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They were hoping to close up to arsenal today, but it wasn’t to be 36 points from their 28 games, played still an impressive return to the premier league for them it’s, so tight at the top. You know that, after this draw, if the team’s behind chelsea, namely west ham, everton and tottenham, win those games in hand, chelsea will drop down to seventh in the premier league table it’s, so tight towards the top um and a quick reminder that we’ve got a big Ufc fight night tonight with a brit forward chances, both goalkeepers made good saves. It was a good entertaining game and you wouldn’t have you: wouldn’t have got a price and it being neil neil at the start of the game from way both teams played but that’s what it was and um it’s a point drop for chels two points drop for Chelsea yeah it’s a better result for leeds that isn’t it yeah. It is um. I would say about both teams. I want to huffed and puffed without any real quality in the final. Third, i think that was the defining factor of this game. They lack quality in the final third, no one really created that outright chance that you thought wow that’s, a clear cut, bread and butter. Chance that’s been created from a bit of good play. That didn’t happen today. The final third, the decision making the quality at that end of the pitch was probably not where the managers would like it to be, but i agree with joe definitely two points dropped by chelsea.

I think a good point for for leeds absolutely let’s get some quick reaction. Then ben chilwell is uh with dez kelly let’s see what he has to say about the game. Yes, then the unbeaten run goes on. I suppose that’s. What happens? You get an ill nil when everyone predicts goals as well yeah, i think, obviously coming into the game. Um, like you said, people would have probably predicted goals. Um the way leads play is obviously pretty free flowing and um. You know they’re a difficult team to play against they’re. You know athletic um switch positions, a lot. You know on the pitch and um. You know it was a tough game. It was, you know it wasn’t wasn’t, the best pitch for both teams to play on and um. You know we’re going to come away, disappointed that we didn’t get the win uh, we created chances and you know, like i said it was disappointing that we didn’t get the win yeah. It was it just the finish. The final ball. I mean the work chances. First, half yeah, i mean there were chances um. I had a few chances. I had one in the second half that i should have scored. So you know i think we’re going to be um. You know we’re going to want more from from each other. In the final third and that’s, something that we’re trying to add um, you know defensively as a team, we’re we’re, solid and we’re, not conceding, but i think you know going forward we’re going to want to try and score more goals to you know get us these Sort of wins, it’s, nice that you can fall back on a clean sheet and your goalkeeper contributed to that as well made a couple of good saves.

He did jay. We know that when it comes down to it, we can rely on edu to you know. Then one or two opportunities in the game that he has to concentrate and make a vital save for us. We know that he’s he’s going to do that for us it’s interesting for chelsea players, because you have to think on your feet out there, because the manager’s always changing the system rotating the squad challenging to you. It is yeah. I think you know it’s a good thing when you’ve got so many. You know good players in each position that are all ready to play. Um. It just means that during the week during training everyone’s fighting for that for that spot um, you know in the starting eleven, and you know that just challenges all of us to push each other to obviously try and you know, get that start on the weekend and, Like i said, that’s only a positive thing got a draw but it’s very tight up there in that battle for the top four it’s gon na those two points could be costly. Yeah, like you, said, that’s, why we’re disappointed coming away from it um. You know it’s very tight between you know. Third and eighth there’s, not many points. So you know these sort of games. We want to be winning and you know, it’s a difficult game away, and if you can’t win it, you know it is a positive that you’re not going to lose it either thanks ben.

Thank you all the rest cool the chelsea boss, talking to dez kelly, thomas 12 games and counting unbeaten 10 clean sheets, but does that feel a little bit like an opportunity missed today a little bit but pitch is super hard to play and we had a couple Of chances to go to to go one zero ahead and in the end of course, they they trouble. You they put pressure on you and and the more minutes you need to make a goal. The more they believe is normal, but there were enough chances yeah, but sometimes it’s like this. We cannot. I don’t want to be too too harsh. Now it happens. Sometimes that it’s hard to score that you miss some big chances. Then you go out with a zero zero it’s like this. That was the story. Wasn’T it particularly car habits. It’S, nothing seems to drop for him. Does it at the moment? Yeah. Sometimes it’s like this uh as long as we have chances as long as we have a lot of touches in the box and we don’t concede too many chances, the the results will be. There is like this. Sometimes we need to accept the results. You change the system a little bit today. Almost a false number. Nine, i suppose, is the phrasing you think it worked successfully yeah. I think he’s he’s pretty much a nine. I don’t think he’s a false number nine. He is a nine because he likes to be in the high position is for him not not always necessary to drop to number 10 in turn.

For me, his biggest strength is that he he loves to be in the high position and then that he loves to arrive in the box and in the in the in the six yard box. Even he loves to be there. He likes to have the the last touch and that’s. Why he’s? For me he can play number nine and he played number nine. Today, Music, manchester united, are uncertain whether to extend edinson cavanese contract amid concerns over his availability, the manchester evening news can reveal united staff. Are frustrated with kavanese recent layoff with a muscular injury, as medical staff had cleared him to play in some games. Cavani 34 returned after a 17 day, layoff at crystal palace last week, but was substituted after seventy four minutes and he has missed six of the last seven united games and is not expected to return against west ham. On sunday, united manager, olgunar salster claimed cavani didn’t feel right during united’s final training session prior to sunday’s derby at city and the uruguayan had to cut short. His session. Luke shaw: overcame a dead leg to play. The full duration of united’s victory at the eddie had stadium united, have the option of an additional year on cavanese contract, but both parties have to agree to the extension. Salsjeer has previously sounded optimistic about the possibility of cavani staying beyond the summer and staff at united’s carrington training, complex, have been in of cavanese presence, yet united had doubts over exercising the one year option in cavanese deal before his father revealed.

The striker is unhappy at united, luis cavani claimed. His son does not feel comfortable in england and wants to be close to the family. Again, specifically citing the issue of cavanese three match suspension from the football association over a social media post in november. The fa found kavani guilty of an aggravated breach after he shared a post from a friend on an instagram story: adding gracias, negrito. The literal translation of gracias. Negrito is thanks black, but kavani was replying to a friend who wrote aci quiero matador, which translates as i love you like. This matador kavani is nicknamed el matador. Kavani attempted to defuse the situation following his father’s comments on wednesday morning by writing on his social media accounts. He is proud to wear this shirt. Kavani has struggled to have a consistent run at united and missed a return to former club paris saint germain in october. Even though he trained with united the previous day, he sat out three games in december with a knock in kavani, has not started more than three games in succession. He has lined up 13 times for united since his deadline day arrival on october 5th united admitted caveny was a short term addition and remain in the market for a long term, number nine to replace romelu lukaku, who was sold to winter milan for 74 million euros In the summer of 2019, anthony martial enjoyed a career best 2019 20 telling 23 goals, but has been subdued this term and only scored seven times.

The same amount as caveny salsgear is a longtime admirer of tottenham figurehead harry kane and is still in contact with erling holland who rejected united in favor of joining borussia dortmund last season. Kane 27 is contracted to spurs until 2024 and the 75 million euros release clause. In holland’s, contract is not active until the summer of 2022 senior figures at tottenham have repeatedly derided united’s chances of signing kane and holland. 20 is one of the most coveted forwards in europe. United initially prioritized a central defensive signing in the summer transfer window and could struggle to invest in two major additions with a center forward, an increasingly pressing issue.

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