Kylie Jenner, Make-up artist, GoFundMe EFFREE STAR ACCUSED OF STEALING?!

We are doing a friday tea cap because there’s a lot of stuff that happened yesterday, there’s still gon na be one on sunday, but i definitely had to make this video because well you guys, we had to talk about this addison ray song immediately because i’m, so Shook that addison ray released a song and then we’ve got jacqueline hill, launching those liquid lips and jeffree star totally freaking out his fans by posting some weird pictures on his instagram and people, accusing him of stealing someone else’s product let’s, get into it. So addison right. You guys she released her first single. It was a major surprise to all of her fans and to literally everyone it’s just out of nowhere. I refreshed my instagram and damn it’s addison, saying that she has a single out and the music video is on youtube and i was totally shook. I mean this photo of. Her is genuinely like amazing, like this entire thing in the vibe of the music videos. Giving me 90s vibes, i genuinely liked the song you guys. I know that this is something that a lot of people have a lot of opinions on and they think that tick tockers are like trying to invade the music industry and influencers and all that stuff. But i genuinely liked this song, like this – was one of the better influencer songs that i think i’ve heard in a really long time. I really enjoyed it. This definitely doesn’t come close to the alissa violet diss track against jake paul i’m kidding.

But no you guys. I really did like this song and i’m excited for her she’s, apparently going to be performing on jimmy fallon next week like this is so insane she’s launching this music career. She just announced this week that her movie, that she’s been filming is going to be on netflix she’s got that makeup line. Her career is just like so good right now and she’s friends with the kardashians, like she’s, really really connected. She has truly, in my mind, crossed over from tick tock or an influencer to like an actual celebrity. I really do feel like a lot of people view her as a celebrity she’s hanging out with haley bieber, i mean come on for the most part, addison stays out of drama too, which definitely helps her a ton. There obviously was that scandal with her makeup company. Stealing the slogan i love, you say it back from the indie brand that is owned by indy called lonely ghost and that situation i still don’t like that. I think that she was working with really bad people at item beauty and they definitely made her look bad and she definitely should have addressed that situation, but other than that, i do feel like i’m rooting for addison and i’m excited. I want to know how you guys feel about this song, because i know a lot of people didn’t like this song, but there were just as many people that loved it, including me as for the lyrics and all that i feel like the song is about bryce.

But the question is: are her and berry still together that’s the question that everyone has been asking and i honestly think no because he didn’t congratulate her when the song came out and i feel like if they were dating, he would and he’d be like hyping. Her up and promoting it, but he didn’t do any of that and they have really laid low. Since the entire cheating rumors came out and addison hasn’t been posting as much on tick tock, which people believe is because her and bryce are going through something and she’s. Just really not in the best place right now, so i wish her the best, and i really hope that the success of this song and all the hype and all the love that she’s been getting and the fact that all these good things are happening to her. This past week and going on jimmy fallon next week will definitely boosts her spirit but anyways let’s move on let’s talk about jacqueline hill. I talked about it last week that she was going to be releasing her pout spoken, lip liner and liquid lips. This is going to be her redemption from her lipstick scandal, which was a very hairy situation, and this was a very big deal because she hasn’t put out any any lip products since then, and obviously people definitely don’t want to be purchasing something from someone who has A bad reputation, so the fact that these products practically sold out completely is a big big deal and she was celebrating it all over on her instagram story.

Posting all these posts about how thankful that she was – and i mean i haven’t, seen anyone actually receive these products. Yet yesterday was just the launch and everyone could buy them so hopefully there’s nothing, bad that’s, going on with these liquid lips and everything is going to be a okay, and this is going to be very successful for her. I really am hoping the best for her, but i guess we will see when these products do come out and everyone starts to receive them. James, charles even went on his instagram story to congratulate her and tell everyone that they can go get these liquid lips. So people are definitely not afraid to show some love to jacqueline, and that is for sure – and it definitely is exciting for her to see that people still want to buy from her i’m sure, but other than that. You guys we’ve got to talk about jeffree, star there’s, so many things that’s happening with jeffrey and i’m a little confused by most of it, but let’s get into these weird photos that he’s been posting on his instagram and these photos you guys have literally scared people Away so he posted this one and the comments literally, every single comment is about how scared they are it’s, not gon na lie, looks kind of disturbing to watch. This legit scares me pretty traumatized now, okay, what am i looking at right now? I’M, sorry, but it is so creepy.

It scared me what is this and then someone said this is low, key disturbing and someone corrected them and said: hi key and jeffrey replied to this with clapping emojis like he is proud of the things that he is posting, which i guess he should be because He probably had to pay money to like do this photo shoot to begin with, but this entire photo shoot is definitely horrifying in my mind, but it’s all a part of this new thing, that’s coming out that a lot of people are starting to do i’ve seen Jeffrey now do it logan paul was the first one that i’ve seen to it, and that is nfts. This is a non fungible token. I don’t really know a lot about you, guys, i’m gon na read you guys what it says when i googled it. Nft stands for a non fungible token and is essentially a certificate of authenticity for a one of a kind digital memorabilia that can’t be duplicated. The memorabilia is stored on a blockchain network. I heard it’s like an online digital trading card that’s like worth money. I don’t freaking know you guys, but this is like the new hot and popping thing that a lot of influencers are doing. Someone was saying that these photos of jeffrey the nfcs were going for as much as like a thousand dollars like these freaking photos of him. I do not know how this stuff works, but that is a lot of money like people are busting in jeffree star in this climate of jeffree star’s career.

Okay, you guys, like you guys, do you, i guess, but for the most part people were just terrified at these photographs. This is some nikita dragons palette vibe, but a little scarier to me honestly. I don’t understand it and please don’t come for me if i’ve totally butchered what nfts mean i’m just here to say that jeffrey scared, his fans with these creepy photos that are worth like a thousand dollars and jeffrey, is also being accused of stealing someone else’s makeup Product and the name of that product, the whole concept behind it, because jeffrey has been coming out with this mascara for a very long time, and he finally announced the name of the product, and it is a f proof. Mascara, if you know what i mean, i had to be censored there, because i can’t say the word. But yes, it is called the f proof, mascara and if you guys have been watching jeffrey for a very long time. He honestly has been talking about an f proof mascara for the longest time like him and nate even did a video where they tried out a mascara and like he put the mascara on, they went and did a little sump song, and then they came back and He wanted to show if the mascara would hold up or not, and so i think that’s, where the concept of the mascara really came from and not from someone else, but a girl came out on tick tock and said that jeffrey stole this whole entire concept.

From her because she has a mascara that is called blank proof, mascara she’s, saying that this came out like a year ago and her brand has been established for that long and jeffrey stole this concept from her. But when jeffrey made that some some video with nathan and they were putting this mascara to the test, the name of that mascara was the same name as her mascara. So technically, if she wants to say that jeffrey copied her, she technically copied urban decay. He made this video back in 2017. She said her brand was established for a year and that isn’t anywhere close to 2017., so technically jeffrey would have stolen this whole idea from urban decay. So i hope that debunked some things for you guys, because some people were tagging me in this video of her coming out and saying that jeffrey stole this concept from her, and i know a lot of people would believe that jeffrey would do something like that to Someone but it wasn’t her, it just seems like he copied the concept from urban decay, so that is that situation, but i want to know what you guys think about everything we talked about today.

What do you think?

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