House of Balloons, The Weeknd, Anniversary, Trilogy Frank Ocean – Nights (Reaction)

So today we are doing some more frank ocean nights. Um i did chanel up here, go check that out it’s really cool loved it um yeah, i don’t know if i’ve heard this one before um so i’m. Just going to get straight into it around your city round the clock, everybody needs you, no, you can’t make everybody equal. Although you got vocal family, you don’t even got nobody being honest with you there’s something kind of um hypnotizing about this. You know that kind of bell, sound in the background to me, is just very calming in a sense, so i am more likely to just hand myself over to frank ocean’s voice, so i’m, even more susceptible to whatever he’s about to do. I don’t know – and i know it better than most people – i don’t trust him anyways, you can’t break the law with them, get some good, she ever calm, night, shooters, killing, left and right working through your worst night. If i get my money right, you know i won’t need you. Can i tell you, i hope this sack is full up. Music spend it. When i get that i ain’t trying to keep you can’t keep up a conversation. Can’T, nobody read you it’s a good thing. Um i’m probably going to be covering this album because i think on an album, listen i’ll, probably look at the lyrics right now. I couldn’t tell you what he’s saying um, but you know i’ll probably be covering this on on there too um.

All i know is like the words that he picks seems to be very precise and in a way they just kind of work together, so it just sounds and works so beautifully in the song. Did you call me from a seance? You were from my past life. Hope you’re doing well. Bro i’ve been out your head first always hope you’re doing well. Bro everybody needs you. Everybody needs you. Ooh, 99, Music. Okay, quaaludes are drugs right, like really old drugs. I think they’re outdated. I don’t think anybody really takes them anymore. What do quaaludes do? I don’t know what they do. I know the drugs but, like i don’t, know what the frick they do: hey, no Music can’t keep being late Music. I think my favorite thing about frank ocean so far is that transitions are a plenty in his songs. You know there’s always something kind of new to listen to to to hear um, and i can just fully appreciate that, because um i don’t know i just like hearing different things. You know my attention. My attention span is probably pretty short. Honestly. Most peoples are so you know makes sense that i would like this Music shut. The up. I don’t want your conversation, holding marijuana, Music, god there’s, so many different things happening um and it’s. A five minute song uh, i feel like frank ocean – is probably one of those people that you really you listen to all the time right, because in a way like his songs, probably don’t get stale just off the fact that, like so much crap is happening.

You know you know there’s there’s, so much to kind of digest within this one piece of work and that’s insane Music Music. What even, what even like this is so relevant to what i was talking about earlier, like the transitions are just insane like how many are in the song. If anybody knows that like, let me know because there’s been at least two or three so far, this is a ride. This is a this. Is a freaking rat every night every day up everyday patches, the nighter? Oh god, you should match it, it’s that kale! No! I light us till i my 28, that um that hit really hard. That was really really nice. Just kind of a little bit of i don’t know weird chaos before a nice. Calm just drop Music yo apartment, like i said so many different things within the song. Um, like there was just this really low kind of hum humming in the background that was just kind of introduced that just helped support the even the the the the the freaking great song that’s already going on. Like i got, i can’t even speak right, um shoot with you when i didn’t have a hat on you when i didn’t own a mattress working on a way to make it out of texas every baby Music marijuana Music. So i have a question: is this? Is this like the frank ocean shot franco ocean song like? Is this the song that you show people when, when you want to introduce them into freak ocean, because that kind of makes sense? This is a very it’s, a very enjoyable listen, it’s kind of a ride! Kind of complex there’s a lot of different parts to it.

Um you probably won’t, hear all of it on your first listen, honestly and that’s kind of impressive uh yeah yeah, that was that was freaking, incredible um. That was really fun. I lost my mind about six different times: that’s, okay, that’s, okay, frank, frank can have it. You know it’s all right um. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know um. You know thanks for watching this far.

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