Miami Beach, Spring break, Curfew, State of emergency, South Beach Police Enforce Curfew on Thousands of Spring Breakers

So for those who have not been south beach, most of ocean drive is restaurants, hotels, bars they make up the bulk of the businesses here, there’s. Also like a cvs. This is loomis park and, on the other side of the of those trees over there is the beach. So far i haven’t seen police here i saw a police tent, but i didn’t see anybody in it we’re not at the busiest part of it. I do see sirens or police lights in the distance over there, but we’re slowly, making our way to the busiest part taking the more calm route, because the road itself is the more congested part. So we’re gon na see how this goes. So, as i mentioned, it gets rowdy as you go further south on ocean miami. Beach police is staging here on ocean and eighth they’ve got their atvs. A police cruiser likely planning for what’s going to be dispersed of crowd. They’Ve also got park ranger here assisting police. I switched the 85 millimeter now it kind of compresses things, so it might look a little more packed and actually is i’m seeing at least one sidewall cafe closed an hour before curfew, Music, Music, all right. So i have some down time right now, because there’s about 22 minutes till curfew, we’re on ocean and 8th street – and this is possibly the biggest crowd i’ve seen today, so it’s kind of crazy that it’s towards the end of the time that they have here.

I don’t know how this is going to get cleared out honestly everyone’s slowly, making their way out of the beach. So more people are joining. The ocean drive crowd, there’s about eight minutes to curfew. Six minutes into curfew, ocean and eighth is still going strong. I haven’t heard an announcement from police. I haven’t seen police just like in the distance so i’m, not sure what the plan is: it’s. 8. 20. 8. 20 p.m. Squad truck has just arrived. This appears to be a coral gables truck we’ve got the goodwill ambassadors here. Also helping to disperse the crowd shout out to the goodwill ambassadors. I believe these are volunteers hired by the city to keep things organized on south beach, they’ve helped facilitate like flow into the beaches and all that stuff. So big shout out to them not sure where the truck is going, but it looks like they’re mounted on and ready to go. Applause Applause, swat truck is moving down ocean drive, large crowd remains they’re using the lrad, which is typically to disorient people. Oh Applause. They are shooting pepper balls and everybody is running. They are shooting pepper balls. This is kind of triggering for me, guys. Applause i’m, not sure what the guy did – Applause. Yes, Applause, oh someone’s, throwing something that cob looks so tense right there with the paintball gun. He just turned on his body camera. I think he just turned on his body. Camera Applause. Oh, i think you could see the guy.

Oh they’re arresting someone else. I think i’m gon na get out of here i’m a little traumatized when it comes to these things. So i’m gon na keep my distance. They are arresting people right now. Oh someone just ran away i’m gon na keep. My this guy has his hand on his gun, i’m gon na back away. Right now, Applause cop is taunting the guy i don’t think that’s a good idea, the biggest crowd, i would say i don’t know they’re spread out and i don’t know for me. This is right now because cops when they see a crowd. They move in. They haven’t moved in yet, but it’s bound to happen Music holy holy now. This is getting crazy, makes for a good video, though all right everything calmed down. So i figured i’d make an outro here, as i wait for the bus to get back home um. All in all, most of my good content – at least some of it – was on live stream, so twitter.

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