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So let’s uh, let’s check in with addie now eddie and it’s. Definitely a very developing story right now: we’re off broadway and baseline, about three fourths of a mile from the king supers, where that active, shooter we’re being told, is at currently we’re not being let any closer at this point than this area that we’re at which is Over by base mars center, you can see there’s a number of officers back there blocking the roads making sure nobody gets through we’ve seen fire trucks ambulance head over that way. We understand that some people that are in that parking lot at that king supers, are on social media, have been seeing a strong police presence. There is one individual that was reporting while on live on youtube that he did hear gunshots. We are trying to get a hold of that individual right now, but but anna and shannon this all is so early right now, so we’re not being let any closer to this it’s, not just this road that’s closed there’s, another road adjacent to this road that’s also Shut down we’ve got a chopper in the air trying to get some aerials of what that scene looks like right now, but we’re still, gathering more information, boulder police have simply said: there’s an active shooter at the king supers at table mesa. As you can see, lots of police presence right now, nobody being led into that area, just people being let out of this area, and if you, if you could before we, we, we can piece together, actual facts.

Have you a couple of things? One have you seen any ambulances go to those awaiting medical helicopters and two. What is the sense at least the pace of the law enforcement presence there does it seem frantic? Does it seem worried? Are they still arriving well shannon? Just about five minutes ago, we did see an ambulance rush over that king supers on table mesa. There is an officer on the adjacent street where we were trying to get a little bit closer to get a better view for you guys that individual did sound a little worried. A little concerned was making sure nobody got through the officer here right now. Next to us is pretty calm, he’s been designating traffic to get over to that king supers and making sure that the people that need help have the help that they need and the assistance that they need. I have been seeing a lot of posts on social media. We were actually working on a story shannon and anne about the impact on bars due to menace, and we were in that in that bar we got the the phone call from the news desk telling us that there was an active shooter situation at the king supers. There was already people at that bar telling us hey. Are you hearing there’s an active shooter at the king supers so that the word was clearly spreading very quickly and people want to know what exactly is going on? You can see right now a little further down the street there’s a fire truck heading over to that king supers.

At this moment, so it just seems like everybody’s kind of trying to get their bearings, see, what’s happening, uh and and uh. You know respond to it as as needed and and eddie just to give us a little perspective if we can see addy’s camera right now. So addie just tell us again where you are exactly director. If we can see addy’s camera right now, so she can give us perspective on where this road blockage is at in which direction where they’re telling people to go. So what? What intersection is that behind you? Can you tell yeah yeah, and we are right now? Oh uh and right now, we’re over off baseline and broadway it’s, a major street right now, it’s over by base mars center about three fourths of a mile from that king supers, on top mesa and 27th, is a little where you see all those vehicles blocking um That is 27th. I can’t really see if that’s a street or avenue from from where i’m at right now, but as you can see, nobody’s being let any closer to that area at this moment. Okay, thank you for that perspective, go ahead and i’m gon na i’m. Gon na toss it back to you, i think one of the officers is trying to get my attention. So let me see if i can gather some more information from him shortly and i’ll be right back. Please do we’ll talk to you a few minutes in just a second addy gujardo.

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