Boulder, Colorado, Active shooter, King Soopers Grocery Store: Mar 22, 2021 5:29 PM

This is live video right now of uh boulder pd at the scene of a alleged active shooter i’m. Assuming it is, you know, just one person went to the hospital. I the universe. This is scott wagner by the way away: chicago 322, 21, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 for the record um just to start out how the universe is so funny with these numbers it’s at three: six: zero zero. So you drop the zeros and dark arts table mesa. Drive the boulder please farm and then it’s happened at 3 p.m. So you got three six or three three six and then drop to zero, that’s, just weird, very weird, all right, uh, so they’re there they got the place, surrounded, it’s, a grocery store and a strip. Mall it’s owned by krogers and uh one person has been taking the hospital there’s helicopters waiting in case anybody else gets hurt and let’s see what the news says here. Emergency crews are responding to an active shooter situation monday afternoon at king supers in boulder, the king supers is located at 3600 table mesa drive the boulder police department said the two that’s about two miles south of the university of colorado campus boulder campus. A shooting was first reported just before 3 pm police have not yet given information regarding a number of victims or a suspect. They said we sell one go away in the england nine so far it doesn’t mean there’s more in the building.

You know nine news. Mark sailors outside the store, it said: hundreds of law enforcement vehicles there in the area – hundreds holy cow, my goodness it’s traumatizing – for anyone that has gone through something and been remotely close to this um. It has traumatic impact on so many people. There are a lot of folks suffering from ptsd for a variety. What is going on, especially right now so it’s just there’s, nothing good to come of this wow. They run ads on these new sites more than they do news unreal all right, we’re, taking a look here, uh! Oh they look worried. You know i don’t know what to say: huh hands in the pockets boy. This don’t look weird all right: um, whatever i’m, not uh, i’m, not there. You know what i mean. What else we got here, alert uh, boulder, put out active, shooter, etc. Here let’s see what this taylor, oh huh, that’s, weird here’s, a map i don’t, know boulder. So, whatever and uh what else we got here and we’ve been reaching out to those hospitals and representatives to give us a little bit more. But we mentioned all these people that were inside the store and some of them have gotten out. Some of them have been able to talk to reporters because they’ve chosen to share their point of view, and i think our steve steger has talked always record these first interviews or don’t, because sometimes things change later in the parking lot of an adjacent office building i’ll Step out of the way, so you can look at the scene behind me and kind of tell you some of the folks that i just spoke to a couple of people who were inside the store.

Didn’T want to talk on tv which you can understand. They are shaken after what they just witnessed on the inside, but they say everything seemed normal up until the point when they heard a lot of large bangs. I talked to one person who works inside the store said it first. You weren’t sure what it was and then, after you heard a couple more, you started seeing people hitting the floor and kind of trying to get to a different area of the store and get out of the way of get out of harm’s way. Luckily, all these people were able to get out of the store before police even got here, but they’re, just kind of standing here, stunned and looking at this scene right now and just within the last few minutes in something that’s pretty standard in scenes like this, we Saw uh officers kind of going around to every car in the parking lot. Officers have to check for a threat in these types of situations, so they’ve just been kind of going around and surveying and just making sure that there aren’t any threats close to us here. In the parking lot, but i will say it is a large scene everywhere you look, you can see flashing lights. I just saw a drone in the air. It looked like surveying the scene, a police drone as well so they’re, using every possible tool that they can hear several swat vehicles in the parking lot.

They are working this scene trying to make sure that there is not still a threat. You see everyone looks relatively alert. We don’t want to show too much of what they’re working on uh just in case there is a threat, but we’ll keep an eye on this scene. Here the thing is, i talked to a couple of people who who working right there, they’re full of they’ve, been told where they can’t videotape. Why, since when does the news not not show you breaking news and uh and give away all their police stuff that really? This is strange: where’s the helicopter shots yeah. Oh, this is smelling like or not maybe it’s a video game, where’s the helicopter, boulder and denver and area they don’t have helicopter news and he just said they’re not allowed to show certain areas where the cops are. Why think everybody knows the building’s surrounded? So what are you going to give away really come on or not something smells like a french fry here, swag chicago i’m out until they uh wrap this up. But if you’re out there listening get these clips, send them in or copy and make them videotape it put it up or screen grab it, throw it up because, as these uh french fries play out, sometimes the narrative changes days later when uh all these idiots can’t Make up their story straight, but there’s way too many swat team guys here you know or not what a world we’re in.

I you don’t know what to believe anymore way.

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Boulder, Colorado, Active shooter, King Soopers y store, one person escorted out in handcuffs

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