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It prohibited anyone from being in public and forced businesses to close from midnight to 6 a.m. They were sued by a nightclub called tootsies who paid for a 5 a.m license and the county was breaching their contract by forcing them to close. Earlier here, tootsie’s asked for more than 2.6 million dollars. Case was decided on september 25th 2020. The judge ruled that the curfew was unconstitutional as it applied to people being in public, citing a 1940s u.s supreme court ruling. Then any curfew is a violation of the right to liberty. You also rule that, while accounting can regulate the hours during which the businesses may operate once that license is granted, it becomes a binding contract and cannot be altered until its expiration without consent of both parties and the curfew was lifted. The county appealed and well it had taken almost six months to get the initial hearing when tootsie sued, the appeals court heard the county’s appeal in less than 24 hours after it was filed. They upheld a lower court’s ruling on the curfew of individuals, but they put a temporary stay of enforcement on a lower court’s ruling as it applied to businesses. Now the operative phrase here is temporary stay. The court’s rules of procedures say that a temporary stay can last. No more than 90 days and the county could have applied for another injunction after the 90 days, but they didn’t. So the curfew was lifted by the courts on december 27th.

But the county mayor, the media and the police are all acting like the curfew is still in effect, and the mayor has announced she’ll, lift it on april 5th, if there isn’t a spike in new cases. Now tootsies has been open. Till 5 00 am every night. Since new year’s eve since then, other businesses have started following suit: 7 elevens and gas stations are open, 24., walmart and home depot are opening at 5. Am daily burger, king’s drive through is open until 2 30 a.m and nobody from the counties made any attempt to close or site any of them because they can’t the curfew was lifted by the courts, an expiration of the temporary injunction on december 27, 2020. So why won’t the county admit it? Why won’t the news media admit it: Music, Music, Music, oh Music? I just turned around and took my picture still in the doorway. Just incredibles Music just keeps pacing back and forth. Now the whole group’s coming down toward where i am 100 feet down the street from where better head back up the other way. Now you notice, half of them are wearing black shirts and half of them wearing white shirts. They were standing in front of me with their backs to me until they started filming and all of a sudden they take off. Here comes another one, leading the group and this one’s tailing them Music. I heard two of them, one of them’s training, the other one.

Earlier today, while i was drinking my coffee, he is saying here we go again: Music Applause, as you approach pass the group from behind and then stop in front of him with your back to him and wait for them to pass and fall in back behind him. Now, if two of you are following the group, one of you do that and the other one stay behind the group and start passing them as they’re passing the guy who’s sitting. There Music see there’s supposed to be a Music 12 o’clock curfew, of course, it’s under forcible, because the port overturned in and stay on, the overturning expired Music, but it’s ten minutes to one and the cops are riding up and down the street, telling everybody there’s a 12 o’clock therapy they’re, forcing all the businesses to close businesses are closed now, Music, and this goes on until 2, 2 30. In the morning, every night there’s, no businesses in the area open, but there’s, hundreds and hundreds of people walking around in the streets Music. That guy just dropped a gun case over there and it sounded like it had a gun in it, taking a boxing stance against the owner and threatening him as he’s trying to take his tables and chairs inside there’s someone where the pizza place. Here we go again. Why is it that i can’t stand in this doorway for more than two minutes without somebody dressed all in black coming and standing directly in front of me with his back to me, Music, all right, so i picked up and moved down the street see here they Come following me: as soon as i move, Music i’m gon na go back, we’ll see how long it’ll take before they come back again or before another one’s.

There they’re all over there see that bright light right. There that’s the g4s guy all in black with the camera, who was in front of me before taking my picture now, he’s over there taking pictures of everybody in a crowd, who’s uh blocking traffic – i guess they’ll run them through facial recognition at some point and see If they locate anyone they’re looking for, i got all the traffic driving down the corridor bicycle lane because they had it all blocked off in the traffic lane and they’re trying to get around them. That was blocking the traffic lane, Music and all of a sudden 10 cars that were driving that were stuck in traffic just decided to park over here, they’re sitting there with their lights on their own since running. I don’t know what that’s about, but from here all the way down to the end of the block. They took every parking space, but he had his blue lights flashing to try and go through the traffic Music. Here we go again incredible. Can’T go more than two minutes without it. Here we go again: oh i’d, be here Music. This time they actually came into the doorway and surrounded me so i’m heading down the street. We waited for the crowd to pass it. I couldn’t film it the whole time. You were standing here because i remember on drive space, Music and i’m Music. So now you see what i have to go through every night this month remember to like share and subscribe.

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Miami Beach, Spring break, Curfew, State of emergency, South Beach Police Enforce Curfew on Thousands of Spring Breakers

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