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You need to know about the spring equinox. So if that’s, something that interests you, then let’s get started Music. What is up y’all? How you doing, i hope, you’re doing well in this video, we are going to be talking all things spring equinox. What exactly is it relative to us on earth and the cosmos? How different spiritual traditions around the world acknowledge and align themselves with the equinox? How we can align ourselves with nature i’m also going to be adding some journal. Writing prompts at the end of this, if you kind of want to dive deeper into the more mental spiritual themes of the equinox and by the way, a majority of what i’m going to be talking about. In this, video comes from the araline astrology planner it’s, a planner that i actually created that has seasonal wellness, guides notifications for every major astrological event going on in any given year, full and new moon ritual pages, and so much more. So if you enjoy aligning yourself with nature in the cosmos, i highly recommend checking out the links in the video description or on the screen and with all of that said, let’s dive into this. So the spring equinox usually occurs either on march 20th or the 21st. Depending on the year and your time zone and for the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of spring longer days and the beginning of the new zodiac year and as the days get longer, the snow melts away spring generally is seen as a time of renewal.

Fresh starts and love, and this can be mirrored in our own behavior through cleansing, whether it is our physical body, our soul, our mindset or even our home in our physical space. The latin word equinox actually translates to the phrase equality of night and day, and this is the description of the unique equinox moment the day where we have equal daylight to nighttime hours. This is also why energetically there is an overarching theme of balance and equality on the day of the equinox, whether it’s now in the spring or in the fall. So what are some traditional spiritual and seasonal equinox practices in ancient egypt? They actually celebrated the resurrection of their song, god horus, along with the return of one of their spring gods, and this story of resurrection. These themes of fertility through the symbology of eggs and new life are all themes and storylines that predate our traditional stories of easter ancient egyptians even based their annual calendars. The placement of the sphinx and the pyramids of giza, the great pyramids of giza, which predate most ancient monuments that we see around the world, the mayan temples, the stonehenge predating all of that they aligned it with the path of the sun specifically beginning during the spring. Equinox, all of these things are very important: african cultural and historical reminders to celebrate new life fertility and the abundance of nature once it’s able to flourish following wintertime in ayurveda a 5 000 year old, indian, traditional healing science, the spring ayurvedic dosha called kapha, has qualities Of lubrication protection and growth, so incorporating things like breath, exercises and outdoor activities at a time like this is very much in alignment with these traditional understandings of where we as humans play a role in these phases of nature and how to maintain balance in the process And finally, in traditional chinese medicine, the spring season is seen as a time that is optimal for cleansing ourselves, both physically and spiritually.

This is because, in traditional chinese medicine, they see how our emotions and thought processes can impact our physical health, where they see certain negative and positive. Emotions can be stored in different organs of the body where different types of health conditions can then manifest so incorporating seasonal foods that help to cleanse the body exploring gentle ways to detoxify, not only our physical body, but our mental state through meditation talk therapy journaling. If you had any sort of emotional hiccups or things that kind of came to the surface over this tail end of the winter, during pisces season, astrology season of emotions where we have this water sign coming into play. These are things that we can start to bring up and process and explore why we’ve held on to them that way, they can be catalysts for growth next, how to harness this energy from a holistic perspective, get outdoors finding new ways to explore the outdoors, whether it’s Hiking visiting the beach visiting the park going for a walk. These are all different ways that really help to get our body moving and actually helps to really support a lesser known aspect of detoxifying, the body oftentimes. When you hear the word detox, we can associate it with toxic tummy teas that are really just laxatives, and we don’t really look at the holistic approach to how we can actually help the body release different byproducts from digestion from being sick from being stagnant and stationary And sedentary during these winter months, so as we move, not only are we getting more vitamin d from sunlight which actually helps to improve our immune system and prevent autoimmune responses to different pathogens, but we also are helping our lymphatic system.

Now. Our lymphatic system is actually very dependent on gravity it’s, very dependent on our body’s movement, and its primary function is detoxification. It actually lines our circulatory system and when our body eats different types of foods, and there are byproducts that don’t serve us when our immune system fights off pathogens or invaders and needs to get rid of the byproduct of that process. When we um stay hydrated, and so many things, our lymphatic system comes into play to help drain all of that out and send it out into our urinary tract into our bowel movements into our sweat, glands and so movement is a very, very vital aspect of detoxification And getting our body sort of reset during this new phase eat seasonal foods? So not only are seasonal foods usually a lot more affordable when you buy them in season, but in many traditional medicinal practices. There is this overarching theme all over the world where they acknowledge that oftentimes foods that are in season are foods that actually help us stay balanced during that specific season. A good example of this is during the fall. We have all of these root vegetables being ready for harvest right before we go into hibernation and stay in our homes during the winter seasons, where we can’t go out and pick the lettuce and pick the fruits off the trees. These are nutrient, dense, calorie, dense foods to help us survive the winter. Now in spring, we actually see a lot of delicious fruits, a lot of delicious leafy greens that again help with the gentle cleansing of the body help with circulation after being in the stationary state.

In the winter and a lot more so be sure to check out the list that i’ve put up on the screen and screenshot it if you’d like next stay well, hydrated going back to the ayurvedic practices. Another aspect that is highly encouraged during this time is enjoying delicious and hydrating teas like hibiscus tea, for example all right, y’all and finally, let’s dive into these journal prompts so, like i mentioned at the beginning of this video majority of what i’m talking about comes from The r line planner and, along with the seasonal wellness guide that are within them, i add in journaling – writing – prompts for each new season that are aligned with the themes of that season. So these writing prompts are not in the planner and if you want to dive even deeper, i highly recommend you checking it out, but these are a few additional ones that i wanted to add that way, you can all enjoy them. If you really want to right now, so what i’m going to do is read off the journaling prompts and once you see them on the screen, i invite you to pause the video write them out and then unpause it complete the questions and then we’ll come back. What are your favorite outdoor activities and how can you incorporate them this season? Fertility can mean more beyond the creation of life. What is something that you enjoy, creating all right, y’all, if you made it to the end of this video, please comment three planned emojis.

They can be any plant or write in the comments. What came up for you during this video? If you’ve noticed any of these energetic themes in the past, maybe feeling called to get out more or anything like that or if anything came up for you when you were journaling, i would love to know and when you engage with my videos, you’re not only telling Youtube that you enjoy content like this, but you’re helping a small creator like myself, continue to grow and if you aren’t already subscribed – and you made it to the end of this – it doesn’t hurt you to do it. It would be so appreciated and i make a general full and new moon videos talking about the astrology of it. The forecast i do guided meditations and the whole focus of my channel is really to find. Like minded people like yourselves, who are interested in aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature, rather than the rhythms of i don’t, know the economy or the workforce, just kind of reconnecting with those patterns, if that makes sense all right y’all. With all of that said, i will leave you with my favorite quote, and that is be gentle with yourself, because life is about the journey and not the destination.

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