98 world cup. That was because beckham started the game against colombia, then scored and then didn’t come out of the team. I was a. I was a fan boy yeah that was that’s been annoying, but it takes a very brave manager, so that’s. What we’re looking at is with people like raheem sterling or marcus rashford, who have numbers especially sterling, but the performances this season do not match greylish, foden and maybe sansho. You know it need. You have to look beyond that and it’s just whether he’s got the courage and the and the actual brains to say that, because the amount of times we’ve come out of a world cup and go well we’ll, never go on names again and we’ll always go on Foreign and we never learn our lesson we, this is the one where you go, raheem sterling clearly not on the level of graylish, clearly you’re, not on the level of some of the other players right now, no way let’s be real south game. Picking. None of these teams, he’s picking about six right, backs three defensively. Do you know who else he’s, i don’t think he’s wrong in starting him either by the way, but i think he’s brilliant, but nobody really seems to back him around the table. I think laurence mentioned it, but nobody else mason mount mason mounts starts with southgate. Definitely i like mason he’s, brilliant, i think he’s, not agreeing.

No. I think that i think that somebody needs to be clever enough to work out a way of getting all of these brilliant players in the team. Nah don’t happen, he’s, not he can’t polish greelish’s boots really. Can he yeah see that’s that’s, not that’s, not true, like that really isn’t? True the searing Laughter that’s, just not true, always loved. You it’s, not true. We’Ve learned the hard way, jack readers paid for chelsea Music, the kickoff now exclusively live on. Twitch click.

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