Spring, March equinox, 2021 Equinox 2021 guided Meditation plant seeds & intention – Vernal Equinox healing

I would like to invite you to sit or lay down in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes, gently and focus on your breath: Music, breathe in your very own natural rhythm, Music notice, your chest rise and fall with each breath. Music spend some time focusing on your breath to tune in breathe and relax. Music now feel the surface beneath you sends yourself grounded in the earth, feel the energy of the earth entering your body from the ground Music feel it with every breathing in now breathe deeply in and out Music breathe deep into your belly and exhale through your chest. Music with every breathing out, you feel tensions and negativity, fall off, breathe it out and feel the release into the universe. Let go of all the things which no longer serves you and your wonderful being. Now i would like to invite you to travel with me deep inside ourselves. Imagine walking barefoot in the nature, maybe in a garden or in the forest, feel the surface under your feet, Music, and while you walk through your garden Music, you find a place which just looks perfect for a little rest. Go to this place, sit down and observe your environment, it is a safe place, a beautiful place, the sun is shining and you feel the energy of the sun on your face. Your entire body feels warm now. You look at your hand, and you see there is a seat, you take the seed and you put it into the earth, you plant the seed, it might become a flower or a tree.

You put your hands on the earth where you planted the seed and you send positive energy to it, so it can grow peacefully and healthy, so it can develop and be happy. You protect this seat with your hands and only by sending the energy to it. You create a safe aura around it Music. You can speak a mantra while you send your energy to the seat, you are healthy, you are happy and you are strong and you can also use this mantra for yourself. Whenever you want. I am healthy. I am happy. I am alive and i am strong and i stay strong and what does it look like and feel like and tastes like when you say i am healthy? What does this look like? What does it feel like Music and when you say i am happy Music? How does this feel and when you say i am strong, what does it mean to be strong and how would you feel now do you feel because you are strong, although you might sometimes forget it, but you are strong Music and you stay strong. Your mind is strong: your body is strong. It has a lot of self healing energy, Music and always think about it, but you focus on you attract Music and, while you’re sitting in your garden holding the hands upon your seat, you just planted Music. You realize that this seed symbolizes all your wishes and intentions, Music and they already are growing and developing healthy and strong Music.

Take your hands now back to yourself, Music, and you stand up when you feel strong and happy and healthy. You walk back the path. You came Music, you walk out of the garden. You slowly come back to the here and now by breathing in strongly deeply in and out i am healthy. I am happy. I am strong and i stay strong repeat this mantra as many times as you wish, and when you are ready, you can breathe in and out deeply and come back slowly, Music. You can hug yourself touch your face: gently touch, your arms and your legs.

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