Spring, March equinox, 2021 Equinox Energy Update & Reading (March 2021)

My name is ona christie and in this video i’m going to share some of the insights that i’ve been given around the upcoming equinox. This is the march equinox of 2021 and it feels like there’s. Some big energies happening here and i’m also going to do a little bit of a reading around these energies to help support us through this transitional time, so stay tuned. If you haven’t liked and subscribed go ahead and do that now and let’s get started. So, first of all, i just want to share some of the downloads that i’ve been getting around this and what i’m really seeing is that this is a time of well. We know that the equinox is this: balance rates, balance point in the year and that’s really what’s coming forward. Is that there’s opposing energies? We all know this on the planet right now, a lot of opposing energies and it’s all just sort of like there’s. A lot of tension there um and you know sometimes balance – can be this really sweet thing, but sometimes it’s it. It can be actually an opposition and so that’s what i’m getting. So. This is opposition, specifically between forces of illusion and forces of truth, okay, whatever that means to you – and this is something that i’m feeling is happening for humanity as a whole, as well as within, probably each of us as an individual to varying extents and maybe, in Varying parts of your life, okay, so the encouragement is to um.

You know just first of all be aware of this, that this is a time where these opposing energies – maybe just sort of it, feels like there’s, been a little bit of a stalemate like they’re. Each sort of wanting to kind of get the upper hand, and sometimes that ends up in a sort of like a lock kind of position and that’s. What i’m seeing right now is this sort of locked position between the forces of truth, the forces of illusion and what the message i’m getting loud and clear is whichever one, because this is like a very kind of a critical time and they’re really telling me humanity Is at a crossroads, okay and they’re telling me that in in this time, it’s like whichever side reacts in kind of either anger or just just has this kind of emotional reaction is, is going to be the loser right, so it’s like whoever can keep their cool? Is going to get the upper hand, and this may i and i don’t know i’m, not following politics right now, so i don’t know this isn’t like a political thing, but it’s like kind of wherever that that is going to show up it, may show up in Many different places um, so the encouragement here is that if you’ve been, you may feel like you’re on the verge of something or that you’ve kind of been uh working on breaking through the kind of personal truths.

I know personally i’ve had the opportunity to kind of look at a lot of different aspects of myself through various uh chart, readings and all this stuff and – and you know, trying to figure out what’s going on what’s going to go into the new cycle because we’re Kind of ending up wrapping up a new cycle moving into another one, as we know like this, the spring equinox often is going to be when we start moving into the the the real energies of the year right. So we’re still almost wrapping up the 2020 energies right now, gon na be moving into a big new cycle, and so part of what this energy is right now is like what is this new cycle going to look like? How is it going to be kicked off? Is it going to be kicked off in kind of reaction, passion kind of stuff, or is it going to be kicked off in a way that’s, grounded and ready to move forward into positive um? You know actions, so one of the things they’re saying is that um fighting is useless, okay and at least fighting of the conventional kind. So if you do feel like you’ve, been kind of maybe working through energies and seeing same patterns going over and over and there there can be this tendency to kind of fight the energies that have been happening and what they’re saying is like. If you can get out of the fighting kind of energy and just move into a more grounded they’re saying the best weapons quote, unquote are humor one um self sufficiency and refusing to fall prey to false beliefs.

So this is really being aware of what’s. True for you right and a refusal to being provoked into action, so you this is really a call to stay. Calm stay rational! You know be aware of the emotions, but don’t allow yourself to get caught up into it, keep a sense of humor. They say that actions need to be slow and deliberate, with a focus on the long term, okay, so whatever we’re moving into here in this second quarter of 2021, this is going to set the stage for potentially for decades right down the line, maybe even centuries. Okay, so this is a super important thing and they’re saying this is not a time for quick action. Okay, this is more of a deliberation kind of thing. This is not a time for quick action, not a time for knee jerk reactions or fast opportunity, right they say: stillness, meditation and visualizing a healed future all support a positive outcome, so this might be a really really good time as we move into this equinox energy Um to to go within a little bit, um, maybe a really good time for planning or for kind of taking a look back at. Maybe even a life review or a review of the past year or a few years, see where things feel solid, see where things are really clear for you and see where maybe there’s still a little bit more confusion where you can find you know.

Where do you need clarity and start really thinking into you know? How can i find clarity? Sometimes we can find it simply by going within asking our guides connecting to our higher self. Sometimes it really helps to get some outside guidance like i just talked to somebody in a marketing person. That’S, maybe going to help me with some of that, and even though i have a big background in marketing it just i got this epiphany at actually at a retreat last last weekend that you know what i need to focus on. You know what i’m really best at and even though i’m good at marketing, maybe let somebody else do some of that strategy right, so you may have some epiphanies or where, where are you best at? Where do you need to focus? Where can you, you know, maybe figure letting somebody else do it and, and it might be, look different for you but uh. This is a good time to go slow. Do that introspection. You know, take the time to plan and figure things out all right. So if you’re ready let’s go into the reading part of this video, i am using three decks here. One is my spirit: animal awareness, deck another is um the wisdom of the hidden realms deck by a colette baron reed. I really really love this deck and the third is the ascension angel cards from melanie beckler and while i go ahead and shuffle the first deck here, if you are looking at uh, feeling prompted feeling that inner guidance to to look for a little clarity uh.

For you know just from an outside source, which can be very illuminating, i just want to let you know. I have a new type of session that i’m, offering it is a 30 minute reading that’s a recorded reading. I do a video for you and very similar to this, so i’ll use the cards and you know give you clarity on whatever it is that you would like. You know feel like you need a little bit of clarity on so i’ll leave the link to that below. If it’s, something that’s guiding you know pulling drawing you um, you feel guided and go for it. Okay, so this is coming up as a challenger. It is the wise woman of wonderland integrity and compromise. Okay – and this is these – are the energies that we’re really kind of uh talking about right, the the integrity what’s? What what has you know what’s? True for you? Where have you maybe been compromising your your truth? Right and figuring out kind of what what is truth like she’s she’s sitting on this mushroom right and you know, mushrooms, could be like um. You know the mushroom magic or whatever, if you’re into that that’s great, but also kind of think in terms of like the hallucinations that can happen, that can kind of drag you into this hall of mirrors kind of feel right and this isn’t a comment on on Using um medicine at all, but it’s just sort of that idea of this um.

We all have this um kind of the whole 3d reality it’s, like a hall of mirrors right and it’s. All this illusion right now, we’re going in we’re in this period of time where things are wonky. Things are weird honestly right now, we’re in this kind of wonderland, feel in in everything that’s going on right now, whole 2020 was that was that craziness and um. So this is sort of a call to just you know: um let’s, let’s start feeling into what’s, actually true um, so she’s saying when the wise woman of one wonderland appears as a challenger it’s, a sign that you may have compromised yourself out of fear. If you’ve been in denial about the truth, okay, where have you allowed fear to to um prompt your decisions right? And i can completely see that over the past few years, it’s like several places where i’ve sort of acted out of fear, and even though you know it seemed to be the good idea. The time it was the idea that sort of made sense. I could see where it pulled me out of my truth. Right, have you sold yourself short rather than asking for what you really need? Have you given up your dream for another because you fear abandonment? Okay, so this is a really great time to really come face to face with our fears, and that is really best done in a time that you can set aside for introspection and where you can kind of maybe draw your own safe space around you and just Really look: look in that mirror right, um uh, the wise woman of wonderland is gently, reminding you that you do count claim you’re good, never settle for less, be fearless and make it.

So why hang around for more disappointment when wonderful adventures and opportunities are waiting to unfold for you, and i just want to say that, in terms of you know kind of what’s going on on mother earth and all this stuff going down that you are here, you Incarnated at this time for a purpose you’re not here by accident – and you have amazing gifts to bring to the world – and this is this time of you know of this tipping point, and even if you can give some energy into those gifts just a little little Tiny bit it can make a huge difference. I remember one time when my son was three years old and my my husband at the time we were trying to move this big piece of furniture and he just couldn’t get it right and it just needed a little bit and he called my son isaac. This little three year old, come toddling over and you know made sure it was safe but but he’s like isaac. Can you help me push right there and um little three year? Old isaac pushed right there and it was just the the the the extra amount of energy needed to shift. This whole thing into place, and it was like that is so the truth it’s like even if you don’t feel like you are a powerful being. You really really are, and it may be just there you’re a little touch, that’s needed that will help pop something into place that helps to support everything or to make that shift.

That needs to be made. Okay, so i’m gon na pull a couple of animal cards with energies that may be supportive and energies. That may be challenging of you know. Finding that truth and and really taking steps to step into your truth around this equinox time and so let’s see what animals want to come up first i’m, going to get the supporting animal energy. This is cougar all right, so cougar is a very i think of it, as i don’t know why i think of it as such, an intellectual thing, but i think of it as this almost strategist kind of animal, almost like a a leadership but almost leader, um Kind of the sometimes a leader has to walk its own his own path. Right. You have to be really aware of what’s what’s in the best interest um. You know a ceo has to be has to take information from all the different parts of the company or maybe it’s a king right sort of the the king um energy is. You can have to be aware of all the parts of the kingdom of all the different agendas that are going on, and you have to be aware of. You know how do they all contribute to the whole and you got to make the best decisions for the kingdom right, which is, it could be yourself, and that is going to be. You know how you have to stick to, even though it may have to compromise some.

You know there may be have to be compromises being made, but ultimately you have to choose the path that’s not going to compromise the good of the self where each of us is a king or a queen of our own life. All right. So so, really being aware of that kind of leadership that stepping into that um, uh energy, that might be challenging in in in this whole process here is dragonfly and often um dragonfly can be a super amazing, transformational animal. I think that came up earlier this month, but it can also be like kind of i don’t know um. One of the key words that’s coming up on here is defensive and secretive and uh sexual aggression so i’m. Getting that sort of that kind of knee jerk passion reaction, right, um to where you may want to kind of maybe still the fires a little bit right. Okay, so also talking about like dragonfire, whatever can can be amazing energy for moving forward and and and getting things done, but like maybe put a little chill on the fire energy here and let’s, just kind of be real, rational um. At this time, also intuitive right use your intuition, but watch the knee jerk emotional reactions right be really aware of your emotions this month, because that’s going to um, you know the ability to take any kind of inflamed. Emotions and kind of humor is an amazing way to work through those and to address those emotions in a way you know, because you don’t want to just just sit on them and and push them down, because that way, you know if you push them down, they’re Going to get at you from um underneath and that’s that’s that can be really damaging, but but they do need to be addressed.

But if you do so with humor um, it can really help to defuse the situation and in a way that can can actually sometimes that tipping point or that that break in stalemate can come through humor. Getting the laughter flowing a little bit can can help to just shift things in a way that does not lead to um. You know to to battle right, and here is the angel card for this month. It’S manifestation – and i love this because that’s what this is really about – it’s – about getting clear in your vision, getting clear in your truth, so that once this aries energy moves in once, we move through this equinox we’re going to be in aries, which is a real Kind of initiative kind of month, it’s getting things going and um. If you can get into you know that kind of energy. With already with that clarity in place, then, then you are primed for manifesting your dreams, okay, and remember that this is a time this is, you know, we’re, not just planning for this year ahead or getting ready to move into this, but this this could be a Bigger cycle too, that we’re moving into not just not just um, you know for ourselves, but also for the world, so i hope that this has been helpful for you. Thank you so much for joining me. I really really appreciate all of you uh.

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