Kylie Jenner, GoFundMe, Make-up artist went home with a celeb in this vlog + spilling tea. not clickbait

I feel like this winter has been so long and so snowy. Those of you guys on the east coast understand this so yeah. The weather is so much better. Now it’s like in the 60s, the 50s and 60s now to celebrate daylight savings kenny, and i are gon na – go to a fancy dinner tonight that’s. Why i’m dressed up this is what my hair looks like without the sunglasses on i’m wearing my hair on the scrunchie, the earrings from the last vlog check out the last vlog. If you guys haven’t done so yet i got the cutest vintage stuff. Oh my god! Oh my gosh i’m wearing my louis vuitton jacket and i took the fur off of the collar to make it more spring. It’S, like a detachable fur thing, i’m wearing a little shack. Fancy dress my taurus coin: necklace and webshop fancy sneakers. Tomorrow we start filming, nikki and gabby again, i’m seriously, so nervous about that. But after we, film nikki and gabby uh colin and i are going into new york city, because i have to do some things for work. So i figured if i’m gon na go into new york city, for something for work might as well make it a little engagement celebration, it’s gon na be a fun vlog, a fancy, vlog Music, just a reminder that beautiful mess is launched for the easter season. If you want to smell like macaroons, fruitcake or vanilla, make sure to get your beautiful mess fragrance now, link in description and make sure to add my close friend’s instagram stories.

If you want to see what’s up and behind the scenes good morning, fancy babies. Oh, my goodness, oh i have quite the story so there’s a reason that i stopped vlogging last night. First of all, how adorable is this nightgown from sheen and second of all, i’m about to film nikki and gabby today, that’s, why i’m up so early, i can’t believe we’re filming today, but yeah i’m going to gloss over what happened last night, while i’m sitting out Here enjoying my coffee, so this vlog somehow turned into a story time. Let me give you guys a brief where i live. Restaurants are open, they’ve been open and there are cdc guidelines for them to follow. So we went to this restaurant in this hotel and it’s a hotel where actually a lot of well known people go to well it’s known for that. We’Re at this bougie restaurant hotel, restaurant, so kenny’s a little late and i get there and i’m by myself and i’m sitting on our table reservation waiting for kenny and while i’m sitting there waiting for my reservation. I hear this voice go d, martino and i’m like. Let me just give you a brief. My dad is best friends with a very, very well known, like old star and the person that said, dimartino is this person’s son and even though our our dads hang out literally every weekend, we’ve never met each other, so he’s like demartino and i’m like right away.

I i knew who he was because he looked a lot like his dad and he was there with his wife and um. We said hi, we hit it off um. His wife’s daughter is a fancy baby, so hi. If you’re watching this, i ended up facetiming their daughter and then our tables were right next to each other. So we just like talked for a long time and then kenny showed up and then kenny hit it off with them and then, after a few glasses of rose, we started to get a little tipsy. We got a ride to another bougie restaurant there’s like cars, going by looking at me like what is she doing? We ended up at another bougie restaurant, which is kind of a blur to me, and i called colin from home to tell him that, like we changed. Restaurants, so colin met us at the second bougie restaurant and he also hit it off with my dad’s best friend’s son and his wife. I don’t want to say who it is because i want to give them privacy, but then we ended up leaving the second bougie restaurant and going to their yard hanging out in their yard at their house. So then, colin kenny me and then this guy and his wife all hung out in their yard. They had this cool shed. That was like a bar shed. It was really cool. I made a tick tock about this and everyone was like why the shad, but you know with the world and how it is it’s, just better off to do things outdoors and in the fresh air it’s healthier.

That way. Honestly, i don’t know how i’m up this early right now, because kenny and i went to our dinner around four expecting just to have a dinner and we ended up home at 4 a.m. So i have no idea how i’m up right now, i’m gon na finish. My makeup i’m gon na get out of this nightgown and we’re gon na head to nicki gabby headquarters, so yeah let’s go inside so here’s an up close look at my nightgown. I don’t want to take it off Music and we’re here we’re back in here. Do you guys notice anything my vanity’s gone because it’s now in my basement, at home, we’re supposed to be wearing like lounge cute clothes? Oh, my god, i can’t tie a bow. I’Ve always wanted to wear this jacket on the channel i’m so nervous. I feel like i’m gon na throw up guys here’s some tea nikki and i have filmed videos like at least three. Since we took our break from that channel um, you guys will find out in our reality, show that’s coming out this summer. You guys will find out what led to the break, but yeah i’m really really nervous, like oh, my gosh, i’m shaking i’m, literally shaking it’s, so fancy in here now what i think i actually got bougie that’s! Why? I like this now i’m, a fancy baby, nikki’s amazing baby got greenery on the walls, probably so happy. I ditched the orange hair.

Oh my god, we look cute gaby, oh my god, you’re making fun of me ben Music. We did it and i’m packing. My stuff colin just texting me he made healthy chicken nuggets and then i’m gon na finish, filming in my closet for the naked gabby video and then we’re gon na head to new york Music. So i come home to this. Oh, my gosh i’m so excited so how’d. You make these almond flour, egg whites um bread crumbs, and then i put them in the airfryer wow that looks awesome i’m, so excited to eat in the next vlog or the vlog. After that, you guys are going to see our new sign for spring on. This sign is the christmas hot cocoa sign for outdoors it’s on, like that pole that hangs off the side of the house and the back we’re gon na do something for spring or easter. It’S gon na be so cute Music, so we made it to new york and yeah. This is just the cutest lobby. I just had to film the chandeliers um. I didn’t really vlog that much because i just wanted to enjoy the night, but i knew you guys would probably want to see this look. So there you go, and this is the view because i knew you guys would want to see this too. This is central park Music. After a very good morning of successful meetings, colin and i went to brunch at bergdorf, goodman and i know it’s a department store for luxury brands, but on the seventh floor, there’s the most charming cafe and tea room where people get brunch lunch dinner.

I saw it on tik tok and i knew if i ever had time after some meetings, i had to go there for lunch, so that’s exactly what we’re doing so we’re starting off our meal with these cute lattes, they do like leaves but it’s kind of, like Ruined because we started drinking our thoughts already we’re in like these egg chairs literally so downstairs, is like the chanel, the burberry the celine down there. This place is ten stories tall. This is on the seventh floor, it’s impossible it’s impossible. So this is my dish. It was in french, i didn’t really understand it, but when i googled pictures it looked delicious, so i ordered it and colin. What did you order? I got a pennsylvania, dutch, chicken, nice Laughter, this tastes, delicious. It tastes like a gourmet grilled cheese. I don’t think there’s supposed to be a short and you get to eat it with your hands, but if we’re eating in a designer store, i have to eat with my fork. So we can’t eat here without having dessert. So we ordered a cheesecake and two tequila shots Music. So as soon as i returned from new york city, i stopped vlogging, because i received bad news about several people that i know personally from several different incidents, and i just want to ask you guys for some prayers right now, i’m, going to link a gofundme. In my description box and i didn’t continue vlogging for this reason, life is so unexpected and make sure to hug the people that you’re with right.

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