Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. My content is fragrances: fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Now let’s get started Music thanks for coming at such short notice. I know you’re really busy, but this is very important Music. Why are you all the way over there come closer i’m, not gon na bite you so let’s cut to the chase, because we’re both very busy is spring coming early this year or not because i’m ready to wear my spring fragrances, and i need to tell my Frag friends what’s popping for this spring Music Music, thanks for the intel guys, so you heard it here. First from my little groundhog friend spring is going to spring early this year. Okay and we’re going to be ready. So in this video i’m going to be sharing. My top designer picks for spring fragrances i’ll be following this video up with the niche version pretty soon in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that. But today we’re going to focus on 10 designer fragrances for spring, but before we go any further make sure you’re subscribed tap the notification bell. If you are so, you don’t miss any of my content. So the first fragrance on the list is this: warm spicy, tuberose, floral fragrance twilly d, hermes, guys this is a beautiful, beautiful, tuberose and ginger fragrance it’s, slightly spicy there’s tuberose, there’s ginger and there’s sandalwood it’s an amazing fragrance guys. The longevity on this fragrance is like seriously enormous and you can purchase shower gels.

You can purchase the body cream and the hand cream, because you know we need a lot of hand creams now that we’re sanitizing and your hands get really dry toy hand. Cream is amazing, guys this is a beautiful, beautiful fragrance. This is actually an all year round type of fragrance, but mainly this will shine so beautifully in the spring guys with that ginger and tuba rose note, amazing, twilly, b or miz next on the list is victor and rolf’s flower bomb guys. This fragrance is a rediscovered love for me because back in the day, this used to be my signature scent. Yes, i can’t believe actually had a signature scent. I put it down for years, because i was so tired of this fragrance and then earlier this or not. This year earlier last year, i rediscovered my love for flower bomb and i’ve been hooked ever since it’s such a beautiful fragrance. So the notes are bergamot there’s, green tea, there’s sandbag, jasmine there’s rose, freesia, musk and patchouli and guys you definitely smell the patchouli. In this fragrance, slightly earthly patchouli, but blended with the florals it’s, a beautiful fragrance super long lasting, and this is another one that you can layer with body creams and shower gels and hand, creams and rubs flower bomb. Now we have this oriental floor fragrance that i pretty much beat up and ran through coco mademoiselle guys. Look at this is this even called a dent. This is just total at this point.

This isn’t a dent anyway guys. So this is a beautiful youthful fun fragrance. In the house of chanel, i absolutely love it as you can tell, and this is another one that you can purchase. Body washes and creams and body oils it’s, very long, lasting it’s, very strong. It can be polarizing. Let me tell you some of the notes. There’S orange mandarin there’s orange blossom there’s bergamot there’s mimosa, jasmine turkish rose, ylang ylang, tonka bean there’s, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver and white musk, a lot of notes in this fragrance guys, but this is a very classic fragrance, very beautiful, very youthful. I feel like this is age. Appropriate for any age, if you’re in your 20s, if you’re in your 30s, 40s 50s 60s, whatever you can wear coco mademoiselle timeless fragrance guys now for my tuba rose and orange blossom lovers, givenchy leon chadie, the notes are orange blossom. It opens up with orange blossom. It gives you that fresh burst, then there’s jasmine, there’s, tuberose, there’s, vetiver and there’s patchouli it’s, a seductive sexy, floral fragrance, guys and it’s very long lasting for designer fragrance. This is very good quality and you can purchase the lotion. Actually. This was in a gift set i’m, not sure if they carry the lotion separately, but this is a very long, lasting fragrance. If you love tuberose, you love orange blossom. This is the fragrance for you, givenchy leon chadeet. Now we have this musky woody floral, slightly spicy af fragrance right here by charlotte tilbury scent of a dream guys.

This is a beautiful exotic, fragrance, very florally, very creamy, very sweet, it’s amazing – and i thank you, cheray lewis, for doing your review on this fragrance, because this fragrance is a must have so. The notes are lemon peach, mandarin and i’m going to give you some of the notes guys, because this has a lot of notes: there’s, a saffron black pepper, there’s, tuberose, there’s, violet, there’s, jasmine there’s, patchouli, there’s, incense, there’s, ambroxin, there’s, hedion and a note qualified tree, and I have no idea what a fire tree smells like and i did not look it up because the other notes, i know what the other notes smell, like so, with everything blended up with the fire tree. It is an amazing fragrance guys, long lasting there’s, no cream to this. I wish they would have a cream to this come on charlotte tilbury. We need a body cream, but you can layer with a rose lotion or whatever lotion you have. Maybe unscented would be best for this one. It just reminds me of just walking in a garden with a beautiful sundress, on like a floral sundress, with beautiful sandals on a beautiful spring day and just smelling like scent of a dream guys. The ciage on this is amazing, it is a must, have don’t look at the reviews. The negative reviews i don’t know what people talk about, like their nose must be broken, because this fragrance is amazing, charlotte tilbury, scent of a dream.

Now we have mugler’s alien, extraordinaire and guys. This is a very extraordinary fragrance. I haven’t smelled this in a while, so i’m, actually going to spray this one it’s so fresh and sweet. It almost smells like a popsicle to me, it’s, so beautiful guys so there’s tunisian neroli there’s tea, there’s, bergamot, there’s, tiara flower, there’s, heliotrope white, amber and cashmeren guys. This is so beautiful. So this is an alien flanker and if you smell the alien, the original alien in the beautiful purple bottle, which i love, because i am an alien girl, i’m, an angel and an alien girl actually, but this fragrance to me does not smell like the original alien. So this could have been its own fragrance to me. It’S not like, in my opinion, it’s, not a flanker. I mean there is there’s no jasmine in this fragrance either. So i mean whatever. In my opinion, it doesn’t have the dna of the original alien it’s, a beautiful fragrance. So if you have smelled the original alien and you just weren’t into it, you will love this guys. It’S, a beautiful, fresh tea like sweet fragrance that smells like a popsicle alien extraordinaire, and it is so extraordinary guys. Next on the list is tom: ford’s rose prick, guys it’s not spring. If rose prick isn’t on the list like seriously, this is a beautiful spicy. Peppery rose, like rose bomb fragrance, so it opens up a sichuan pepper, there’s, turmeric there’s may rolls turkish rose, bulgarian rose, patchouli and tonka bean guys i’ve heard people say that this doesn’t last on their skin, and for me this last i mean i layer with a Rose cream a rose body cream from joe malone, but this actually lasts on me and the thing about it is you’re.

Gon na have fragrances in your collection. That’S not gon na be super beast mode and long lasting and you know you’re gon na have those fragrances, but if the scent puts you in a place that you want to be in and it transports you to this beautiful magical place and it makes you happy, Then i feel like having a fragrance that’s not going to last on you for 12 hours. That’Ll, give you four to five, maybe six hours. If you push it over spray and layer, then i mean it’s it’s worth it to me in my opinion, because i don’t need a fragrance as mediocre that’s going to last on me for 13 hours, if you’re gon na last on me for four to five six Hours, that’s, moderate and you’re going to project, and i can take a decant of you and smell this beautiful amazingness throughout the day or the night. Then i mean it’s it’s a win for me. So tom ford rose prick. Now we have this classy feminine girly flirty. Just a beautiful, pretty fragrance, miss dior by dior guys the notes are really simple: there’s rose, bergamot and rosewood it’s, a beautiful fragrance. You can also purchase the lotion with this. If you want a layer, it just reminds me of being at brunch early in the morning. On a sunday, the breeze is blowing you’re by the water it’s, a beautiful feminine. It just makes you feel so. Ultra fem and classy guys it’s a beautiful fragrance, miss dior by dior.

Now we have one of my favorite designer brands for fragrances, narciso rodriguez, guys. I feel, like the majority of the fragrances that narciso rodriguez puts out for me, it’s a love. I absolutely love the quality of the fragrances they’re long lasting the scent. The way that he does musk to me is like no other guys, it’s a very clean, smooth, soft musk, and here we have flor musk and it’s a rose and musky fragrance, so there’s, pink pepper, there’s rose, peony, musk, patchouli and amber it’s, a very elegant, but Also sexy this can be date night. This can be worn in the day. It’S long lasting it garners super compliments guys. I definitely get a bunch of compliments when i’m wearing this fragrance you don’t have to over spray. This i mean you can, but this is a very long, lasting fragrance. The performance on this fragrance is beautiful and you could also purchase the body cream guys. Do you notice a trend here? I love to layer. Layering helps to extend the life of your fragrances, and it just i don’t know, it’s just a part of the entire experience. If i can get a shower gel and the body cream and top it off with the fragrance guys that’s. What i’ll do because i want to experience my fragrance experience in the shower, not just when i’m dressed and i’m putting on the fragrance. I want to smell that scent in the shower and then you put on your body cream, even though a lot of times the creams for me don’t have that high quality.

They may smell really good, but i always layer with the lotion as my base, like a regular like eucerin lotion or a thick body cream, just like unscented, and then i layer that scented lotion. On top of that, and then you put your fragrance who’s smelling better than you nobody. Now we have this beautiful prada fragrance iris, cedric, guys it’s a beautiful pottery fragrance. The notes are iris cedar tunisian neroli benzoin and incense it’s, a beautiful iris fragrance guys. Let me spray this one: oh it’s, so pretty it’s fresh. It just gives you a fresh blast, but then again, it’s still powdery and warm at the same time, but not warm like for fall. Warm just a cozy spring scent on those cooler spring days. It’S, a beautiful beautiful scent guys and for me i’m, getting about four to five hours of performance on this. It doesn’t come with a lotion or a body cream or shower gel, or anything like that, but it’s, a beautiful fragrance that you can decant and take with you and refresh because it’s not the most long, lasting but it’s, not horrible. Either it doesn’t it’s not struggling in performance but it’s, not giving you like beast mode or anything like that, but it’s, very clean it’s, very powdery, it’s, very fresh it’s, a beautiful, beautiful, scent, prada iris siegery it’s, not spring. If you don’t have a gucci bloom fragrance on your list right, i was going to put the original fragrance, but i recently talked about that in my tuberose video.

So i wanted to give ambrosia d fiori some shine, because i never really talked about this fragrance, but it is beautiful, so there’s, jasmine bud, there’s rangoon, creeper indian tuba rose there’s, the mask rose and tuscan auris, so they added rose to this fragrance guys, and it Is beautiful, long lasting, like the original gucci bloom, in my opinion, but this is sweeter if you felt like the original gucci bloom you didn’t like it, because the tuba rose was so strong or it’s like fresh toothpaste or you know, whatever. Whatever reason you didn’t like it, try this one here and i feel like this one you’ll definitely love this fragrance and look at the atomizer it’s such like a soft smooth mist. You still smell the tuberose, so you have to be a tuba rose lover or or not, but you do smell the tuberose, but there’s rose in here and it’s slightly animalic as well. Beautiful guys, gucci bloom, ambrosia d fiore, so that’s it guys 10 designer fragrances for spring. So let me know in the comments below what are some of the fragrances that you’re excited to wear or looking forward to wear this spring designer wise we’re, going to talk about the niche ones in another video. But today, let’s just keep a designer and give some light shine. Some light on the designer fragrances guys, because, even though i love niche fragrances – and i feel like when i do go – fragrant shopping, which is often the majority of the fragrances that i purchased or that i’m even looking for, are niche fragrances.

I’M content with where my designer fragrances are right now i’m, not looking for any new designer fragrances, i don’t care. If you’re intense, i don’t, i don’t care what flanker comes out: i’m. I’M good i’m good with my designer fragrances, so the ones that i have. I absolutely love so let’s talk about it in the comments below like we always do remember to stay safe, be great, stay great and always strive for greatness ai.

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