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I am so excited to sit down and spill some tea with all of you. Today we are doing a good old fashioned q. A we’ve got some just like fun light hearted questions, some heavy emotional questions, we’ve got some tea questions so get ready, buckle up. We got a lot to cover um if you ever want to be involved in asking questions for the q a potentially get. Your question answered, then definitely make sure to follow me on all my social media. All of it, facebook, instagram twitter, tic, tac it’s, always linked in the description box below typically for q and a’s. I get my questions from twitter and from my patreon mollyburke, if you’re ever interested in joining the private club over there. I also want to say a huge shout out big thank you to case25 for sponsoring this. Video caseify allows you to have the best of both worlds, protection and style. Their cases are customizable, so you can get things like cute monograms, your name written on it. Like my mom and i have done with ours, her says neve on the back, which is her name. Mine has mbs checkered all over it, which i think is super cute, and i love the way the black and white looks against my red phone. Their cases are super super high protection. So if you drop your phone, a lot like my mom does yes – and i do then – and i do these – are really good cases for you.

Their cases are drop. Tested up to 6.6 foot falls so that’s pretty high. Their impact cases have two layers of chi technology to keep it super protective. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds good. Their cases are partially made of recycled plastic and have an anti microbial coating on them, which kills up to 99 percent of bacteria head to labor to get 20 off your purchase, okay, let’s get into the questions now. I’M gon na give a little trigger warning for this first question here, if talking about like weight, diet eating mental health, if any of that is triggering for you, please skip to question number two, which is this time code right here, that my editor will pop on The screen, because i don’t know what time it’ll be yellow rose, stems asked if i’ve ever struggled with an eater. She mentioned that you know. I’Ve talked about how, at a certain time in my life, i lost my period because of my weight loss and things like that and no, i have never struggled with disorder. That said, my depression and my anxiety both trigger trouble with eating. You know a lot of people are emotional eaters. You hear a lot of people talk about that like when they get really emotional. They eat a lot. I fall into the opposite category. When i get really emotional, i really struggle to eat. I desperately want to eat, but i really struggle to eat um, typically with my depression, which is when i ended up losing my period.

I am just like not hungry at all. I just have no appetite so it’s hard to get food in when you have zero appetite um and then, on the other hand, when i’m struggling with my anxiety, which is what i’ve struggled with more so over the past kind of eight years. I haven’t really struggled with bad depression for a very long time now, but when i struggle with my anxiety when it flares up um, i get really bad nausea. That is one of my symptoms of my generalized anxiety. I get just very, very severe nausea, so i struggle to eat at that point as well, and then i’ve also had irritable bowel syndrome or ibs. Since i was very, very young, my mom does as well. It just runs in the family we’re very sensitive to food. If it ever flares up my ibs that i struggle to eat, so i just have a lot of things that cause me to struggle to eat and believe me, when i say like i desperately want to eat um, i really hate not being able to eat and If your mental health impacts your ability to eat as well or a physical health, uh issue impacts your ability to eat like i’m sure you understand, my mom can attest to the fact that, like when my anxiety gets really bad. That is my number one concern, and it is my number one priority is: how can i get enough nutrition into me and not lose too much weight that’s, a big part of like my recovery with my anxiety, is figuring out like how i can eat and keep Nutrition in my body and not um risk losing too much weight, so no i’ve never had, but i would say, like my mental health causes disordered eating.

That has nothing to do with body image it’s simply like. I just struggle to eat because i’m, so emotional gents asked, if i’m eligible for the vaccine, so right now we are looking into when i can get my vaccine. We believe that i will fall into a high risk category, not just because of my blindness, but because of a blood clotting condition. I have. I have low protein s in my liver, which causes me to clot more easily so i’m at high risk for blood clots. It’S something i always have to be aware of i’m, always having to think about any time. I enter the hospital for any reason. I always have to make sure to let them know. Yeah i’ve like been in the hospital and have had to give me like blood clot uh thin, like blood thinners shots in my stomach because they just like if they’re there’s any like concern, i might have a blood clot it’s, just a big thing. Um i’m supposed to take like a anti blood clotting medication if i’m on really long airplane flights. I’M supposed to wear like these custom made socks that stop my blood from clotting on long haul flights. So it’s definitely a thing and it stops me from being able to take certain medications, and so the thing that is killing most young people with coping is blood clots and so due to the fact that i’m already high risk for blood clots.

If i did get covet, i would be at a higher risk to die from it so um because of that, and because of the fact that, like i’m blind and therefore i a touch more things than most people and b need more physical help from other people. Making it harder to socially distance um, we believe that i will be eligible to get the vaccine earlier than my age category, which is you know, 20s kate omega asked how i explain my disability to people who don’t believe me hi kate. I see you on my twitter all the time, thanks for being such a solid supporter, you know i’m lucky in that i can kind of just be like google, my name i don’t say that often, but if somebody’s like really pushing back on me and being like Really rude i’ll, just kind of be like look it’s, not my job. To like explain this to you. I’M, not wasting any more of my breath like if you’re super concerned about me, like you, can just google my name and you will find plenty of information. So i know that’s not something that most people can do, but obviously there’s like an abundance of information. About me, my story, my condition, yada, yada and so usually yeah. If somebody doesn’t believe me and i’m just like over trying to explain to them, i’ll just tell them to google it holly kirk can ask for an update on will be getting my new guide dog that video has already gone, live so check out.

My guide dog announcement video, i also have a fundraiser going where you can help name a future guide dog, so i will link that gofundme down below for you to contribute. Shania asked what a dream job opportunity is and what a nightmare opportunity i’ve had that. I wish i had turned down – probably the most negative experience i can think of was just a brand that really like wanted it their way and was unwilling to bend. So i probably sent them like 50 video concepts, and that is not normal. Usually, i send three max four concepts for them to pick from and this brand i literally sent over 50 concepts. It was an absolute nightmare and they had they kept pitching concepts back to me and i was like no that’s that’s, not a youtube video like they. Never worked with a youtuber before and and i think, that’s the biggest lesson i learned is like if a brand hasn’t really worked with youtubers before or social media content. Creators, it’s gon na be a really big struggle, because they’ve only worked in traditional media with big marketing firms and it’s very different than working with a content creator. And it got to the point where, like i pitched a concept and they told me like, we don’t believe that would resonate with your audience and that’s very frustrating because they’re my audience, i know you guys, i get you guys. I understand you guys and for them to tell me like.

Oh, we don’t think that’ll work for your audience is just so i don’t know demeaning and, like i think, that’s just rude, and so finally, i like gave in and just went with one of their concepts to just like get it done and as i warned them, The video didn’t perform very well and then i went ahead and did that other other video concept that they told me wasn’t gon na work for my audience and it got over a million views in a month. So i was like guess, i know my audience. Um and a dream opportunity would probably be anything in the beauty and fashion industry that’s, just like the industry. I i just love so much like i love beauty and fashion and um disabled voices are rarely heard or seen in that space. So any opportunity like that, like i loved working with madewell, i loved working with arie i’m, sure i’m blanking on other brands right now, but any opportunity like that is definitely a dream. Jennifer evans asked if i’ve ever considered trying a styling box or service on my channel like petite, ave or stitch fix or any of those, and i haven’t really. But if it’s something you guys would be interested in. Please comment down below and let me know, and specifically let me know like what boxes i could maybe do like one video comparing two different boxes. It could be fun to do them like, based on like boxes that cater to petite women um, i don’t know.

Let me know comment and if you see somebody who’s commented a box, you think i should do give it a thumbs up. So i can see it. Sierra nicole asked what kind of camera i use for filming and i actually use a samsung phone. I use the samsung note and you guys are currently being filmed on the samsung note 10, but i just got a new one um, which we’re gon na set up soon. Is it here, mom yeah, but this one’s, a little old i’ve, been using it for two years now and i film every single youtube video on it and take all of my instagram photos on it. So it gets a lot of content shooting um. So we just picked up a new one, which is the latest note. What is it called note? 25G, the note 25g. So yes, i film all my content on a smartphone um, specifically samsung phones. I find samsung phones personally, the best for photos and for video and don’t. Let feeling like you need, like super specialized equipment. Stop you from creating content, because this is my full time job and i make it all on a smartphone there’s. No microphone like no special microphone, nothing, no special lenses, it’s, just a smartphone and a lot of people. These days have a smartphone. You can use window lighting, you can prop it up. You can buy a tripod for twenty dollars on amazon, with a little um adapter for a phone to put on top like you can really make great content on a budget um with what you have at home.

So don’t be discouraged thinking you need an amazing setup. Sophie asked what my next hair color is, and i have big plans that i’ve been working towards for a long time now, but i’m not going to spoil it. So all i’m going to say is it requires me to be very blonde, so the blonde journey continues for a while longer dark pixie gaming asked genuinely. How am i, which i thought, was a really nice question, because a lot of you guys know i’ve been struggling with my mental health for the last little while and honestly i’m in a really good place, and i know a lot of you have seen that you’ve Noticed my energy shift and um yeah i’m just doing much much better and i’m, really working on a lot of self care and that’s been really great for my mental health and it really pays to be proactive in your mental health um. If you feel yourself spiraling and for me like, i really seriously, cannot tell you the difference, that’s, simply putting on makeup doing my hair and putting on a nice outfit every day has made to my life. I know that sounds silly, but i talked about it. A bunch in this video over here trying to find myself again it seriously, has been a game change, hasn’t. It been night and day, mom, yes, and like night and day night and day like every day i get up and i don’t put on sweatpants.

I don’t put on a hoodie i don’t put on leggings, i don’t see in my onesie i put on a nice outfit like today, i’m wearing a bodysuit and like cute flowy pants and little um, my little madewell, slides and, like i just feel put together. I feel cute and it makes me feel more productive. It makes me feel more awake. It makes me feel more creatively. Inspired. It makes me feel more excited, even though i’m not leaving my house and nobody’s seeing this outfit. I feel so much better and obviously my mental health and my self care there’s a whole lot more that’s gone into it than just that, but genuinely making that commitment in 2021 to wearing a proper outfit more days of the week than i wear sweatpants, i i’m Shocked by the shift it’s made cory from my patreon hi orionthebunnies asked if i have any have suffered any injuries posts going blind and honestly, i would say pretty much any injury i’ve had in my entire life has been a direct result of being blind like whether It was when i was four years old or whether it was when i was 24 years old. Every major bad accident i’ve had that’s required, stitches or that’s required. You know, walking cast or whatever, like all of them have been pretty much because i’m blind. I literally almost said: annie murphy, because that’s the actress in shit’s creek so annie ruth from my patreon asked what my favorite movies and tv shows are and if i watch them with audio description recently, my favorite show was shit’s creek.

I binged the whole thing. I’M, obsessed i’m devastated that it’s over. I think that was like a cultural phenomenon like just so incredible. Dan and eugene levy are like unreal i’m. Just in awe um. Amazing amazing, amazing amazing, definitely recommend shit’s creep so funny. I can’t speak highly enough of all the actors in it very talented um that did not have audio description, unfortunately, but the comedy isn’t visual, the comedy, is so much about how they’re saying things that i could watch it on my own without audio description, no problem And another show i find that to be true. With is friends. I have never had a problem watching friends without audio description, because i find a lot of the humor is isn’t, just verbal, of course, there’s. Definitely some visual humor, but i’ve watched it enough. At this point, and sometimes with sighted people, that i kind of like see the whole thing in my head um, so those are my two favorite shows of all time, friends in ship’s, creek i’ve. Also. I also really love grey’s anatomy, that’s, a really good show law order. Svu is a really good show. I love like dateline mystery or 2020 super nerdy, but i really love that stuff yeah. Those are some of my favorites and i love any like true crime documentary special that netflix does and netflix all of their original content has audio description. So, like i really enjoyed 13 reasons. Why i really enjoyed orange is the new black and, like i said, all of their crime, specials i’ve really loved.

If it has audio description, i absolutely watch it with audio description and it’s very unlikely frankly that i will enjoy something if it doesn’t have audio description. Linda from my patreon asked, if i would ever consider doing a collab with a beauty company to make like accessible beauty products. That would absolutely be probably like my number one dream um, if not like tied for number one. I would adore the opportunity to do that. Unfortunately, i feel like a lot of beauty. Brands have overlooked. Me: we’ve been very close to working with a lot of beauty companies and then they just dropped me last minute. We’Ve had beauty, companies say they would work with me because i’m, not a makeup artist. Things like that, which is obviously frustrating, because i feel like no i’m, not a makeup artist and no one. Maybe can’t do makeup perfectly, but there’s a lot more. I can add to the conversation of beauty and to the beauty industry as a whole than simply like how i can make up my own face. So i would love to find a beauty company that would want to work with me and like have my insights shared with them um to make beauty more accessible for everyone. I did a video with allure this one over here about accessible packaging design. From my perspective and opinion, so i’ll have that linked below. If you want to check it out, um i’ve had really really great response from that, and a lot of companies have reached out to have me consult on packaging design, which has been really really cool and feels really rewarding.

I also i’m just really grateful that allure. As the biggest beauty magazine in the world, who literally holds like the best of beauty contest every year, they’ve made so much content with me over the past two years, and they really believe in me. And i couldn’t be more grateful because if a huge media outlet within the beauty industry believes in me, i’ve got to believe that at some point a beauty brand themselves will believe in me, so fingers crossed for one day anyways. That is the last question. Thank you. Guys for all of your questions, i’m – sorry, i couldn’t answer all of them, but maybe next time like i said just make sure to follow me on all my other social media platforms and, of course, head over to mollyburke for 20 off your purchase of a Highly protective and cute and stylish phone case – and i will see you in the next video don’t forget to hit subscribe and the notification bell so you’re, aware of every time that i upload. If you want some more molly, you can click over here.

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