Boulder, Colorado, Active shooter, King Soopers y store, one person escorted out in handcuffs

Now moments ago, the active shooter was reported at king super’s, grocery store in boulder colorado. According to police, we’ve been following this and right, there you’re actually seeing an emergency vehicle going off the scene and now we’re, looking at the actual scene moments ago what it was like, and what we do understand is that what happened there police were called to an Active shooter scene, according to reports from the ground that someone there in the parking lot was shot and there we can see. We don’t know if this is a suspect, but obviously it’s a man dressed in only his underwear or skivvies. There appears to be blood from his leg. He is handcuffed and police are escorting him off to what will likely be a police cruiser or an ems unit to take care of his wound, and that was an earlier picture. Uh moments ago, when we were talking about this story as it first broke and we were showing you what appears to be a swat team moving in, of course, with uh, with a a barrier to protect them from any shots being fired. I should point out in the early reports that we received is that someone was shot in the parking lot. We saw a lot of ems units respond to that as well as police officers and when they did arrive. According to the initial reports that we received against that, this is still breaking news: we’re waiting for independent confirmation from the public information officer of the boulder police, but we were told – and we were reporting, as we were told about what’s happening on the ground.

There is that, after that, person was shot and police called when the police arrived, the active shooter opened fire on police units and therefore we are now at this moment we were still trying to assess what took place on the ground and if anyone else was hurt In this we have seen again a man being handcuffed shirtless wearing what is what seems to be uh, underwear and bleeding from his leg uh they were walking him there. It is again police actually walking him to uh yep with a squad car or perhaps getting him to uh some emergency care for his leg. So as we continue to watch these developments in boulder we’ll continue to follow. What, if this is the suspect? Or is this someone that might have been somewhat complicit in what took place? We don’t know all the details yet, but from the way it appears the man is walking and hurting. At the same time, police there checking uh his leg and we’ll just watch this. For a moment this is taking place moments ago. You can imagine what uh what police may have encountered once once they went inside there and i can’t make out of what kind of wound that was if it was a gunshot wound or if there was something else that took place while he was inside. But he is handcuffed and that would lead one to suspect that perhaps uh he might have been the active shooter.

We will await for confirmation from the police department there in boulder. That is quite a long walk. I should point out it’s really surprising, to me that they did not bring uh a paramedics closer to the actual scene where they took him out that’s. Quite a long walk for someone who obviously is wincing in pain as he walks, and we want to we’ll bring back more information about that.

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Boulder, Colorado, Active shooter, King Soopers

Boulder, Colorado, Active shooter, King Soopers Grocery Store: Mar 22, 2021 5:29 PM